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Masc Holster

MASC Premium Leather OWB Paddle Holster Open Top Fits Glockk...
  • LXGF-115 TUGCE
  • TUGCE Made from Premium Genuine Leather. Hand-made molding...
  • Paddle design makes it easy to put on and off. May be used...

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Mascot: Embracing the Mascot

Masc Holster has been a leading manufacturer of gun holsters for years. They primarily sell high quality gun holsters under the labels of other companies such as MASC HOLSTER. In fact, they currently sell over four hundred different products for sale, some on the same site with Prime shipping. The average price of all their products is roughly forty-five dollars.

Their belts are made from heavy-duty cotton duck nylon and feature a steel rivet and steel snap. This will allow it to easily adjust to your waist size. When you buy one, you should also get a matching gun belt. This is an essential accessory to help keep your gun safe and properly aligned while you're wearing it.

Some of the other Masc accessories include a front pouch and back plate. The front pouch is meant to put your keys, cell phone, wallet, and other personal items into before you wear your gun. It also helps to protect your gun against rain, dirt, and other mishaps. Most of these pouches open on one end rather than opening all the way. This is to prevent accidental firing.

Another accessory that Masc makes are holsters. Masc holsters come in both leather and vinyl. While they are designed to be durable, they are quite comfortable to wear. They are made to fit both theSM Hold'em and Five-card draw poker games. Some models even include a nylon paddle to grip the gun more securely. These holsters cost around fifty dollars.

A popular accessory that Masc offers is a magnetic holster. You simply place your handgun inside the magnetic holder and it will stay where it's supposed to. No more trying to find your gun when it's not attached to you. While the magnetic holders can be pricey, most recommend buying them at the end of a long day at the shooting range.

Another product that Masc makes are pistol cases. Just like the holsters, the cases are designed to be durable. They are made of ballistic nylon, which is stronger than typical leather. This will help protect your gun from the wear and tear of normal use.

Masc also makes a self defense product called a Masc Vest. This vest is similar to a large shirt with the vest worn over your uniform. It's best used as an indoor activity, but is perfect for going to the range or to class.

While there are a number of Masc products available, the above are the top three. Any accessory you purchase should be designed to protect and accent your uniform. The accessory doesn't have to match your gun, but should complement it. Having something to fall on during those inevitable rainy day situations will only ensure you look your best.

Masc is a popular manufacturer of polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and other Masc apparel accessories. The above items are just some of the items you can buy. They are all high quality and made to last.

Masc has also decided to take their product on the road. They offer a Mascmobile, which tours across the country. You can even customize your own unit with a paintball jersey and helmet! This gives the team something more to strive for as they strive to win games. Everyone on the team will enjoy this opportunity to meet people they've never met before.

If you are interested in ordering a unit to bring back with your school, you can contact Masc for more information. They have many styles and sizes to choose from. If you are a college or high school team, this might be a great option for you. You can make your uniform stand out from the rest and have fans recognize you at games.

You will also have the opportunity to have special events such as birthday parties and reunions. Masc usually provides entertainment for these events as well. Your team will have fun spending time together & celebrating what they have accomplished together. You can show off your uniform to anyone you would like at the event & show everyone your support.