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Pelican Pistol Case

Pelican 1120 Case With Foam (Desert Tan)
  • MULTI-PURPOSE HARD CASE - Crushproof, dustproof, watertight,...
  • FEATURES: Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof hard case...
  • DIMENSIONS (LxWxH Inches): Exterior 8.41 x 6.76 x 3.87 in |...
  • MADE IN USA: Trusted protection in use by the military,...

Buyer's Guide: Pelican Pistol Case

Pelican Pistol Case - Protecting Your Handgun

When you decide to buy a Pelican handgun case, you always want to know that you're getting the most value for your money. Despite its relatively cheap price tag, the Pelican handgun case doesn't compromise on materials or quality used. It also has features that will allow for easy access when the need arises. In other words, no matter what situation you're most likely to find yourself in, you're sure to find a Pelican case that's designed to meet your needs. Here are some of the most popular Pelican cases.

The first in a series of Pelican pistols, the pistol case is designed to house the firearm and protect it from damage securely. Made of heavy-duty plastic polymers, the foam interior provides optimal protection from falling objects and even sharp objects. Additionally, the foam protects the firearm from dust, debris, and other particles that may otherwise compromise the safety of your gun. On top of the protection it offers, the foam interior is easily removable and sanitized. While it isn't quite as protective as a hard-sided rigid foam case, it certainly comes close.

Like the foam handgun case, a pelican pistol case is made of heavy-duty plastic polymers. This means that they can resist oil, sweat, and dirt. Also, since it's thick and durable, it can effectively protect your handgun even under high heat and pressure. Furthermore, unlike many other soft handgun cases, it doesn't have a flexible lining that allows some outside air to get in. Instead, it's made with an O-ring that tightens overtime to ensure that air doesn't get inside.

The second in a series of Pelican pistols is their pistol cases made to fit the Sig and Smith & Wesson models. As previously mentioned, the polymers used to make these cases can resist impact and wear. In addition, they don't hinder the pistols' action as much as some hard or thick cases do since they aren't "sticky" like rigid foam.

These two essentially interchangeable cases are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit just about any hand size and pistol model. Although both cases have similar styling, their primary differences lie in how the interior foam is formed. With the polymers used to make the pistols' handles soft and pliable, there's no need to worry about the gripping surface cracking or becoming damaged by continued use. However, if you prefer a more secure grip, you'll likely choose the hard foam alternative.

Pelican cases for pistols are also available in hard cases, although they are not the same as the soft ones. While the Pelican hard cases have more rigid interiors, they also have more padding. The hard cases, often referred to as hardshell cases, are the same as the soft cases, but they are constructed out of a much sturdier material. This adds a little extra protection to your handgun case. Although the cases have the same amount of padding, it is usually more than enough to protect your firearm.

You should be aware that not all handguns should be stored in the same Pelican hard cases. Since each firearm is unique, it's best to refer to the particular firearm you have for guidance on which hard case is appropriate for it. For example, some Smith & Wesson firearms models are only suitable for use in classic pistol cases. Other Smith & Wesson firearms, such as the Sig Sauer models, are better suited for use in the hard pelican hard cases. Again, referring to the specific firearm you have is the best way to find the right case for it.

Pelicansoft guns come in many different sizes, including pistol cases with 8+ pockets and easy access holsters. If you plan to buy a new Pelican, it would be best if you looked to see what options are available before buying one. In addition to looking at the different options, it's also important to ask about warranties and return policies. Although Pelican products are high quality, it is still good to know what you get with your purchase.