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The Best Revolver Speedloaders

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ON SALE!Rank 1
HKS 10-A Revolver Speedloader for S&W...
  • Instantly loads all 6 cartridges into nearly any revolver
  • Securely holds rounds until released
  • Proven by decades of Use in Law Enforcement
  • Sport type: Hunting
  • Caliber .38/357; Fits S&W 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 64, 65,...
ON SALE!Rank 2
HKS 36-A Series A Speedloader, model 36A(5-Shot), Black, 1...
  • Fits medium size speedloader case; Made in USA
  • Five shot speedloader
  • No cartridge jiggle
  • Popular twist knob
  • Caliber .38/357; Fits S&W 36, 37, 38, 40, 42,49, 60, 340,...
ON SALE!Rank 3
HKS Revolver Speedloader for S&W 686 Taurus 617, 817, 827,...
  • Fits medium size speedloader case; Made in USA
  • Loads cartridges into revolver instantly
  • No cartridge jiggle
  • Popular twist knob
  • Caliber .38/357; Fits S&W 686 (7-Shot)/Taurus 617, 817, 827,...
ON SALE!Rank 4
HKS 29-M Revolver Speedloader for S&W 29, 629/Dan...
  • Fits large size speedloader case; Made in USA
  • Loads cartridges into revolver instantly
  • Actually works best with cartridge jiggle
  • Popular twist knob
  • Caliber .44 MAG, .44 SPEC; Fits S&W 29, 629/Dan Wesson/Ruger...
ON SALE!Rank 5
HKS PYA Revolver Speedloader for Colt Python , Black
  • Fits medium size speedloader case; Made in USA
  • Loads cartridges into revolver instantly
  • No cartridge jiggle
  • Popular twist knob
  • Caliber .38/357; Fits Colt Python
ON SALE!Rank 6
HKS 27-A Revolver Speedloader for S&W 27, 28, Ruger, .357...
  • Fits large size speedloader case; Made in USA
  • Loads cartridges into revolver instantly
  • No cartridge jiggle
  • Popular twist knob
  • Caliber .38/357; Fits S&W 27, 28; Ruger .357 REDHAWK
ON SALE!Rank 7
HKS 10A Revolver Speed Loader .38/.357 6 Round S&W K Frame...
  • Compatible with S&W 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 64, 65, 66 and...
  • Metal points hold cartridges securely in the loader
  • Holds .38/357 caliber cartridges
  • Easy to load with the turn of a knob
Rank 9
Pachmayr 02652 Competition Revolver Speedloader, Smith &...
  • CNC Machined from solid aluminum
  • Polygon shape for the smallest outside dimensions
  • Cartridges are held firmly with no rattle simple twist knob...
  • Product type :SPORTING GOODS
  • package dimensions :3.7 cm L x 7.0 cm W x 17.0 cm H
ON SALE!Rank 10
HKS Revolver Speedloader for Colt MK3 & MK5/King...
  • Fits medium size speedloader case
  • Loads cartridges into revolver instantly
  • No cartridge jiggle
  • Popular twist knob
  • Caliber .38/357; Fits Colt MK3 & MK5/King Cobra does not fit...
  • Sport type: hunting

Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide: Revolver Speedloaders

Although many companies make revolver speed loaders currently, each brand functions differently. There are a few that are faster or easier to use than others. The one that works best for you depends on your plans and what models you have.

What to look for in a Speedloader?

Depending on your age and your age, they might be called quick loaders or speed loaders. Our company is committed to making the best speedloaders because we know that speedloaders are often used once and then forgotten about.

Our speedloaders are designed so revolver shooters can take them with them everywhere they go. It might be challenging to know what makes one quick loader better than another. Let's talk about what to look for in a speedloader of high quality.

Make sure they secure the cartridges

Speedloaders have multiple purposes. The cartridge rim is held securely by the spring retention system. You can load by hand by pressing the button. Finally, you can use a loading dock to place your speedloader on top of your next rounds. Then press down on its base. All of them will snap in with a satisfying click.

Speedloaders must ensure that the cartridges are secure in all situations. This applies regardless of where the speedloader may be located. You can't carry your concealed-carry firearm around without a speedloader. If your speedloader is loaded with cartridges, it must keep them safe even when you are sprinting. A speedloader must also keep the cartridges in place when using loading blocks at the range. You could lose your reload and end up with dirty or damaged ammo. It's embarrassing to drop your ammo!

What is the purpose of a speedloader anyway? It's to secure your brass whenever you need it and to release each cartridge quickly. What is the best way to get your cartridges out? 

Make sure it's a Push-in

Speedloaders can be quite inefficient because they require an extra step they don't need. What is this extra step? The twist. To release the cartridges from the cylinder, they must be turned. This is an unnecessary step. The twist also forces the cartridges against the chambers at an odd angle, making it harder to drop them in.

