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Philem Withlead
Published Aug 25, 2021
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Our Top Picks For Nightstand Gun Safes

Reviews Of The Best Nightstand Gun Safes From Our Research

Fort Knox PBI Bedside Pistol Storage

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe with 13.5 Inch Dean Safe Pistol Sock
  • Updated 2021 Version with Steel Housing underneath the lock, 10 gauge steel uni-body construction with a massive 3/16" tamper-resistant wraparound door
  • Gas-strut-assisted heavyweight door
  • Fast opening pushbutton Simplex mechanical locking device
  • Made in USA with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Dimensions: 4-1/4"h (5-1/4"h with buttons and knob) x 12-1/2"w x 10-3/8"d

The Fort Knox PBI nightstand gun safe is one of the best bedside pistol safes. They are attractive, durable, and reliable. It's built with a thick 10-gauge solid steel construction and a pry-resistant door.

The Fort Knox safe is easy to use and gives quick access to your firearm. The mechanical lock is released when the push button is pressed.

Unauthorized persons can't gain access to it because the push-button lock contains 1,081 passcode combinations, which is difficult to guess. All you have to do is select your code and turn the knob to your right.

The powder-coated antique silver exterior gives it a classy look and durability. If you need a sturdy gun safe with a Simplex locking mechanism, the Fort Knox PBI is the best bet.

The opening and closing of the lid are not difficult, thanks to the gas strut feature. You can have access to your weapon while in bed since it opens from the top.

The interior of the safe is padded with a thick foam that holds items in position when the unit is locked. It has a spacious interior that stores two standard-size guns.

This storage unit has four pre-drilled mounting holes with a cable lock or lag bolts, to install the safe to the floor.


  • Solid 10-gauge steel body and a pry-resistant door that is difficult to break
  • Concealed hinge and simplex mechanical locking system for extra security
  • Powder-coated finish for durability
  • Gas-strut door for quick door opening
  • Four pre-drilled anchor holes for easy mounting
  • Warranty of a lifetime.


  • Easy access to handguns
  • Spacious interior
  • Durable steel construction
  • Simplex lock mechanism
  • Tamper-proof hinges.


  • Can skid on a smooth surface
  • It is heavy.

Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Firearm Safe With Electronic Lock

Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock
  • Perfect size to fit inside of a drawer
  • 2 Live action steel locking bolts and concealed hinges for greater security
  • Easily programmed electronic lock
  • Time out period after 3 incorrect combination attempts
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting the safe to the floor/shelf and wall, fastening hardware is included

The Stack-On PDS-500 is an automated gun safe made from solid steel construction. It's portable and can take up only a small space on a tabletop or in a drawer.

This bedside handgun safe has an electronic lock. The lock is programmed to time out after three incorrect passcode entries. This prevents unauthorized access.

Thieves can't break it open due to the built-in security features. Such features include concealed hinges and two live-action steel locking bolts.

Smashing and prying are also prevented by these layers of security.


  • Programmed electronic locking system
  • It can fit anywhere including a drawer or under a desk
  • Pre-drilled holes with mounting hardware
  • Concealed hinges and 2 live-action steel bolts for extra security
  • Steel construction with anti-pry door
  • A warning light for low battery


  • Perfect for nightstand
  • Solid steel construction
  • A programmable electronic locking mechanism
  • Safety backup key
  • Pre-drilled holes for installation
  • Can accommodate a handgun, cash, and jewelry.


  • Thin foam padding
  • The lock keypad is not illuminated.

SentrySafe Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock, 1 Capacity
  • Biometric gun safe provides secure storage for one standard handgun; Pistol safe with fingerprint scanner for advanced protection
  • Pistol safe features a gas strut to instantly and quietly open safe door for single-handed access to your handgun; ideal for use as a bedside gun safe. Capacity - 0.08 cubic feet
  • Handgun safe is constructed with solid steel and a pry resistant door for strength and handgun security; manual keypad and override key for back up entry; California DOJ certified gun safe
  • Exterior: 12.1 inch W x 9.9 inch D. x 3.2 inch H; Interior 9.7 inch W x 6.7 inch D x 2.2 inch H; Weighs 12 pounds; 4 AA batteries required (not included)
  • For optimal performance, SentrySafe recommends the use of four high-quality, name branded and alkaline AA batteries with an expiration date of 8-10 years from the current year. Generic and rechargeable batteries often do not have the lifespan needed to support long term usage

This model of nightstand gun safe allows quick access to your gun with a finger scan. It has advanced biometric thumbprint technology to prevent unauthorized access to your handgun.

