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Precision Holsters


Buyer's Guide: Precision Holsters

Perfect Holster For Those Times When You Need a Heavy Duty Holster

" Precision holsters " is what we call our custom line of leather, stainless steel, and nylon gun holsters. We started in 1974 as a small shop in California. After much research, hard work, and experience we expanded to a larger facility in Oregon. The motto is "we make nothing but good things that work." From our humble beginning we have learned to be the best.

"We are a small family operated business based out of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Our passion for superior quality drives us to constantly develop our products for the highest quality possible. Through relentless creative thinking and technical innovation we bring you, our customer, new revolutionary designs to the handgun holster industry. Precision Holster's engineering and skillful process of making our holsters is second to none. Our state of the art materials, and quality control bring you the best we can possibly offer for your investment. The accuracy and consistency of our work is second to none.

Our mission is to bring you, our customer, only the best. The perfection of our work is achieved through innovative processes and materials, both in our manufacturing and materials fields. One such important factor in our work is our use of ultra light materials. Although we use a high density polyethylene (UD), which is heavy duty and offers a medium feel while keeping it lightweight for ease of putting on and taking off. This combination of heavy-duty materials and ultra light hardware provides us with the perfect fit, durability, and comfort. From our hand crafted cowhide leather backing to our state of the art laser etching and heat treating methods, we take great pride in every design that we create.

The second most important part in our work is our ability to make the fit perfect. Because we use a variety of fabrics for each individual product we are able to produce different sizes and weights of precision holsters. In our defense department we carry a large selection of military grade combat trousers and combat boots with the newest American Defense Boot tan colored urethane lining. Military trousers and boots come in many forms including knee high nylon breeches, thigh high nylon leg coverings, and full size combat boots. We have also manufactured many types of combat pants and combat knee pads for our customers.

When it comes to the choice of which among our quality leather, fiberglass, and nylon holsters to manufacture we have a whole line of products. Some of our favorites are the Precision Elite, Defender, and Eagle Creek. These three products are especially popular among our women customers. With our attention to detail in our designs we have developed a niche market for ourselves and have made a name for ourselves as one of the leading companies selling precision holsters in the world today.

The precision leather and urethane bifold, reinforced steel, and our smooth quick draw quick release system make this product unique. This design makes it easy for our customers to transport, quick set up and quick draw after use. After using this holster, I can't believe that I carried it six years ago. It has held up to my numerous deployments, many times over. I no longer get the occasional poke or tap when trying to get the gun out.

With the ProXie holster, I have tried many different holsters over the years. I prefer a solid anchor in the back to steady the gun as I don't like having a lot of movement in it. This is one of the few reliable leather holsters on the market. With our quick release system, there's no need for a removable carry handle as the adjustable cant and flared opening allow me easy access. Even with the cant and flared opening for quick draw, the overall design of the ProXie is very straight.

The ProXie is a great accessory to add to any belt. It doesn't take up much room in your trunk, but it easily and quickly attaches to a belt through the use of our quick draw release system. It's secure enough to carry my Ruger waiting for the deer run in the next valley to open up. I simply love how easy it is to use and how secure it is. All of these features make the ProXie an excellent choice for anyone who needs a little added convenience while they're on the go.