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Molle Gear

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Buyer's Guide: Molle Gear

Molle Gearpacks - What You Must Know Before Buying One

Molle Gear is a division of nylon materials that is intended to provide the best gear for both military and civilian use. The name Molle was derived from French language meaning "a sleeve or breast shield." It is considered as the leading manufacturer of protective and modular pouches and other tactical clothing. The Molle Gear Company is headquartered in Europe and has six factories that manufacture all Molle products. The company has been able to increase its sales over the years because of its excellent quality standards and the variety of products it produces.

MOLLE Gear Company first developed the concept of Molle back in Vietnam War era. The primary goal was to improve the comfort and performance level of military and civil personnel by designing high quality tactical packs, vests and other accessories. The modern day Molle Gear Company has been able to keep up with technology and make Molle Gear products resistant to heavy load and wear and tear. The Company also specializes in creating innovative webbing that is extremely strong and durable. Some of the most popular and commonly used webbing in the Molle Gear products are:

This is one of the oldest and most famous designs of Molle webbing. The original design of this type of Molle Gear was made as an improved alternative to the traditional MOLLE backpack. This type of pack was first used by the Special Forces. This type of pack is widely used by many different countries all over the world as one of their essential pieces of military equipment.

This is one of the most popular and commonly used types of Molle gear. A Molle compatible backpacks is known as an Ltr. The main difference between the original and molle compatible backpacks is that the original system uses metal webbing and the Molle system uses nylon webbing. The nylon webbing is what provides the added strength to the pack, thus enabling you to carry heavier loads more easily.

This is one of the smallest but strongest packs in the Molle system. It has the longest double layer of material in the molle webbing and is also a bit thicker than the standard MOLLE webbing. Pals webbing is still commonly used to this day as it has proven its worth over the years and is still a very reliable pack for backpacks.

This is one of the most basic attachments that any backpack can have. It attaches to the pack by using two Velcro strips. The attachment can be adjusted with two different attachment points which gives the user more flexibility when it comes to how they pack their kit. The molle gear stays put no matter how heavy or light the load is. You can adjust the weight depending on your specific requirements.

These are pouches that can be attached to the pack. They can hold anything from water to food, enabling you to be mobile while you're in the field. The kit is held securely in place with a clip or hook so you won't have any issues with losing your things. However, the Molle Gearpack doesn't include a pouch. These are great for attaching to an existing backpack that doesn't have a strap. The clip works well with MOLLE compatible bags.

Molle Gearpacks offer great solutions for any hunter or military personnel. They are lightweight and strong and come in a variety of configurations and attachments for your MOLLE backpack. There are a couple of different types of Molle weave pouches; the Alpha is made out of tenacity polyester, stainless steel, black matte nylon and the Beta is made out of twenty-four milon nitrile, black matte nylon and aluminum.