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Night Sights


Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide: Night Site



It is obvious why you want a night sight for your pistol. It is obvious that you will need a night sight on your pistol to protect yourself at night. The default or basic sights are not enough. There are plenty of pistol night sights that can save the day or night.

We must start with something that may seem obvious but is essential to understanding what makes a great pistol night vision. As with many other things in life, how much you spend on a night-sight can make a huge difference in the quality of the product. Pro-gun holsters won't consider pricing because it could affect our authenticity ratings. This post will cover only the best night sights available.

Description and review.


Are you still unsure if your pistol sights should be upgraded? Below are some benefits that will help you make a decision. Some benefits are obvious, while others are less well-known.

Flash Muzzle Flash Is Less Concern

Factory sights are often unable to match the brightness of the muzzle flash when you need to fire a gun at night. That is why a well-made night sight handles it much better.

Obtain Faster

You might need to be protected at night, and your gun is not on you.

Consistency and Variety

You can familiarize yourself with the night sights by using them on different models of pistols. A separate attachment means that you can pick a night sight that suits your preferences in terms of color and feel.

Enhanced Accuracy

Also, consider how fast your holster allows you to draw. The best holsters for drawing speed are made of a highly engineered material that doesn't block your gun's path when you draw it out. Keep in mind that some holsters may have locking mechanisms or retention straps to secure your Glock. These features may require you to take an extra step in order to remove your gun. If you are looking for a holster that has these features, ensure it has a quick-release option.


You now know why pistol night sights are so important for gunners. You cannot choose a gunner's best friend based on how it looks. When shopping for the best pistol night sight, there are several things you should consider. These are the most important.

Pistol Night Sight

There are many pistol night sights available in a variety of shapes and colors. However, they can be divided into two main types: tritium and Fiber Optic night sights. Fiber optic night sights are more durable than tritium-based sights. The latter, however, is less expensive and offers more functionality but doesn't last as long.

Tritium night sights win the battle when it comes to glowing in the dark more and living a longer life.


A night sight's main purpose is to help you aim in the dark. Some brands offer sights with a greater field of vision, while others are better for long-distance shooting. You should ensure that you choose a night vision that has enough light to allow you to accurately shoot your target. This is true even in the daylight.


It is important to compare the brightness levels of all your night vision options. For use at night and during the day, you need the most powerful tool. Tritium lamps can be used to improve visibility.

Size and portability

Your night vision must be efficient, but it should also be small enough. It is not necessary to have extra luggage. Your bag should also fit into your holster. Before you make a purchase, be sure to consider its dimensions and overall size.

Construction and Durability

Your weapon will fall, no matter how careful you are. You might accidentally slip in the dark or unstrapping your holster. Frame construction is just as important as glow. A night sight made from steel is what you should be looking for. A durable design is also important. Some tools, such as fiber optic rods, may lose their paint over time.

Resistance Features - Shock snag

Does your night vision stand up to shock and wear? No matter how they are constructed, night sights should be resistant to such things.

Pistol Compatibility

It is important to note that not all pistol night sights will work with every model. Others may be generic. It is best to find one that can be used with different types of pistols. If you are unable to decide between the styles you prefer, be sure to look at the compatible models.

Warranty and Price

Last but not least, consider the cost of the night-sight. You must take into account all features. The most important ones are its construction and functionality. However, most tritium night sights are quite expensive.

Last Thoughts

This could be a problem if you have been using a factory sight for training and need to completely change the way you aim due to your new sight.

You might also consider these options if your current sights aren't able to reach the broadside or barn.

Are you a fan of a night sight? A specific color, tritium, or fiber? Please share your thoughts below.



Additional Information

Tips in Shooting Night Sights

Shooting Night Sights can become your best friend when it comes to hunting during dark. It is very important that you familiarize yourself with the different types of targets that you will need to use in order to successfully hunt during night time. It's quite common that hunters get mixed up on the types of targets that they should be using and this can cause you to miss hitting your targets at all. By learning more about each type of target that you should be using for hunting during night time, you will be able to increase your success rate drastically.

Some people mistakenly think that shooting targets at night needs to be used with a laser pointer. This is not the case; instead you should be using mini laser pointers. These are small targets that are capable of giving off a lot of light. The problem that many people run into is that their targets tend to be seen better at night by the human eye. Instead of aiming for the eyes, aim for the reticles on your targets.

Reticles are typically red and white lights located on your targets. These targets make it very easy to see your targets while in the dark. Just make sure that they are placed on your targets properly. Also make sure that you get them at a distance that is not too far away from where you stand.

Red dot targets are great to use if you plan to hunt from a long distance. However, these targets are also effective at short distances. If you are going to be hunting in dark areas, this is definitely the best choice that you have. You will be able to get an even more accurate shot without the need to get moving.

Bright light targets are also great for shooting night sights. There are many different types that you can use. Bright light targets are very popular because they can provide you with lots of power but they do not create as much glare as the other type. This makes it easier to see your target without causing as much light pollution as the other ones.

The second type of light that you should be using when hunting at night is night glasses. These work in a similar fashion as the bright light ones, but they do not create as much light pollution. They also offer a better silhouette target because they reduce the amount of light that you will need to see your target at night. This will make it more challenging for you and will make it more enjoyable for you as well.

In order to use shooting night sights properly, you should be aware of where you are shooting your targets at night. You should also use a gun that has the right power and range for your hunting trip. Also, you should make sure that your gun is in good condition. In some cases, if you have used cleaning supplies on your gun without cleaning it first, you could cause problems with your night sights. These chemicals can alter the properties of your gun and can affect its functionality.

If you do not know how to hunt or if you do not have any targets for your targets, you can always hire a professional to hunt for you. Hiring someone to hunt for you can be expensive, especially if you are going to hire a professional that does not come cheap. However, the results you get will amaze you. The results you get will also satisfy you.

If there are no targets in front of you during hunting, you should go ahead and stay at a blind spot. This will make sure that you will not accidentally shoot yourself in the leg. Also, if you are hunting in an unfamiliar forest, you should go through the woods with your weapon. Make sure that it is in its perfect condition before you go out in it.

When you are done checking on your gun and the targets, you should go out into the dark. You should make sure that you have no small children or pets around your gun. Also, make sure that you are dressed appropriately so that you will not scare off your prey.

Finally, when you are done with your targets and your cleaning supplies, you should head towards your hunting ground. Before you go out into the forest, you should light a fire. You should also bring with you a lantern. This will serve as your guide all throughout the night. After you are done with these, you can enjoy the excitement of hunting at night.


How long are night sights good for?

Your sights' tritium has a 12-year half-life, so you can expect to see your eyes gradually dimming.

Are night sights worth the money?

Night sights are generally better than factory sight. Although you can train, train, and train to fire all your guns without thinking about it, a common sight can help you aim better no matter what gun you use.

Do you need night sights with a flashlight?

If your flashlight does not have an integrated red dot, it won't help you aim your weapon. Night sights are a subtle, non-intrusive tool that can help you correct your aim in low lighting conditions. However, they do not identify your target.

Do you really need night sights?

I believe night sights are not as important as a light source. Illumination and identification of potential dangers are essential. There are instances when a white light will only make you more vulnerable, which is usually the case, but it is sometimes necessary.

What color is best for night sights?

The universal color for night sights is green, which refers to the glowing tritium vial. It's perfect for low-light photography, and it's fantastic.