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Philem Withlead
Published Aug 27, 2021
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Our Top Picks For Minimalist Holster Products

Reviews Of The Best Minimalist Holsters From Our Research

Q-SERIES IWB Minimalist Concealed Carry Stealth Holster

Q-SERIES IWB Minimalist Concealed Carry Stealth Holster
  • LOW-PROFILE & TUCKABLE - Extremely low-profile tuckable...
  • AMBIDEXTROUS & POSITIVE RETENTION - ambidextrous spring...
  • WEAR WITH OR WITHOUT A BELT - easily slips over belts up to...

Product Description:

The Q-Series Inside the Waistband Holster has been designed for comfort and fast access when you need it most. The Q-series is a minimalist design that combines the durability of Kydex with the soft suede backing. It fits smaller subcompact weapons similar in size to a Glock 26. The holster is sweat-resistant, water resistant, and can be worn in any condition. The holster is lightweight, durable for a long lasting life span.


  • Protects the trigger guard and back of the slide from scratches.
  • Constructed from Kydex offering a rigid material with a low friction coefficient.
  • The holster is contoured to fit the weapon for maximum comfort, and snug fitment to the top of the belt.
  • Low profile design without loose extra material (non-leather).
  • Sturdy single belt clip.


  • Great fit with no bulk.
  • Can wear the holster all day long without feeling uncomfortable or noticing it's there.
  • Can be worn with pants or jeans without being recognizable.
  • Great for concealment.
  • Easy to put on and take off when needed.
  • Flawless retention, the holster will not come loose if holstered properly.


  • It will only hold a subcompact weapon, such as the Glock 26, 27, etc.
  • The holster in itself is minimalistic and does not offer extra features other holsters may have.

BASTION IWB Minimalist Kydex Trigger Guard Holster

BASTION Kydex Trigger Guard Holster with Paracord for Glock...
  • KEEPS YOUR HANDS OFF THE TRIGGER | FITS 9mm .40 and .357...
  • LETS GO WHEN YOU NEED TO – Secures the trigger but lets...

Product Description:

The Bastion is a minimalist Inside the Waistband holster designed for comfort and concealment.

The holster features an IWB Kydex shell with high-density suede backing to protect your skin from abrasions, as well as a moisture-resistant neoprene pad. Wear it every day this holster will never lose its shape.

It is designed for everyday carry so you can find it comfortable to wear all night long with your choice of gun. The holster will fit the most popular compact pistols like the Glock 26, 27, etc.


  • Suede back and moisture resistant neoprene pad provide protection from skin abrasions and ensure a comfortable fit.
  • The durable Kydex shell with a full-length sweat guard protects the firearm from moisture and dirt when holstered.
  • Its smooth, hard surface makes reholstering effortless.
  • The adjustable retention screw lets you securely lock your handgun into place.


  • Great for everyday carry, fits comfortably and wears well throughout the day.
  • Can be worn with just about anything without being recognizable.
  • Easy to put on and take off when needed.
  • Flawless retention, the holster will not come loose if holstered properly.
  • Inexpensive for what you are getting.


  • It is not very concealable, so it might have to be worn under another shirt.

KAOS Concealment IWB & OWB Minimalist Concealed Carry Ambidextrous Boltaron Holster

KAOS Fusion 2.0 IWB or OWB Minimalist Concealed Carry...
  • LOW-PROFILE MINIMALIST DESIGN - Boltaron Holster for...
  • IWB or OWB - Right Hand or Left Hand
  • Works with a Variety of Red Dot and Suppressor Height Sights

Product Description:

The Kaos Concealment Holster is an ambidextrous, minimalist IWB holster. The holster is made from Boltaron so it's strong as well as heat resistant, moisture resistant, and lightweight.

If your weapon has a mounted light or laser the Kaos will accommodate that too without needing to remove it when switching to your weapon.

The Kaos is a tuckable, minimalist holster that fits in the waistband and conceals well under a shirt or any other type of clothing. It will also fit right-handed as well as left-handed use.


  • Fits any 1.5" belt - strong retention since there is no Kydex on the side.
  • Boltaron thermoplastic material that is heat resistant, moisture resistant, and very lightweight.
  • The belt clips are extra strong with a full-length sweat guard to protect your skin from abrasions.
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • The holster is lightweight.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty for any reason.


  • Great for everyday carry, fits comfortably, and wears well throughout the day.
  • Can be worn with just about anything without being recognizable.
  • Easy to put on and take off when needed.
  • Flawless retention, the holster will not come loose if holstered properly.
  • Lightweight and easy to conceal since it is made from thermoplastic material.
  • It is great for competition shooters who wear minimal clothing while competing.