It is portable and opens with a gas piston to give instant access to your firearm.

The SentrySafe Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe is built with 12-gauge steel and a solid exterior. It is tough and could only be pry open with a hydraulic force.

The interior has a soft foam lining to keep the firearm from scratches.

Another layer of security is the override key and secondary electronic lock. They grant access to the safe if the biometric fingerprint scanner isn't responding.


  • Gas strut for instant and quick access to your gun
  • It has a strong steel construction with a pry-resistant door for extra security
  • Biometric locking system with a fingerprint scanner for protection
  • Digital keypad with backup keys in case you have difficulty accessing the safe
  • Foam lining in the interior to prevent scratches and dents
  • It's the best to use as a bedside gun safe.


  • Pry-resistant lid
  • Soft interior foam lining
  • Biometric unlocking technology
  • Solid steel construction
  • Gas strut assisted top
  • Override key and secondary electronic lock.


  • Not designed for installation
  • No interior led lighting.

VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

The Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe is a tough safe made with 16-gauge carbon steel. It is designed with a powder-coat finish to prevent corrosion. This design makes it difficult to smash or pry open the gun storage device.

This Bluetooth smart safe can accommodate one handgun and small valuables such as passports or cash. It is portable, mountable, and gives easy access to your gun.

You can locate your Vaultek VT20i gun safe in the dark, due to the illuminating keypad of the biometric scanner. It stores up to 20 different fingerprints so you can grant access to trusted members of your household except for kids.

Other security features of this nightstand safe are the 5mm anchoring cable and corded plug.

With Bluetooth technology, you can access your valuables remotely through a smartphone and biometric scanner.

You may read your gun safe history, detect unauthorized alterations, and check the battery power levels with this technology. Other tasks you can perform include: managing saved fingerprints and changing the interior LED adjustments from a remote location. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery may last up to 3 to 4 months when charged.


  • Durable 16-gauge carbon steel construction with a powder-coated finishing to prevent corrosion
  • Compact design to store a handgun, magazine, and other valuables.
  • It can be attached to a desk or nightstand with the security cable included in the package
  • The lid opens automatically for a quick access
  • Anti-pry bars with hidden interior hinges, and double anti-impact latches for advanced security
  • It has a user-friendly, smart safe technology that operates with your smartphone
  • A rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a standby time of 6-months when fully-charged
  • An interior LED lighting for viewing of the content of the safe at night
  • The illuminated keypad is controlled by a proximity sensor when your hand brushes on it.


  • 5mm cable of 4-feet long for mounting
  • Anti-pry resistant
  • Stores a handgun and small valuables
  • Quick biometric access
  • 4-months rechargeable battery life
  • Built with 16-gauge carbon steel.


  • A bit small
  • Not waterproof or fireproof.

Hornady RAPiD Firearm Safe With RFID Instant Access

The Hornady gun safe with RFID is the best bedside diversion handgun storage unit. It may be mistaken for a bedside clock due to its resemblance and it gives quick access to its content.

The safe uses an RFID access mechanism that allows quick and effective control of the unit. You can wear the RFID fob on your wrist, but to open the safe, you have to direct the fob to the display on the unit.

This innovation is more effective than biometric technology.

This device has a keypad and key backup entry, but most people prefer to open it faster with the RFID entry mechanism. It has a padded interior meant to protect the gun from scratches.

The interior is not spacious to store more than one handgun.

It operates with a battery or AC power. That means if you're using the AA battery, you'll have to change it from time to time.

The Hornady gun safe comes with a feature that most safes should have - a USB port. You can use the USB ports on the back of this unit to charge your cell phones.

The safe is installed at your bedside using a security cable.


  • Quick and reliable touch-free entry
  • A tamper-proof, heavy-duty body that exceeds the safety requirements
  • Convenient keypad entry
  • Easy to install with mountable hardware


  • It may be mistaken for the alarm clock
  • Has USB charging ports
  • AC power or battery operated.


  • It's a bit small.

