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Olight Baldr Pro Holster

Olight Baldr Pro 1350 Lumens Tactical Flashlight,with Green...
  • The BALDR Pro is a professional lighting tool with green...
  • Powered by two CR123A batteries, the max output of the BALDR...
  • The center beam of the BALDR Pro is intense and...
  • The white LED can also be set to 300 lumens of constant...

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Olight Baldr Pro Holster Review - Does it Live Up to Expectations?

The Olight Baldr Pro Holster was designed by a holster expert who has years of knowledge and experience in the industry. This is one of many models of gun holsters on the market, and each has something a little unique to offer. You will find the Olight models are made of high quality leather and use traditional design elements that have been passed down for centuries. This is also one of the few designs that uses an open top design with a traditional cantilever bottom which allows for an easy fit and quick retrieval of the pistol. This makes this the perfect choice for your handgun needs.

The design of the Olight Baldr Pro is unique because it features both the laser and cantilever design together in one streamlined model. Unlike the older style of gun holster where the laser was on top, and the cantilever was at the bottom, the Olight utilizes a double layer of belt loops. This allows for the laser to be seen while still being visible when the holster is worn. This is a big benefit for those that like to utilize their weapon light during the day, but want to keep it hidden until it is needed.

Another unique aspect of the Olight Baldr Pro Holster is its retention of the laser unit. Unlike other holster models, this one uses a double layer of retention material. This offers two levels of protection against damage, either through the use of a high grade kydex material, or through a secondary metal layer that has been applied to the exterior of the firearm. Both of these steps work to ensure that your handgun is secure and safe even after months of ownership.

With the use of a kydex layer on top of the retention material, it creates an additional level of protection between the laser, and your pistol. Since the laser will be shining brightly, it can easily damage a kydex item, such as a belt buckle. However, the double layer of retention keeps it secure, and prevents it from being damaged by abrasion. This also allows for the laser to be viewed clearly, yet still be able to be held securely in place. For people that enjoy carrying their weapon close to their body, this is definitely a big plus.

Along with the use of a dual layer of retention, the Olight Baldr Pro Holster also uses a secondary metal layer on the exterior of the belt. This is designed to secure the belt as you wear it, so that it does not move around while you are wearing the holster. This is a huge benefit when wearing the Olight Glock 19 as you are running, walking, or doing other activities that could potentially slip your belt.

If you would like to test the Olight Baldr Pro Holster out for yourself, there are two different variations of the product available. The standard model features a plastic keypad that you can use to program your holster, as well as an illuminated control panel. The optional "pro" edition adds a laser cut design to the outside of the holster, along with a leather pouch to store the laser pointers that you may want to use. The samples click here indicate that the laser is very stable, and works very well with the included green light system.

The Olight Baldr Pro Holster is one of those accessories that you just can't live without. While a holster on a firearm is becoming more common, it is still important to take a look at some of the choices on the market. If you are someone that is considering purchasing an Olight Glock 19 for your belt, it is always important to check out the Olight Pro Holster. This product will not only add safety to your firearm, but it will also add a very custom look to your belt. If you like a little bling, this accessory is definitely perfect for you!

In conclusion, the Olight Baldr Pro holster is an excellent choice for any avid outdoorsman. It offers the user an attachment that will help to keep the firearm secure while still allowing for easy accessibility to the controls. The nice solid click and lock action of the clips make it very secure, and the ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to wear. If you are looking for an everyday carry weapon that won't break the bank, consider Olight!