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M&P Shield Holster

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Buyer's Guide: M&P Shield Holster

M&P Shield Holster: An Overview

M&P Shield holsters have quickly become one of the leading handgun safe choices for consumers. The reason is simple: they are extremely effective. While there are many different styles and models of handgun safes, there are few that can compare to a M&P Shield. Why is it so effective? To answer that question we must take a closer look at how the unique design of these particular safes works.

What exactly is a concealed carry holster? In a nutshell, it is a type of pistol holster that does not expose the pistol to its user. How does that happen? When you put on the pistol, the front sight of the pistol is not visible to your intended target (in this case, you). What this does is allow you to place the pistol in a manner which allows you to defend yourself effectively and eliminate your assailant or possible victims.

There are two basic types of concealed carry holsters currently available. They are either built into a belt through the use of a belt buckle or they are slung like a backpack. M&P Shield holsters fall into the second category. A M&P Shield is slung like a backpack so that it is securely located behind the shooter's waistband.

Why use a concealed carry M&P Shield instead of a traditional belt holster? First off, concealed carry is incredibly fast. For some individuals, this could mean the difference between life and death. If you find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation and you must defend yourself, having an M&P Shield could literally be the difference between a peaceful escape and a violent confrontation. Because the holster is not readily visible to your assailant, the decision to draw and fire is significantly more difficult.

M&P Shield Holster is an ideal solution for people who carry a firearm on a daily basis. Some people who do not own firearms have purchased a firearm and considered placing it in a holster but have never been able to locate one they feel comfortable carrying. Holsters are usually constructed of soft leather, nylon, or a similar material to minimize damage to the firearm and minimize the chance of a breakage. Some people who purchase a firearm and are less experienced with handling guns may want to attempt carry a non-lethal weapon such as a pepper spray or TASER. Unfortunately, these less lethal weapons can cause grievous bodily injuries or even death if the wrong person draws their weapon. For these reasons, it is imperative that a person who values their safety uses a reliable M&P Shield Holster to ensure that their handgun remains safe at all times.

There are two primary types of M&P holsters. A traditional leather pouch that attaches to the belt is one of the most common. This pouch can be easily removed without disrupting the shooting process, but many people find this to be unsatisfactory because it does not provide the same level of concealment as a belt holster. Individuals who value their ability to maintain control while in a potentially dangerous situation should consider the option of purchasing a holsters with a built-in slide. These holsters can be attached to the belt using traditional strap attachments or can be used as a shoulder holster when used with traditional paddle style carry handles.

M&P Shield Holster is typically sold as a belt clip, but it can also be purchased as a separate accessory that can be worn in place of a traditional paddle holster. It can even be worn as a supplement to another concealment method, such as a concealment blanket. One particular positive aspect of the Shield is the fact that it attaches quickly and easily to the shooter's belt, enabling him to rapidly change out his weapon for other purposes. Another positive feature of the holster is that it offers an increased level of concealment due to the addition of a trigger guard. Trigger guards are typically used to prevent others from seeing the gun owner's weapon.

Like all Concealed Carry Holsters, the M&P Shield Holster allows the user to quickly transition between active carrying of the gun and passive carrying of the gun by slipping the holster on and off the belt. The holster is also extremely comfortable, allowing the individual to stay more relaxed during the actual firing process. Although the M&P Shield holster does include a belt clip, the majority of models will include a paddle-style attachment that will attach to the belt using traditional strap methods. In addition to the extremely comfortable nature of the product itself, the added ability to rapidly change out the weapon means that the user will be more likely to remain comfortable during the entire shooting process.