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P238 Holster

Galco Stinger Belt Holster for Sig Sauer P238 (Black,...
  • Premium steerhide
  • Tunnel belt loop uses minimal belt space
  • Butt-forward cant
  • Made for compact and subcompact guns

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P238 Holster Review

P238 Holster is a high quality leather belt buckle designed to work with any belt style. A P238 holster offers the utmost in versatility. It offers a quick change from belt to gun and back again. P238 can be worn as a traditional belt buckle or used as a quick action accessory for the gun or loaded weapon. It is perfect for both concealed carry and open carry.

The P238 model comes standard with an eight inch cantilever. The holster listed here has been modified to accept an optional laser engraving. You can have the engraving on either side or front. Simply attach the optional laser engraved snaps to the belt, clip the belt through the belt loops, and snap the snaps closed.

An eight inch cantilever is a typical size for most men's pants. This size and hand orientation fit most men's waist sizes and is very comfortable. The P238 holster is a very functional and popular choice. This one is also compatible with the newer Sig Sauer Sig 740 models that are now incorporating P 238 pecifications.

The good thing about the P238 is its ease of use. Its basic design allows it to be worn either left-hand dominant or right-hand dominant. There are only two control methods available to the user. These options are the standard belt loop method and the double wrap belt loop method. Both of these options ensure that the gun is securely fastened where it should be.

P238s are becoming more popular due to their unique retention systems. Some holsters have two compartments while others have three compartments and a retention strap. Some models of p238 holsters have a magazine storage compartments and some have a pen/strips combination storage system. Each of these retention options provides unique advantages and benefits that are sure to make this model an excellent choice.

Most people would agree that canteen style p 238 holsters are the best for rapid firing training. Because the canteen lays on the surface of the belt, there is very little movement when the user fires their gun. This helps develop accuracy and proper shooting habits. It also makes recoil control much easier to master since there are not any sharp areas that can be hit. In addition to being a great practice tool, many instructors like to use canteen style holsters for rapid fire practice to help train their members.

Although this model of holster is extremely compact, it has two major cons that are hard to ignore. First, since it is made out of neoprene, it is not as comfortable as some other styles of holsters on the market. The same fabric that is used to make the canteen is typically used in the lining and as a backing for the holsters parts. While this material looks and feels great, it does take up much of the bottom part of the P238 holster which makes it difficult to situate it in a strategic location. In addition, it can get quite warm especially during those long summer days.

Overall, the P238 is an excellent choice for any concealed carry enthusiast. Although it does have a few cons, they are overshadowed by the extreme ease of use it provides. Even though it does suffer from a bit of a small design deficiency compared to other models, it ends up being one of the most comfortable and secure holsters on the market. For around forty dollars it is easy to find a quality P238 holster that will fit your needs and provide you with years of use. If you are looking to impress your friends then you should really consider spending the extra money and getting the perfect Concealed Carry Handgun. With its stylish and modern design, you will definitely be able to do just that.