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Pu Scope

ON SALE!Bestseller No. 1
Firefield PU Mosin-Nagant/SVT-40 Scope
  • Reliable And Durable
  • Multi-Coated Lenses
  • 3 Post Reticle Design
  • 3.5x Magnification
Bestseller No. 2
Pilad P3.5x20C Compact Russian Optical Rifle Scope. PU....
  • Compact Russian scope with 3.5x Magnification.
  • Modern interpretation of famous soviet PU scope from WW2 era
  • Solid Metal construction. Build like a tank
  • The value of a click is 3 cm per 100 m
Bestseller No. 3
Pilad P3.5x20 Russian Optical Rifle Scope with Dioptric...
  • Compact Russian scope with 3.5x Magnification and Dioptric...
  • Modern interpretation of famous soviet PU scope from WW2 era
  • Solid Metal construction. Build like a tank
  • The value of a click is 3 cm per 100 m
Bestseller No. 5
Sniper MG4X20 Mosin Nagant 91/30 Scope Svt-40 Steel Mount...
  • This set includes Scope, Leather lens covers, Drill, Tap,...
  • Copied exactly from a genuine WWII Russian Mosin Nagant...
  • High Quality Reproduction with new design of optics system...
  • New design of side focus for long distance. Diopter ring for...

Buyer's Guide: Pu Scope

pu scope

The Pu Scope is an airsoft gun that offers a fast, reliable and easy to use illumination system. The innovative metal body, thick lens, tough structure and firm mount allowed the Pu Scope to tolerate unusual rough working conditions and its basic design is virtually unbreakable, having been extensively tested during the early years. A major advantage of the scope is that it uses a patented hybrid crystal lens system. The lens is designed in a way so as to reduce the dispersion of scopes when it hits the surface of the target, thereby allowing the user to acquire clear targets at amazing ranges. The lens is very rigid and durable, providing users with a scope with long range accuracy.

The scope has the ability to adjust according to the need of the user. This is an added advantage over other airsoft products that require you to replace your scope after a certain period. The unique structure of the Pu Scope allows it to withstand even the most extreme conditions. During world war ii, the Russian sniper Vasili Oschepkov, who was a noted hit on every shot, used a Pu Scope during his mission to disrupt the German forces during the Battle of Stalingrad.

During the war, the Germans had perfected their bullet which gave them longer range but the penetration power was low. To improve this aspect, the Germans started developing machine guns that had a high firing rate and much greater power in their ammunition. When the manufacturing process reached its optimum stage, they produced the first pistol cartridge in the world with a steel casing called the PPC. Although, the Germans were the first to use the new machine gun, the American military was using their own variations of the rifle powder cartridge and machine gun powder cartridge soon after and so began the long ongoing use of pu scopes.

The main difference between a normal rifle scope and a pu scope is the size of the reticle. The larger the reticle, the more power the laser will generate. The larger the reticle, the further the shooter can adjust the aiming point on the screen. Typically, the larger the diameter of the reticle, the higher the magnification of the image. Because of this, many hunters prefer larger scopes when hunting large game. This is why many manufacturers produced a version of the rifle scope with a larger diameter and added a larger one way objective lens.

Another major difference between the normal rifle scope and the pu 3.5 21 is the vertical adjustment feature. Normally on a normal scope, the adjustment is done by moving the horizontal adjustment up or down. The pu scope, however, has vertical adjustments through five different lense elements. Each element can be adjusted individually for the appropriate distance. This gives the hunter the ability to vary the distance of each shot to achieve the best shot placement possible.

Next, both scopes have a bolt-over-bolt type design. The normal scopes have a flat top rail that extends straight out from the housing and then curves back in as soon as it gets into the actual unit. The pivot assembly that holds the tube in place is in the rear of this flat top rail. The pu models, however, have a different shape of housing than the normal mount. They are designed in a different shape than a standard mount, and the housing curve in a different direction as well.

The final major difference is the elevation knob. Normally on a normal scope mount, you have to turn the knob up to bring the elevation up and down. The pu mounts, however, have a button that can simply push up or down the elevation without turning the knob. This makes for a much easier to handle system when changing the elevation. The button also controls the reticle level as well.

As you can see, there is not really much different between the normal pu scopes as far as how they work. If you are looking for something that is a little more durable, then the regular pu mount may be what you are looking for. The best thing to do, however, is to look at some reviews of each type to see exactly which one is best for your purposes. You can buy both types and have people recommend them based on their experiences with the weapon. Just make sure you take your time to compare the two before making a final decision.

Overall, the two main differences between the normal and the sniper scope are the size and the reticle. The size of the scope is actually a lot larger than normal because it has to account for the additional dimension of the wii. In addition, the wii is actually able to move around the housing when you are shooting, so the actual distance will be longer than it would if you just held the scope steady. On the other hand, the extra distance that you get with the wii is actually quite short compared to other scope types.