GunVault GV1000S Mini Vault Standard Pistol Storage Unit

GunVault Minivault Standard Digital Pistol Safe GV1000C-STD
  • Unique no eyes; Keypad for quick access
  • Heavy gauge steel housing with tamper proof spring loaded door
  • Fingerprint recognition with a high performance algorithm to achieve speedy identification and a very low false reject rate (frr)
  • Accepts up to 20 fingerprints and updates slight changes that may occur over time to an enrolled fingerprint
  • Foam lining inside to protect the firearm or other valuables

The GunVault Gv1000S is a tough nightstand gun safe with a front drop-down opening. It is portable and easy to install on a desktop, tabletop, or shelf, using the top mount plate that comes with it.

The weapon is accessed with an electronic 4-button keypad controlled by a 9-volt battery. In case of a battery failure, two override keys known as backup keys are used to grant access.

This firearm storage device is sturdy and built with solid 16-gauge steel, which makes prying difficult.

The GunVault GV1000S Mini Vault standard gun safe is installed with the mounting hardware in the device package.


  • 16-gauge solid steel body for security and durability
  • A tamper-proof, spring-loaded hinged security door
  • It features a foam-lined interior to guard against dents and scratches
  • It fits in anywhere due to its size
  • Pre-programmed access code for easy access


  • Front drop-down opening
  • Solid 16-gauge steel construction
  • Electronic keypad button
  • Safety backup key
  • Top mount design


  • Short battery lifespan
  • No pre-drilled mounting holes.

V-Line 2597-S Desk Mate Keyless Security Box

V-Line 2597-S Desk Mate Keyless Security Box with Quick Release Mounting Bracket (Black)
  • Keyless High Grade Lock
  • Front opening- great for under a desk or nightstand
  • Dept of Justice Approved, CA Approved handgun storage
  • Mounts under most surfaces with included quick release bracket.
  • 7.5"x11.75" x 4"

If you need a compact safe, then consider buying the V-Line 2597-S desk mate keyless security box.

It is made with steel and a keyless simplex locking system. The locking system operates without batteries and keys.

It has a front opening with a quick-release system. This feature makes it suitable for under the table or a nightstand drawer.

The mounting system of this bedside pistol safe makes it possible to be installed in a safe location without obstructing access to it.

This V-Line desk mate has a removable compartment on the interior.


  • Coated with black powder for durability
  • Mechanical lock with 5 buttons that allow personalized codes up to 1081 combinations
  • Front opening door with fast release brackets for instant access
  • Padded interior to protect your weapon and other valuables from scratches
  • Pry resistant brackets for strength and security
  • Thick steel block welded to strengthen the lock
  • One-year warranty.


  • Portable and compact
  • Sturdy design
  • Requires no battery to operate
  • Easy to install.


  • Makes an unwanted sound when you press the button

GunVault SV-500 Speed Vault Bedside Gun Safe

GunVault Speedvault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500
  • Bio-metric fingerprint scanner & activation button
  • Holds up to 20 individual fingerprints
  • 18 gauge steel construction, with protective foam lined interior

This is the best-designed bedside pistol safes on the market.

The GunVault SV-500 Speed Vault has a drop-down drawer for easy access to your weapon in the dark.

It's built with solid 18-gauge steel construction for strength and durability. Your gun is protected from scratches with the foam lining on the interior.

It uses a keypad lock mechanism with a 4-button combination passcode, to secure your firearm. The higher version of it uses a biometric locking system, which is opened with a finger swipe.

The GunVault Speed Vault nightstand firearm safe has a key back up in case you forgot your passcode. It's suitable for your bedside but installed anywhere in the home, with many installation options.


  • Solid 18-gauge, anti-pry body
  • It is mounted anywhere with its different mounting hardware
  • Padded foam-lined interior to avoid dent on the firearm
  • It comes with backup override keys
  • Interior LED light to see the content of the safe at night
  • It's embedded with a low battery warning signal


  • Easy-to-use 4-button passcode
  • Key backup included
  • Quick activation drop-down drawer
  • Has different mounting options
  • 18-gauge steel construction


  • Short mounting screws
  • Illuminating floodlight is too bright
  • The lock is easy to pick.

