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Molle Panel Accessories

DEE ZEE DZ95031TB Overland Large MOLLE Panel
  • Package Dimensions: 31 L x 2 H x 10 W (inches)
  • Package Weight : 6 pounds
  • Country of Origin : United States

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MOLLE Panel Accessories For Backpacker Commando Units

Molle Panel Gear brings comfort, convenience and durability to military and civilian applications. Made with high tech materials and cutting edge technology, Molle panel accessories provide the best protection for personnel while on the job. Designed for utility as well as concealment, these packs feature both utility and concealment features. A typical Molle rucksack has been designed with a dedicated interior compartment for storage, an attached modular accessory belt and one or more external stoves. Utility packs can be used for anything from personal litter boxes to pouches, water bottles and radios; while the Concealment pack is designed to cover up the operator and/or non-commissioned personnel's clothing.

The line of Molle Panel Accessories offers many options for both utility and concealment. For utility, you can find everything from knife pockets, wire racks, radio transmitters, pouch attaches and lanyard connectors. For Concealment purposes, there are a wide variety of accessory pockets including pistol holsters, I have said it, I will say it, water bottles, lanyards and knife retractors. There is an extensive line of x 4 drawstring pouches, Molle Concealed Carry Pouches, Molle Panel Gun Sling Pouches and Molle Recon Camo Pouches just to name a few. For Concealment in a gun holster, there are butt pad attachments, pistol and laser holsters, magazine and canteen attachment, and I have said it again, I will say it again, I am sure there is one.

In addition to their utility and concealment uses, Molle has developed their own line of tactical products. Among these are two specific series geared toward specific application. The first series focuses on modularity and customization and is available in both metric and non-metric versions. The second series focuses on concealment and features both metric and non-metric versions. Whatever your application, either of these series of tactical panels will offer the advantages of Molle panel engineering.

In order to mount this accessory to a MOLLE system, you can select from one of two specific mounting accessories. Either slide in a modular sleeve, or hook and loop attachment systems. Both systems utilize high quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure that they are able to withstand the rigorous environments your tactical gear is designed for. Once you have chosen the system you want, the installation process is simple and easy. You simply prepare the base of the mounting attachment, make sure the cords and webbing are connected and pull the tab to secure the attachment.

For those not interested in the modular attachment concept, there is a different type of Molle Panel Accessories that are more interest to the avid hunter and/or tactical enthusiast. Namely, the "Hydration Break" and the "Waterproof Hydration Strap" products. These two unique accessories attach to the outside of the Molle Panel Shield and Waterproof Hydration Strap and are useful in securing hydration to your MOLLE pouch.

Another great option for securing your MOLLE gear is the "Strip System". These are typically used by snipers and other operators who pack a lot of accessories with their gear. They are extremely helpful when it comes to securing MOLLE pouches and water supply tube holes. The strips resemble barbed wire, and can be easily sewn in and out with relative ease. This method is most often used for securing MOLLE accessories and is a great option when MOLLE is the desired application.

Other unique mounting accessories include the Rago Panel Lock and the orange boxx panel easel. The lock installs to the left side of the rago panel, while the orange boxx panel easel mounts to the right. The locking mechanism utilizes either an O-ring or spring loaded pin to prevent opening. This accessory is an absolute must for anyone looking for a secure attachment to their MOLLE backpack. Many units include the lock and bolt, and there are kits that you can buy to assemble the accessory.

If you have any questions about the various accessories that can be purchased for your MOLLE backpack, there is a great website devoted to providing information to military and non-military personnel. This site offers a wide range of resources for your browsing pleasure and includes an extensive glossary of terms commonly used in the industry. The site also offers many color schematics to aid in determining the proper attachment for your gear. In addition, they offer many review resources related to the products and make recommendations for those looking for specific brands and models. The Molle Panel website is definitely worth checking out if you have questions about MOLLE equipment and packaging.