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Rapid Force Duty Holster

Galco Ankle Lite/Ankle Holster for Ruger LCP, KelTec P3AT,...
  • Package height :6.858 cm
  • Package length :32.004 cm
  • Package width :13.97 cm
  • Package weight :0.3 lbs

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What is Rapid Force Duty Holster?

The Rapid Force Holster was created as a solution to the problem of standardizing military gear. This particular product is unique because it is designed to be used in military operations, but can also be worn by an individual for protection and personal convenience. It was created by a former U.S. Army Intelligence Specialist, who served in Iraq and was affected by various forms of improvised Explosive devices (IEDs) during his service. After leaving the military, he began to design products that would alleviate some of the problems that had been experienced by military and other personnel.

The Rapid Force Holster was designed by a retired U.S. Army Intelligence Specialist, who was assigned to serve as a consultant for several companies that manufactured military tactical gear. During his time away from the business, he began to experience many of the issues associated with traditional military gear that he felt hindered his ability to be as effective as he should be. The product he designed was designed to eliminate many of these obstacles, while still allowing the individual to carry the gun with complete security. The Rapid Force Holster was born.

According to its manufacturers, the product is an innovative new type of gun holster designed to meet the needs of today's U.S. law enforcement officers and other individuals that must perform their duties in remote, hostile environments where traditional apparel may not be applicable. It works by permitting the individual to wear his or her everyday clothing, while carrying the firearm, while still protecting the individual's hand. The quick-draw system incorporated within the Rapid Force Holster allows for easy movement and quick access to the firearm, even when the need to fire is most dire.

Some of the key benefits provided by the Rapid Force Holster are that it provides a level of mobility not currently available to law enforcement officers and other individuals working in hazardous conditions. It also reduces the possibility of injury to the user due to faulty design and improper placement of the device. The rapid force duty holster is also considered to be an exceptional product because it increases the user's comfort and allows for a higher level of personal security while providing a safe and secure means of transporting their handgun. The product permits law enforcement officers to carry their handguns openly without fear of any potential damage occurring to themselves or others.

The product is designed to attach quickly and easily to a user's belt through use of an intuitive draw system. To further enhance this quick attachment process, the red dot optic allows for an accurate aiming position at all times, regardless of whether the firearm is in use or not. The holster is also designed with an ergonomic fit that increases user comfort, while decreasing the chance of holster discomfort while performing the duties that require the use of a weapon. The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on the gun holster itself, as well as on any red dot optic attached to the firearm.

The Rapid Force Holster was designed to increase the level of safety and security that law enforcement and military personnel must maintain when wearing a weapon. In regards to those who serve in dangerous environments, being able to wear a holster that is capable of quickly and easily attaches to the user's belt can provide an added measure of protection from any possible injury or unwanted movement while in combat. For instance, military police officers and soldiers often find themselves operating in dangerous and violent conditions, where even the slightest slip and fall can result in serious bodily harm. Because the pistol is often deployed to be used for close to hand combat within a confined space, military personnel must often place their lives in immediate risk, even when there is a clear and present danger. By using a gun holster such as the Rapid Force Holster, these members are able to operate with confidence while still ensuring the maximum amount of protection for themselves and others.

A typical scenario that would require the use of a self-contained holster would be for an officer, such as a police officer, to be placed in a potentially risky situation where his or her life is in actual physical danger. Rapid Force Holster's unique design provides an officer with the necessary functionality that allows the holster to drop down into the pants of the officer, which will instantly convert it into a fully-contained, pistol-type quick disconnect device that can quickly convert the worn-out traditional belt-style belt holster into an active, shooting hand guard. This change in function makes Rapid Force Holster an excellent choice for military and law enforcement personnel, who have an often-dangerous job that requires them to be in close contact with their weapon at all times. The rapidity with which the holster can convert itself from a belt slide to a quick disconnect device also ensures that military and police officers will no longer need to worry about stumbling around with a holster that could not convert from a belt slide to a quick disconnect device during a critical moment.

Rapid Force Duty Holster's quick attachment system eliminates the need for an additional piece of equipment to be attached to the belt during an in-vehicle encounter, such as a traffic stop or an emergency vehicle pursuit. Furthermore, the quick conversion feature allows law enforcement and military personnel to immediately remove the pistol from their belt when they need to use it, eliminating any potential distractions that may affect their ability to effectively take out their weapon. For these and other reasons, Rapid Force Holster has become one of the leading accessory manufacturers in the personal firearm accessory market today.