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M&P22 Compact Holster

DeSantis Mini Scabbard Holster Fits M&P 22 Compact, Right...
  • package dimensions :7.0 " L x 6.0 " W x 1.6 " H
  • Product type :GUN HOLSTER
  • country of origin:United States
  • Package weight :0.21lbs

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M&P22 Compacts and Holsters

In my last article I gave a brief overview of M&P22 Compact holsters and reviewed the security that they offer. At that time there were only a few different manufacturers offering this small handgun safe. I had decided to review the more popular manufacturers as I was looking at larger duty magazines. In this article I present to you my review of Smith and index two different brands of M&P22 Compact holsters.

Smith & index is one of the largest providers of handguns in America and one of the most popular gun retailers overall. They offer models of the M&P22 and an assortment of other models that are used by both the general public and by professional security forces. One of the smallest holsters offered by Smith and index is the M&P 22 blaster. The purpose of this small handgun is used to hold the gun when it is not being used.

It can be fired from the front, side or rear of the gun and is easily concealed in the user's clothing. It can also be used properly as a training or hunting gun because it is so small. To fire it effectively a trigger lock needs to be installed on the gun safe. This not only ensures that no one can open it but that the gun remains safe when it is not in use.

Smith and index also manufactures another popular line of small gun safe called the M&P 22 collection. It has been improved upon the M&P models manufactured by Smith and used by Smith & indexes in its larger format, the M&P 22 Compact. The most noticeable differences between these two models is the fact that the compact holsters have a much longer and thicker magazine.

The M&P22 Compact also has a pistol grip, but it is different than the one used on standard M&Ps. The reason for this is that it is intended to be used as a self-defense gun. As such, the grip is enlarged to accommodate it's duty magazine. That means that although there is a magazine present on all models, it is not as big as that found on regular duty magazines. This makes it much easier to hold onto and much more comfortable to use.

Both models feature a slide release that opens with a press of a button instead of a thumb turn. This makes it much easier to access the handgun and put it into the correct firing position. On the M&P22, a thumb turn on the slide release will lock the gun safely in its carrying case. If you choose to use the pistol as a self-defense weapon, you will appreciate this safety feature.

Smith and index also manufacture other models besides the M&P22, including a.22 pistol safe. These are far more popular among consumers. Smith and index also make safes that accept other types of ammunition, including nickel silver and copper cartridges. The majority of their line of safes are made in the U.S. This means that they have chosen to keep manufacturing in the U.S., an important step in keeping our nation safe from gun violence. These Smith and index products can also be purchased directly from a dealer or through the Internet, another important step in keeping our nation safe from gun violence.

One final option for a Smith and index M&P22 is the pistol and holster combo. These are basically a pistol and a holster for a single model. The holster, which usually attaches to the front of the firearm, may be removed easily, as can the magazine. A plastic protective shield can then be used to cover the pistol when not in use. A variety of different attachments can then be attached to the pistol to increase the functionality, such as lights or laser sights. Although these models are typically not purchased by individuals who will use their handguns on a daily basis, they are still worthy options for anyone interested in an easily concealable handgun safe.