First Alert 5200DF Portable Nightstand Handgun or Pistol Safe

First Alert Portable Handgun Safe, Small Multicolor, 5200DF
  • Quick entry with three to eight digit number keypad
  • Constructed of heavy 18 gauge steel
  • Foam padded interior protects contents from scratches or dents
  • Durable locking mechanism with spring loaded open closure for easy operation
  • Includes steel cable to secure in car trunk and mounting holes to secure to shelf or floor

This nightstand gun safe by First Alert offers quick access to its content. It has a digital keypad with illuminating keys.

When you enter the correct passcode, the locking mechanism deactivates and releases the door. This door is released by a spring-loaded on the door hinges.

It is designed with powder-coated, 18-gauge carbon steel, which is hard to pry open or break. The pistol safe also comes with a steel security cable for wall or floor mounting.

The First Alert 5200DF nightstand gun safe is portable with enough space to store extra ammunition. The foam interior lining protects your handgun from scratches.


  • It is made of 18-gauge powder-coated steel for durability
  • It has an entry code with a 3 to 8-digits keypad
  • A foam-padded interior that protects your valuables from the dent
  • Spring-loaded door with an advanced locking mechanism for easy access
  • It comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and a steel cable, to make it easy to be fixed on floors or shelves.


  • Interior foam lining
  • Built with 18-gauge steel
  • Suitable for small gun storage
  • Spring-loaded door hinges
  • Security cable for installation


  • Inferior batteries included
  • No signal for low battery.

AmazonBasics Deluxe Quick Access Firearm Safety Device

Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe with Programmable Electronic Keypad - Secure Cash, Jewelry, ID Documents - Black, 1 Cubic Feet, 16.93 x 14.57 x 9.06 Inches
  • 1-cubic-feet security safe with electronic lock and 2 emergency override keys
  • Steel construction with carpeted floor to protect against scratches and damage; Safe is not fireproof or waterproof
  • 2 live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges; adjustable/removable interior shelf
  • Reprogrammable digital access; uses four AA batteries (not included)
  • Four bolts included to mount safe to wall, floor, or shelf; weighs 26 pounds

The AmazonBasics Deluxe comes with a well-constructed anti-pry door. It is built with high-quality steel for durability and a longer lifespan.

This nightstand pistol storage unit has a tough rubber button and auto-open lid. They give instant access to your firearm.

Also, the bedside gun safe comes with a fingerprint reader with fast touch response. With this feature, up to 50 different fingerprints can be stored in the safe.

It is mounted in a drawer or on the floor with the aid of pre-drilled holes and installation hardware.

The only thing that is lacking in it is an interior led light, which makes it easy to see the inside of the unit in the dark.


  • It's a durable steel construction safe with anti-pry hidden hinges for security
  • It has 2 active door bolts for extra protection
  • A reprogrammable digital lock with backup keys
  • The mounting accessories and the interior shelf are adjustable


  • Has a pry-resistant door
  • Made with durable materials
  • Uses biometric fingerprint sensor
  • High-quality rubber button
  • Stores up to 50 different fingerprints
  • Good security features


  • Has no interior led lighting

Awesafe Fingerprint Gun Safe Bedside

This model is a heavy-duty and compact firearm storage unit. Its capacity is for only one handgun and grants quick access to the content. The Awesafe biometric gun safe is durable and made of solid steel construction with an anti-pry door.

You can access the interior in three ways: password, fingerprint, and key.

The digital keypad is easy to use but the biometric access is cumbersome. It'll allow you to grant access to other members of your family by accepting up to 30 fingerprints.

It's sturdy with a reliable locking mechanism and good quality. This nightstand gun safe is discreet with a low profile.

The interior LED lighting provides visibility, while the gas strut opens the door quietly and instantly.

The package comes with backup keys, mounting screws, and AA batteries. There is a higher version of this safety device that can store up to two standard-sized handguns.


  • This handgun safe is made with solid steel for durability
  • The pry-resistant door provides security with an advanced locking mechanism
  • With the gas strut, the safe door permits instant access to your gun
  • The interior LED light increases visibility at night
  • It can store two standard handguns


  • Portable and compact design
  • Steel construction and pry-resistant opening
  • Gas strut for quick access
  • Stores only one pistol


  • Weak biometric reader.

Buyer's Guide For Nightstand Gun Safes

Bedside and nightstand gun safes are important for firearm owners to keep their guns. This gun storage unit is accessed easily in case of an emergency.

