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Osprey Scopes

Bestseller No. 1
Osprey Global Compact Scope 3-9X42 with Rangfinder Reticle
  • Magnification: 3-9 : Objective 42mm
  • Eye relief: 4.91 to 8.85-Inch, MOA: 1/2
  • Length: 8.87-Inch, tube diameter: 30mm
  • Dust covers and ring mounts included
Bestseller No. 2
Osprey Global CP3-9X42MDG : CP3-9X 42MDG : Compact 3-9X 42...
  • Magnification: 3-9 : Objective 42mm
  • Eye relief: 4.91 to 8.85-Inch, MOA: 1/2
  • Length: 8.87-Inch, tube diameter: 30mm
  • Dust covers and ring mounts included
Bestseller No. 3
Osprey Global 4X32MDG : 4X 32 Compact Tactical Scope with 3...
  • Dual Illuminated: Illuminated Reticle plus Naturally...
  • Glass Mil-Dot Etched Reticle, illuminated in user selected...
  • Iron Sight with naturally illuminated Fiber optic for quick...
  • Magnification 4X - Objective 32mm - Exit Pupil : 8.0mm - Eye...
ON SALE!Bestseller No. 4
Osprey Global TA6-24X50MDG : Osprey Tactical Series 6-24X...
  • Interchangeable Optional Elevation Turret / Bullet Drop...
  • Magnification: 6-24X, : Objective 50mm
  • Illuminated Mil-Dot glass reticle with 3 colors (red, green,...
Bestseller No. 5
Osprey Global ES8-32X56MDG : 8-32X 56mm Osprey Elite Series...
  • Magnification: 8-32
  • Objective (mm): 56mm
  • Tube diameter (mm): 30mm
  • Field of view (feet at 100 yds): 12.1-3.1

Buyer's Guide: Osprey Scopes

Osprey Rifle Scopes Review

Osprey Scopes make scopes, scope mounts, red dots, slings, etc. if you hunt frequently then Osprey scopes should have something to you. For those who don't hunt, don't worry. They make just about every kind of scope from binoculars to rifle scopes and even scopes for the pistol. So whatever you need, they should have it.

When looking for an osprey scope it is important to know what you will be using it for. For instance, if you are hunting then you will obviously need a short-range scope. But if you are an avid target shooter then you might want to purchase something that will offer long-range capabilities as well. Both of these needs are met by osprey scopes.

First off, they carry just about every type of scopes you can think of for both hunters and target shooters. This is because they understand that not everyone is going to be comfortable with rifle scopes so they carry other options as well. If it doesn't have to do with distance, but rather a sound suppressor then you might consider one of their scopes. Then there are those that allow for the use of ear protection. These are also available for target shooters and can really come in handy.

One of the best features that I find with osprey scopes is that they are extremely durable. There is nothing out there like them. They are designed to hold up to the abuse of being used in an outdoor setting. The following review is taken from a hunter who uses them on a regular basis. He explains why he likes them so much and why he wouldn't recommend any other company over the counter. He even gives tips for finding the best used gear online.

The biggest feature that he states is that osprey scopes are much better than any other brand of scope on the market. He does not say exactly which one, but he says that they all work great. He has not found the following review helpful. However, he has been using them on a regular basis for several years now and is content with them. He gives them high marks for durability, functionality and accuracy.

In the outdoor environment, this is one of the first features that come to mind when considering what is necessary in a rifle scope. It is not hard to see why hunters and other individuals like them. They allow you to place the scope quickly on your gun and maintain it at the same time. This is essential if you have to quickly fire a shot and need to have the ability to hit the target quickly. They also allow for more precise shots while allowing for wind conditions to affect how your shot will traverse the scope.

The next piece of equipment that he does not like is the fact that some scopes have a handguard attached to them. The handguard does nothing but obstruct your view of the crosshairs on the top of the scope. If you are looking through a sight and do not want to have to look down into the gun, then this can be a problem. It would be difficult to place a shot if the sight picture was blocked. The two crosshairs are important parts of the target you are trying to hit and if there is a handguard or something blocking them from seeing them, then you miss hitting your target. This is something he recommends not having because it makes hunting harder.

Overall, Osprey makes great products that will last a long time. Their scopes are designed to work with and handle being shot in any weather condition. They are also made durable so that they will not rust when left out in the elements for months at a time. They are one of the best companies for target acquisition and make sure that their customer is satisfied with what they make. They make a variety of scopes that will fit anyone's needs whether it be for tactical situations or just hunting.