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What You Should Know About the Pro Procarry Holster

For many gun owners, the question of which pistol is the best one for their needs comes up at some point. This includes both pistol owners that prefer to be able to carry a more compact and lighter weight pistol, as well as those that prefer a heavier, sturdier weapon that can withstand the abuse of being cocked and fired. The newest member of this couple, the Procarry Holster, tries to satisfy both of these needs in a handgun holster. In other words, it tries to combine the advantages of a lighter weight pistol with a durable carrying handle and a comfortable place to keep it when not in use.

What is unique about the Procarry Holster? There are actually two separate holsters from the manufacturer; a traditional style of stainless steel carry holster, and the newer model that is the procarry ii holster. Both holsters have the same basic design and operate in much the same way. The difference in the two, of course, is the materials that were used to construct the holsters. Although stainless steel has been used in the past to make the more popular holsters, the new model uses a lightweight aluminum as the main material.

The lightweight aluminum material used allows for a sturdier structure to be built into the Pro Carry II holster. This is accomplished without losing the comfort of the user. The lightweight material also makes it easier to clean than some of the heavier duty holsters. The sturdiness of the Pro Carry II also makes it a practical choice when carrying a 4-inch handgun that can be difficult to carry using a traditional belt holster.

One of the benefits of using a lightweight material for the exterior portion of the holster is that it is extremely concealable. It does not have to feature elaborate decorations on the outside. Even the plainest of designs can blend into any environment. In addition, the stainless steel construction of the Pro Carry II allows it to be extremely durable, which will ensure that it will hold up over time.

The front sight of the holster is also something that many people appreciate. Because it is so small, there is less than 2 inches between the front of the gun and the front of the grip on the gun. This allows for a much clearer sight picture to be seen through the sights. There is also less of an area for a finger to wrap around the front of the gun, especially if it is an automatic or high capacity magazine type. This will eliminate much of the finger movement that can occur with traditional types of holsters.

Comfort is also key with any type of accessory. When a person is sitting down, getting comfortable with the way they are carrying the gun is very important. With a Pro Carry II, it is incredibly comfortable to have the gun resting on one's hips instead of sticking up on the end of the shoulders. This is extremely important because it eliminates much of the slippage that can occur while holding a gun. It also provides an added support as the gun is being held.

The back straps of the Pro Carry Holster are designed to be strong and durable. While they are on the outside of the gun, they are still extremely tough and able to handle the wear and tear that often occurs with a gun holster. They do not wear out easily and will not need to be replaced as often. Most users will find that they need to purchase a couple more holsters after using this one for a few years.

Overall, the Pro Carry Holster is one of the most popular gun holsters on the market today. The comfort, durability, and overall design make this a very easy and pleasant product to use. It makes carrying a gun a much easier task and allows for an easier transition from one hand to the other. As with any type of gun accessory, this product is also available in several different configurations. Choosing the right one for your needs is simple and can be done with just a little bit of research online.