Most gun owners secure their firearms for obvious reasons like preventing unauthorized access. A quick-access gun safe must be available for you or an authorized user and kept by your bedside at all times.

These safes have solid steel covering with anti-pry bars. There are two types of gun safes: biometric and mechanical safes.

The biometric gun safe is unlocked with a fingerprint scanner while the mechanical type opens with a key lock. In this roundup review, we will consider the best gun storage equipment, features, pros, and cons.

With the options available, you need to know what to look out for, when choosing the best nightstand gun safe. It demands a careful evaluation of the essential features of a gun safe. Also, consider your local laws to know the specific requirements that your safe must meet.

Why Do You Need A Bedside Gun Safe?

Most people worry about how they can keep their guns in a safe but still have access to them when the need arises.

One of the best places to keep a handgun is beside your bed. Your home defense handgun should not be kept where it's not secure, in a drawer, or on a bedside table.

Handguns are best stored in a portable safe that fits in a drawer. For this reason, you need the best bedside gun safe out there.

Certain unique features distinguish the premium models from inferior types. In this article, you've read about the best bedside and nightstand gun safes on the market.

How To Choose The Best Nightstand Gun Storage

Before buying a nightstand or bedside gun safe, there are features you need to consider.

Quick & Easy Access

It is important to gain access to your guns quickly, especially with a nightstand gun safe.

A nightstand is a good location to place your gun and have access to it when there is an emergency.

Most gun owners prefer biometric safes for their home defense handguns. These types of safes open with the speed of light when you place your finger on the biometric scanner.

It doesn't matter where the gun safe is, you must be able to get to it when there is distress. If you're buying a safe with keypad locks, the keys should have illuminating lights so that you can operate them at night.

Gun safes with the digital lock feature are also good for storing guns. Whatever is your preference, avoid any model that gives stress to open.

Build Quality

You need to go for a nightstand gun safe with thick gauge steel and solid construction. These types are difficult to pry or break.

The 14-gauge steel safes can be secure if properly mounted. They have pry-resistant doors and double locking hinges. These security features make it difficult to break into them with common tools.


The Fort Knox PBI handgun safe has storage space to accommodate two standard-size guns and an extra magazine.

The interior of a gun safe must be padded with foam lining to prevent scratches on your firearm. So, when buying a bedside gun safe, the storage space is vital.

Mounting Options

Gun safes are small and could be stolen. They should be mounted through the pre-drilled mounting holes on the bottom or side.


You must consider the size when you need the best gun safe for a bedside gun. In most nightstands, guns are stored either on the shelf or under their drawer.

It is cool to buy a portable type that is not easily noticed at the location it's mounted.

Battery or Mechanically Operated

Pistol safes with a mechanical locking system are popular than battery-operated ones. Battery-operated safes are not reliable since the battery may die at any time.

The battery model that works best uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are charged with the USB port embedded in them. The lithium-ion battery can supply power for a long time before the next recharge.

Biometric or Keypad Lock

The fingerprint scanner on a biometric safe gives access to the unit. An alternative method of locking system is the combination passcode.

Keypads with the passcode entries are good but may not give quick access like the biometric safe. The keypad button should have a backlit for an improved experience.

Security Features

The interior and exterior parts of your gun safe must be solid steel. Hinges should be made on both sides to give extra defenses to the pistol.

Choose a safe that can withstand different break-in techniques. Other security measures are reliability and effectiveness with excellent safety capabilities.

Tech. Connectivity

Another popular locking mechanism is the motion sensor. Most safes use advanced technology features to detect movement around the device. An example of such a feature is the Bluetooth sensor.

Users with high-tech skills may prefer this. Ensure that the one you go for has reliable access, which is paramount. An example is the Vaultek VT20i.

Wifi-enabled Smart Safe

The Wifi connectivity feature gives information on the battery status. It is linked to your cell number for real-time alerts on intruders in your home.

These models have enough space to accommodate small valuables aside from your pistol. The backlit keypad activates when it detects motion. An example is the Vaultek RS800i.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right gun safe for your nightstand is not an easy task. This review of the best nightstand gun safes for your bedside gun offers better examples. What works best for another person may not be good for you.

Go through each of them and choose your best, based on the buyer's guide we've provided. We hope the review will guide you as you search for the best nightstand gun safe to meet your needs.