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Revolver Shoulder Holster

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Rank 1
Federal Shoulder Holster for Taurus 44 & 357 Large Frame...
  • Taurus 357 & 44 Mag 6 1/2" Revolvers
  • Models 44SS6 & 608SS6
  • 4 Way Size Adjustment - Wide Stay Flat Shoulder Pad
  • Vertical Carry
  • Belt Tie-Down Strap
Rank 2
Vertical Shoulder Holster for 4" Barrel Revolver in 38 & 357...
  • Vertical Carry Shoulder Holster for 6 & 7 Shot, 4" Barrel...
  • Wide Stay Flat Shoulder Pad -Vertical Carry - Right Hand
  • Snap-release thumb-break retaining strap
  • Built-in Holster Tie Down Strap
Rank 3
M3 Victory Revolver Premium Brown Drum Dyed Leather"Tanker"...
  • Premium Drum Dyed Leather Victory Revolver Holster
  • Marked JT&L 1943 and Brass Hardware
  • Officially Licensed World War Supply Product
  • Expertly Handcrafted ReplicaExtra Long strap for the larger...
  • Leather Shell Loops to hold 12 .38 shells
Rank 4
Federal Vertical Shoulder Holster for 2" 5 Shot Revolvers
  • Vertical Carry Shoulder Holster for 2" Small Revolvers -...
  • Holster is fully lined and includes a snap-release tie-down...
  • Sturdy Nylon Construction with Four Way Size Adjustment
  • Wide Stay Flat Shoulder Pad - Snap Release Thumb-break Strap
Rank 5
New Barsony Brown Leather Cross Harness Vertical Shoulder...
  • Barsony New Brown Leather Cross Harness Vertical Shoulder...
  • This traditional, vertical shoulder holster has a wide flat...
  • The holster has an adjustable snap retention strap. The...
  • The standard size shoulder holster is adjustable up to chest...
  • If you are right-handed the firearm will be drawn from...

Buyer's Guide

Revolver Shoulder Holsters - Tips on How to Buy the Right One

A Revolver should always be kept loaded when it is not being used. There is no better way to defend your life than to know that you have a gun at your disposal in case of an emergency. In the past, a shotgun was probably the most popular handgun. However, changes in state laws have made handgun ownership more difficult than it used to be. There are many good reasons why you should have a Revolver. You will see that there are many good reasons why you should carry a Revolver.

If you are a hunter, then you should have a Revolver and a few spare bullets. This makes it easier for you to use the Revolver to take down any animal that crosses your path. Of course, if you are a prey the old saying applies, "you'll never catch a wild bird in a red hat". However, a Revolver is very effective against any animal, human or animal-like. A Revolver should always be kept loaded even if you are just sitting at home relaxing. Even if you are sitting at your desk, you should keep your Revolver in your hand at all times.

Another reason to own a Revolver is to have it available for instant self defense situations. This means you should always keep your handgun close by and ready for use in an emergency. Many people don't realize that carrying a Revolver is against the law in some areas. Here are some of the most popular tips you can use to legally carry a Revolver in the manner that is required in your state.

The first tip we have for you is to understand that a Revolver is a semi-automatic handgun that must be obtained through a license. Unlike a normal handgun that may only be purchased from a licensed dealer, you must purchase a Revolver from an authorized dealer that is approved to sell the firearm. To purchase a Revolver, visit your local firearms dealer and ask to see their policy on the sale of firearms. You will need to provide your personal information, including your name, address and date of birth. Remember to bring proof of residency if you are at all concerned with obtaining a firearm through a local dealer.

If you would like a nice balance between a good concealment and a reliable shooting tool, we recommend that you select your Revolver through a Revolver Shoulder Holster. A Revolver Shoulder Holster allows you to get the maximum versatility out of carrying your handgun while still keeping it in easy reach. This is one of our favorite tips because it lets you continue to do what you love, such as writing in your diary or chatting on the phone, while still keeping your handgun safe and comfortable. To pick a Revolver Shoulder Holster, look for one that has plenty of room for additional paperwork and other accessories. When you buy a Revolver Shoulder Holster, be sure to keep a dry towel or other similar item nearby to slip your gun out when you need to use it.

Although Revolver Shoulder Holsters were designed primarily for the concealed carry of a gun, it can also be an excellent choice for the open carry of a Revolver. For this style of holster, the two most popular accessories are the canteen and the barrel shield. The canteen attaches to the bottom of the holster, providing easy access to the pistol's internals. In addition to the canteen, you can also choose to attach a cantaloupe or a flat back holster which can be attached directly to the belt through a small hole.

The barrel shield is located on top of the Revolver Shoulder Holster and protects the handgun from accidental impact or being dropped by a strong purse or big foot. If you choose to use a canteen, be sure the canteen is large enough to cover the entire handle of your handgun. If you choose to use the barrel shield, be sure the barrel shield is large enough to cover the entire handle of your handgun. Both accessories can easily be removed without using any tools so they will always remain on your handgun.

A favorite accessory among users is the quick action clip. It attaches to the top of the gun and clips directly to your belt or waistband with ease. If you prefer, there are other attachment devices available as well. For example, you can purchase belt clips or vehicle specific belt clips. Regardless of which attachment device you choose, the overall comfort of Revolver Shoulder Holsters ensures they are an excellent choice for the active gun owner.