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P365 Iwb Holster

Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster - Made...
  • Designed to Fit Most Subcompact 9mm & Large .380 Handguns...

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P365 Iwb Holster Review

The Sig P365 Iwb holster is proving to be a popular choice among gun lovers. The sleek black finish, the ergonomic design and the quick draw feature make this holster a favorite among gun owners. Here are some of the reasons why the P365 Iwb holster is proving to be a popular option among gun owners.

The Sig P365 Iwb holster is proving to be one the most Concealed Carry holsters out there. The compact design of this holster makes it easy to fit into your jeans or on your belt over your pants. This concealed carry holster utilizes a one-side release snap that holds your handgun securely in place. The two inch barrel size of the P365 Iwb holster provides an accurate shooting platform and an easy to draw follow up shot. The integrated slide stop provides an easy to operate release for the slide when the paddle is released.

A feature that sets this IWB holster apart from others is the removable "Sig P365 IWB Holster Belt Clips". These belt clips are fully adjustable to provide a comfortable fit and easy removal from your trousers. These removable belt clips can be easily attached to any pants style from short to medium and long. The removable belt clips allow you the option to adjust the size and length as required. These belt clips easily attach to your belt without disrupting the overall look of your pants.

The overall size of this concealed carry holster is 4.5 inches long and 1.75 inches wide. This compact pistol holster will easily fit into any size pocket. It is easily accessible through the top Velcro pouch. One thing to consider is the fact that this P365 Iwb holster is only offered in black. However, the color is easily changed by using any dye-able concealment dye.

The Sig P365 Iwb holster includes a mounting base that is securely held in place on the frame of your pistol. When it is mounted on the base it forms a V-shaped formation with the butt part of your pistol resting in the mid-section of the V. The overall length of this concealed carry gun holster is 8 inches from the ground to the front sight block. This allows for a full grip on your pistol and offers a very stable foundation for a solid shooting position. The foldedown angle on the P365 Iwb holster allows for a steady and confident shooting position and allows for the smallest target possible.

There are many positive aspects of this Sig P365 Iwb holster, which makes it such an excellent choice for all of your concealed carry needs. The primary benefit of P365 Iwb holsters is the ease of which you can quickly and easily draw your pistol and fire it with confidence while simultaneously keeping it in a secure position to ensure that you are not accidentally bumped or shot. The P365 Iwb holster allows for quick draw and easy release of the pistol due to its oversized front flap which is designed to quickly and easily be opened using one hand while remaining secure on the firearm.

P365 Iwb holsters are available in both leather and nylon, making them suitable for use by any size pistol owner. The P365 Iwb also utilizes an oversized front flap to quickly and easily open the firearm when carrying it on belt loops or other attaches. For ease of use it includes a smart buckle that attaches to both the belt loops or gun holster and the concealment belt clip that is included in the P365 Iwb Holster. There is no need to remove the clips when not in use, but there is a lip built into the top of the flap to keep them from rubbing against each other and damaging the firearm. This simple and reliable feature makes P365 Iwb Holsters extremely convenient for any user.

While there are many different styles and designs of IWB holsters available on the market today, the P365 Iwb is the most popular and most recommended by gun owners for its reliability and ease of use. Because of this, P365 Iwb Holster has become one of the leading pistol IWB holsters in the industry, being used by law enforcement professionals, military personnel, and the general public for close to 100 years. Although the P365 Iwb is a relatively inexpensive design compared to other designs available on the market, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty to help protect the holster consumer's investment. Additionally, P365 Iwb Holster offers a lifetime warranty for their steel belt clips, as well as a lifetime warranty for their durable nylon belt clips. This is one holster that any dedicated professional or concealed handgun enthusiast will want to have in their collection, as it will allow for easy accessibility while still providing superior comfort.