  • It's ambidextrous, but can't be worn on the left side with the firearm facing outwards unless you are right-handed.

Bianchi 105 Minimalist with Slot Hip Holster

Bianchi 105 Minimalist with Slot Hip Holster - Size:14 Colt...
  • Minimalist design with hammer retainer tab
  • Suede lined with border stitching
  • Belt slide design slides on/off waistbelt for a low-profile...
  • Slots designed to pull firearm in close to hips

Product Description:

Bianchi is a company that has been around for over 50 years and specializes in law enforcement, military, hunting, fishing, outdoorsmen, etc.

Bianchi used to make this minimalist holster for law enforcement officers who wanted to conceal their weapons and still be able to carry extra magazines or other equipment on the sides of the holster. This minimalist holster is very comfortable to wear and it will last you for years without losing its shape.


  • This holster features a closed-end design that will completely conceal the weapon.
  • It is an inside waistband holster.
  • Made from durable, lightweight material.
  • Has a suede back and a moisture-resistant pad to protect you from abrasions when wearing it all day long.
  • The holster is available in right or left-hand and can be worn at the 3, 4, or 5 o'clock position.
  • Has an adjustable polycarbonate injection-molded belt loop that will fit belts up to 1.75 inches wide.


  • Great for everyday carry, fits comfortably, and wears well throughout the day.
  • Easy to put on and take off when needed.
  • The holster is available in right or left-hand and can be worn at the 3, 4, or 5 o'clock position.
  • Flawless retention because of the belt loop that fits securely around your belt.
  • Lightweight and easy to holster


  • It can produce a sore spot on your hip if you are not used to wearing it around all day long.

Mission First Tactical MFT Minimalist Holster for Kimber Micro 9

Mission First Tactical MFT Minimalist Holster for Kimber...
  • APPENDIX CARRY Inside the Waist Band holster will conceal...
  • RED DOT SIGHT RDS for Trijicon or Vortex or any brand work...
  • AMBIDEXTROUS wear right or left handed with 1.5inch belt...
  • MATERIALS made by Superior .08 Boltaron not Kydex laser CAD...

Product Description:

The Mission First Tactical holster is an outside the waistband, minimalist belt holster. The holster's design helps you conceal your weapon while also staying comfortable during a full day of wear.

It features adjustable tension screws as well as a wide footprint for stability and comfort to keep it from moving or pivoting around on your hip. The MFT Minimalist Holster is lightweight and affordable so you can get a good holster without spending a lot of money.


  • Outside waistband holster.
  • Minimalist design will conceal your weapon and show little to no print.
  • Adjustable tension screws for proper retention when holstered.
  • The screws are also designed to loosen over time, so you don't have to worry about the screws coming loose with regular use.
  • There is a wide footprint so the holster will remain stable on you throughout the day.
  • Has a suede backing and moisture-resistant pad to protect you from abrasions.
  • Lightweight at 5 ounces.


  • Great for everyday carry, fits comfortably, and wears well throughout the day.
  • The padded back makes wearing it all day easy without feeling sore.
  • Adjustable tension screws for proper retention when holstered, the screws will loosen over time so it is not an issue to stay tight and secure.
  • Can be worn with just about anything without being recognizable, since it is only made from thermoplastic material.
  • The wide footprint makes the holster stable and will remain in place during the day.
  • Can wear it without a belt and it still will be secure enough to hold your weapon in the right place.


  • Does not have an adjustable cant.
  • The holster is not ambidextrous so it will only fit right-hand users.

Buyer's Guide For Minimalist Holsters

Minimalist holsters are the way to go for many reasons. They are small, compact, and unobtrusive.

If you wear a suit or another form of dress pants on a regular basis you need something that will be accurate, and fit perfectly in your pockets without snagging on your clothing.

If you don't wear a suit, big bulky black or brown leather holsters can ruin your day. They are chunky and way too noticeable, not to mention they aren't comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Minimalist holsters are the answer and will secure your weapon and protect it at all times without you having to worry about them.

The benefit of a minimalist holster is that it does not seem out of place. Minimalist holsters are user-friendly and easy to conceal in your pants without looking like you have anything on at all.

This makes them ideal for people who love fashion as much as they love guns, or don't want to wear something that will make everyone around them wonder why you are carrying a gun.

Minimalist holsters come in many designs and forms. You can find them online, at your local outdoor recreation store, or gun shop. They vary from alternative materials to leather ones.

