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Raven Holsters

Federal Hip Holster for Raven 25, Jennings 22,Jimenez JA22 &...
  • Designed for Jennings 22, Jimenez JA22 & JA25, Raven
  • Offers Both Belt and Inside Pant Wear
  • Ambidextrous
  • Reinforced Thumbreak Strap

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The Best of Raven Holsters Iwb and Rtt Light Boring Holsters

Raven holsters are made by Kydex. They use German technology to give you the highest quality concealment possible. Their gun holsters are both durable and functional, and work with any type of firearm, including semi-automatics and fully automatic. If you have been hunting lately, you may want to get one of these outstanding products.

The two major styles of concealment favored by professional shooters are front slip or back snap, or light bearing holsters. Typically, the Raven Concealment Kit comes with three different types of these, depending on what your needs may be. You can choose the size and color of each one that you need. This way, you can personalize your gear and stay away from being left behind while the competition is going around you.

One of the best features about this line of kydex holster is their retention system. There are many options to choose from, depending on the manufacturer and model of your particular firearm. Some models are equipped with a magnetic retention strap. These will work for your pistol even if it isn't dropped, but they can also be used as a top tack. Other models will come equipped with a hook and loop retention system. Both work well, especially if you prefer a top tack.

Many of the Raven holsters will feature belt loops. If you prefer to carry your gun in a sling, this is an excellent choice. They work well and can't be taken off easily. You can also adjust them very easily by using tapatalk.

If you prefer belt slides or canteen slides, you will find plenty of options here as well. You can use canteen slides on the original model or you can upgrade to iwb style slides that are designed specifically for iwb applications. Both are great choices and these add another dimension to the Raven holster collection. If you like to carry a lot of gear and need some fast, easy access then this is the holster for you. You can either use regular canteen slides or iwb style belt loops.

The Raven holster line also includes belt clips. This is a nice feature to have because you can use your belt clips for other things, like carrying spare ammunition or cleaning tools. When you are traveling or you aren't using your gun, the belt clips allow quick access so you don't have to unholster your weapon and take everything out. I like the cctroupe11 belt clips because they have a snap on installation.

Some of the other popular features include: pistol belt (either iwb or regular), x300u clip (iwb only), canteen clips, and gartr clips. The x300u clip is the most unique of the collection and it comes with a front and rear retention strap. This is a very useful feature. It allows for quick access to your handgun even while wearing your IWB. This is an excellent feature for a Concealed Carry model.

The x300u belt clip retainer ring is a really nice accessory. It allows you to change out your concealment belt to accommodate your handgun. I use mine for both my Mecum and Mephisto pistols and love them. I prefer the Mecum for concealment reasons and the X300u for travel and open carry. You can also buy belt clips for most of these products which makes them even more compact and easier to handle.

The Kydex Iwb holster is a nice compact model that has high retention and is very comfortable. The high retention design is excellent for when you need to quickly draw your handgun. You simply grab the kydex holster, place your X-T or other concealment weapon inside, and you are ready to go. Kydex is used in most military applications as a barrier between the skin and whatever you are carrying. The same material is used in many of the Raven holsters, but it is important to note that they are designed to work with the Raven handguns not the unloaded Mecum models.

The Rtt Light Bearing Holster is my personal favorite. There are quite a few different models, but the Rtt is my personal favorite. They are made with a high tech material that provides great retention and features a lanyard that attaches to your belt. The belt loop is designed to work with the Rott, meaning you never have to worry about where your keys are hanging out of your pants pocket while you are in the car.

So what is so great about the Raven Holsters iwb? Well for one they are extremely easy to use. If you take the time to learn how to use the Rott and how to install it, you can become a professional holster operator in no time at all. And if you ever decide to change careers and open up your own gun shop, the Rott will be perfect for you. Not only will it look good in your shop, but it will work great with all of your guns.