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Peep Sight

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Rank 1
TRUGLO Centra Peep Pro-Series 1/8 Sight, Black
ON SALE!Rank 2
G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight, Green, 3/16"
  • Machined from 7000 series aluminum
  • Feature a non-abrasive coating
  • Radial String grooves
  • Convex interior keep the sight image round
Rank 3
Hamskea Raptor Peep3/16 in.
  • DUAL 35- AND 40-DEGREE STRING GROOVE ANGLES - Dual string...
  • AEROSPACE ANTI-GLARE TECHNOLOGY - Light Baffling eliminates...
  • PROPRIETARY TEFLON COATING - Teflon coating provides a...
  • ALL METAL CONSTRUCTION - The all-aluminum construction of...
  • VERSATILE PEEP - This is a versatile peep that will work...
ON SALE!Rank 4
TRUGLO Glo-Brite Peep Sight, Black
Rank 5
HAMSKEA Archery Solutions 1/8" Anti-Glare Raptor Aluminum...
  • DUAL 35- AND 40-DEGREE STRING GROOVE ANGLES - Dual string...
  • AEROSPACE ANTI-GLARE TECHNOLOGY - Light Baffling eliminates...
  • PROPRIETARY TEFLON COATING - Teflon coating provides a...
  • ALL METAL CONSTRUCTION - The all-aluminum construction of...
  • VERSATILE PEEP - This is a versatile peep that will work...
Rank 6
AMEYXGS Archery 37/45 Degree Hooded Peep Sight Compound Bow...
  • Material: aluminum
  • Inner Core Size: 1/8, 3/32, 1/16, 3/64, 1/32. Lens: 6x or 8x...
  • 37/45 degree for short axle to axle bows
  • Will allow you to see your sight pins better on your hunting...
  • The Ball Peep is designed to accept all of the Super Peep...
Rank 7
Delaneys Lil' Bow Peep Omega Rangefinding Sight
  • 1.5 inch x 2 inch LCD screen projects sights right on the...
  • Sport type: Hunting
Rank 8
Ace Hunter 1pcs Archery Tube Peep Sight Silicone Tubing...
  • Self aligning and reliable,includes high-grade tubing for...
  • Unique angled design that allows for clearer field-of-view
  • Easily aligns with pin guard
  • Designed to fit all bows
  • Great for hunting or target shooting
Rank 9
VTurboWay Peep Sight Installer, Bow String Separator Tool,...
  • Without removing the bow string and without a bow press, you...
  • Easy to install center serving, peeps and silencers
  • The coating helps prevent damage to the bowstring
  • GUARANTEE: We Offer 100% No Risk Money-Back Guarantee If...



Additional Information

Peep Sights: Everything You Need To Know

You may have wondered what the most important step is in using a gun. It's not difficult to see that learning how to use a peep-sight properly is the most important step in gun ownership.

Although it may appear to be a valuable part of your gun, the peep sight is often overlooked. However, the peep sight is far more important than most hunters realize.

Anything that affects your sight picture is a problem.

This will clearly explain how to use a peep-sight correctly, efficiently, and smoothly.

Common Types Of Peep Sights


Brockman's Ghost Ring Sights

The pop-up hole in this peep scope can be used to set it once the scope has been removed. It can be adjusted for elevation and windage.

Talley Peep Sight

This peep scope has a thoughtful design. This peep sight was originally made to match Talley's scope bases.

Each one has two recoil shoulders etched into it. This means that once you have the peep sight, it won't go anywhere.

Fast shooting is possible thanks to the clear picture provided by the hole. You can also change the scope by wearing Talley rings.

How To Use A Peep Sight 


Step 1: Choose the right size

This is a crucial factor in professional shooting. Different people have different eyesight. Therefore, the size of the peep sight will determine what result you get.

Let's assume that we will use the smaller peep sight for this article.

Two brief explanations are given for the use of a small peep-sight:

Minimal Edge for Error

You can reduce the aperture's dimension to minimize error in aiming.

Let's say you aim the pin with the middle of the peep and the edge with a large opening.

A peep sight with a small opening will allow you to aim your gun farther away from the focusing point.

Richer Depths of Field

An occasional peep adds to your field of view.

When using a small peep sight, both the buckles and the target can be in the focal point. It's not up to you to choose which one to focus on.

It is why shooters love significant peep sights. They love to center their entire pin guard in the eyepiece.

Step 2: Install and adjust your peep sight

  • Attach the peep scope to the gun first. The trajectory will not match immediately. It might be helpful to manipulate the bullet's trajectory so that it coincides with your gun's center.
  • The second step is to align the peep sight parallel with the gun barrel's centerline. This can be done by tightly attaching the tripods to the gun's body and then adjusting the arm.
  • Once the gun is fixed, turn the zoom knob to the minimum size. The first shot can be fired. You can then identify the bullet holes by using the peep scope.
  • If there is a bullet hole in your pipe, turn the center knob of the tube. The U-shaped knob (stands to for Up) is used to adjust the tube's movement up or down. The fixing knob that allows you to scroll left or right is marked with an L (Left).

Step 3: Enter the peep

Now the real "battle",

Peep sight enhances notch-and post open sights by increasing your ability to see the front view and the target.

Don't you believe it? Try this: Hold a pencil in one hand, and then wrap your fingers around the pencil. Now, slide the pencil out. Now slide the pencil out.

You need to position your eye so that you can see through the rear hole. Because the brightest light is in the middle of the peep-sight, your vision centers the front sight.

You just need to align the front sight with the target and then shoot! It's easy.

Step 4: Estimate the precision for a peeping eye

While accuracy may seem less important when using a peep-sight, it is still vital. Focus on what's in front of your eyes.

But, it's not necessary to be overly focused, as this can lead to unexpected errors.

Two images to help you visualize

Picture 1 shows three superimposed sight photos. The correct one is located in the middle. Left- and right-misaligned sights images are used for aperture organization.


Even though you have tried to learn the techniques of using a peep-sight with this article, likely, you will still be confused when you first use it.

Don't be scared to try new things with a peep-sight.

We hope you found this article helpful in learning more about peep sight rifles, and that it has inspired you to do better.


What is a peep sight on a gun?

Aperture (Peeps) Sight: Combines a front sight or post sight with a round hole placed on the rifle's receiver near the shooter's eyes. You aim by putting the target in the aperture sight or rear peep, then moving the front sight into its center.

How does peep sight work?

A peep sight, which is similar to a rifle's peep view, is a hole in your bowstring that allows the shooter to ensure that they have a clear line of sight between their eyes, the target, and the pin.

What is a tang peep sight?

A tang sight is a rear sight from a pair of iron sights that aim or align a rifle to hit the target. A tang sight is often the most precise sight radius. It measures the distance between the front sight and the rear sight attached to the rifle's barrel assembly and rigid receiver.

Which type of sight is simple inexpensive?

Open (Iron Sight): A combination of a post or bead front sight and an angled rear view. These sights are easy to use and affordable.

What type of sight is most accurate?

Telescopic Views - Provides a better view of the target and is more accurate. Peep sights, dots sights, and open sights require you to see multiple things at once.