The most common type of minimalist holster is made with suede on the back, which means that it will not be abrasive on your skin when you put it in or take it out of your pocket. This is an important feature to have specifically if the holster will be in and out of your pocket multiple times a day. You don't want to ruin the interior of your pants simply from taking off and putting back on a holster.

Different people have different priorities when choosing their holster, and it is important to make sure you know what your priorities are before deciding on a certain holster that might cause trouble in the future.

Holster type

There are many types of minimalist holsters available today and each person has different preferences for the style they want to carry their weapon.

Some of these types include ankle holsters, IWB holsters, and OWB holsters. Make sure you know which style will work best for your needs before purchasing a holster.


Not every minimalist holster will fit the same person comfortably due to different physiques and sizes. It is important to know how your weapon will fit in the holster before purchasing one so you don't have to deal with sizing issues later on.

It is recommended to take a measurement of where you plan on wearing your weapon and write it down so you can make sure if the holster fits that size (or bigger) when choosing one.


There are many materials you can choose from when looking to purchase a holster, and some of these include leather, thermoplastic, nylon fabric, and Kydex.

Some advantages of choosing a specific material would be: Knowing how the holster is made will give you a better understanding if it is good quality or not.

Also, it is recommended to choose a material that will be comfortable when worn for long periods of time. For example, thermoplastic holsters have breathable fabric on the inside so you can wear it all day without your weapon causing discomfort to your hip while moving.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a material is the quality and how well it will hold up. Don't go for cheap, flimsy holsters that won't last you long.

Other features

Some other features to look out for in a minimalist holster would be an adjustable cant so you can have your weapon set at a certain angle. Other features to look out for would be the ability to wear it with just about any type of clothing, and the price range of the holster.

Just make sure that you choose a minimalist holster that is made from strong material so it will last you longer and serve your needs well.

Ease of Use

If you want to draw your weapon quickly out of your holster, it is important that the holster has an easy and smooth draw. There are a lot of holsters with different features to make this happen.

The three main features would be: A material that is made to reduce friction so drawing your weapon will be faster. The retention level of the holster should also be easy to release if you have to draw your weapon quickly.

Lastly, make sure that it is adjustable so you can adjust how loose or tight the holster will fit on your weapon when using one.

Frequently Asked Questions For Minimalist Holsters

What is a minimalist holster?

A minimalist holster is a type of holster that only covers the trigger guard area and leaves your weapon to be most exposed. It does not leave your weapon totally exposed since it requires you to wear some sort of clothing over the top of it.

What makes a good minimalist holster?

The best kind of minimalist holsters would be made from durable material that is also comfortable to wear. The inside of the holster should be a fabric that will allow air to flow through since it can get very hot wearing one all day.

What does a minimalist holster do differently from other types of holsters on the market?

Unlike traditional holsters, minimalist holsters don't give too much bulk around your weapon and are easier to conceal.

They will give you more mobility because they weigh less than typical leather or fabric holsters and have smaller sizes as well. Minimalist holsters are designed for handguns that are smaller, such as a .22 or 9mm.

What is good about minimalist holsters?

One of the advantages of a holster like this is that it will give you more comfort when carrying your weapon around. Your gun can be concealed very well and won't get in your way either so you can perform everyday activities without tripping over or getting in the way of yourself.

Are minimalist holsters safe?

Minimalist holsters are generally safe to use as long as they fit snugly on your weapon without any room for the gun to shift around inside. However, if you feel like there is a possibility that it could accidentally discharge while it's in the holster, it may be time to get a new one. ​

What is the best material to make a minimalist holster with?

The best material to make a minimalist holster out of would-be polymers. This type of material has many advantages and will last you a long time. It's also lightweight, durable, and very affordable. If you want something that will hold up well for a long time, this is the material to choose.

What are some disadvantages of minimalist holsters I should be aware of?

One disadvantage of a holster like this would be that they don't offer too much protection for your trigger and will get very hot if worn under direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

Final Thoughts

Minimalist holsters are the best type of holster to get if you want a small, lightweight holster that is very easy to conceal. It doesn't cover your weapon completely since it leaves a part of your weapon exposed but will still give you quick and easy access to your firearm when needed.

If you're looking for a minimalist holster, you should definitely consider getting one that is made out of polymer. It's very affordable and will last you a long time without breaking down.

There are many great holsters on the market these days so it can be hard to choose just one. A lot of them have different features which may or may not appeal to you.

If you are looking for a minimalist holster, just make sure the quality is good and will last you long-term without breaking down or falling apart.