Speed Beez speedloaders were designed after the Dade quick loader. It would help if you simply pressed the button, and the five, six, seven or eight, nine, nine, or 10 cartridges will slide into the revolver's barrel. While the original Dades was made of 1970s plastic and much more fragile, you're now able to experience a meticulously-machined speed loader from Speed Beez in a variety of calibers from 10-shot .22 up to 5-shot .44 Magnum.

The cartridge release is now much more accessible than ever. You don't have to think about where you push the brass once it's seated. Your next round will be ready for firing when you press the handle on the base or the handle. Once the speedloader is done, you can either place the gun on the range shelf next to you or let it go while placing the gun's barrel back in place.

Get One Made From the Best Materials

Every speedloader is hand-made in America from the highest quality materials. From the base to body to the retention spring, every part has been precisely machined to ensure that it runs smoothly every time.

You're likely only to purchase one speedloader for each firearm. So why not make it happy? You can choose your own color in some models. While gold is the standard, there are sometimes pink and red versions.

Select One Made in the USA

We design speedloaders that work with every revolver's specific cylinder when we create them. We have guns. We own a lot of guns. If we don't have a gun but want to make a quick loader, we can borrow one from friends. It doesn't matter if they don't own it. 

You might not be able to see the speedloaders of a Chinese-designed product before it is put into mass production. Although they might be working from schematics, real-world testing is impossible because firearms of all types are severely restricted in many Asian countries. They might be able to go to Bass Pro Shop to pick up a Taurus Tracker and a Circuit Judge to check if their speedloaders work correctly. They can't.

Let's face facts: Swiss watches are the best. Japan has the best camera. However, if you are looking for the best speedloader, you can't go wrong with an American company that makes them in-country.

You must ensure it is sturdy.

It's more durable if you design it well and use the best materials. Our speedloaders are tested repeatedly to make sure they can withstand thousands to thousands of rounds. These fast loaders must handle a lot of use, no matter how many rounds they fire. You won't buy the same. It's not worth paying a lot of money to get a poor speedloader. You can only use it once, and it will never work again.

Now that you are familiar with the characteristics of a speedloader, we wish you would head over to find what you need for your revolver. You might find something that will make shooting more enjoyable. Let's look at some things that can improve your shooting.

What Goes Well With A Speedloader?

Gun owners, let's face it, love to dress up. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve our guns' accuracy, fire more efficiently, and bring them along wherever we go. We love to show off our latest accessory to anyone interested. Get a laser sight? Get new grips. Do you have some out-of-production rimless ammunition that you can fire in your revolver? Although we don't condone the use of expired ammunition, we understand that you want to display it!

What goes well with your speedloader? 

Speedloader Pouch

Semi-automatic handguns offer the advantage of having more ammunition inside the gun. It is pretty common to have 15 rounds of 9mm in your magazine. This means revolvers will need to quickly reload their magazines after they have fired between 5 and 10 shots.

Speedloaders are a great tool that allows a skilled person to reload their revolver quickly. It would help if you had your speedloader with you at all times. This means you should always have a speedloader pouch in your pocket. These compact speedloader holsters can be carried on the same side of your firearm as you have one or on your opposite hip.

They can carry what type of loaders? There are four types of pouches available right now: 22LR speedloader bags,.22 Magnum speedloader packs,38/357 Speedloader pouches and.44 Magnum speedloader pouches. (You won't be surprised that the last one is slightly larger!) There are also variants available for each capacity revolver. The pouches for 5-shot.357 speedloaders are generally smaller than those for 8-shot speedloaders, so they tend to be a little larger.

The Shooter's Belt

Your belt is the best place to store your speedloader pouch and revolver holster if you don't like shoulder harnesses. Unfortunately, many people believe that a $15 Target belt is enough to support their firearms and keep them comfortable, even if they only have a small revolver. Unfortunately, these people are often wrong, especially when they try on a professional firearm belt.

What makes a belt better than your average belt?

  • It won't stretch - A belt that is normal in size will hold your pants up. They rarely weigh more than 14 ounces. The average belt keeps less than 2 lbs from the ground when you add your keys, phone, wallet, key, and wallet. The belt will eventually stretch if two additional items hang directly from it -- your speedloader pouch or revolver. You might also be carrying a.454 Casual-sized weapon. Only special-made belts made from plastic-reinforced leather and military-grade webbing will work.
  • Strong Buckles are Essential - If you held your current belt in one hand, we bet you could bend it without too much effort. The pin and the buckle are usually made from low-grade steel. Gun belt buckles are load-bearing. They are designed to evenly distribute weight so that even heavy down forces don't cause harm.
  • A better fit means better increments - Many gun belts no longer have belt buckle holes. Belt buckle holes can be restrictive. A person may experience a weight loss within a single day after a long hike. A person will often need a hole halfway between the existing ones. This means that their pants or clothes are either too tight or loose. For maximum comfort, a good shooting belt can be adjusted by 1/4" increments.
  • You can still look professional even if your belt is holding up a gun well. We have the right gun belts for you, whether you need brown leather at work or military-spec tan to protect your firearm during a tournament.

Loading blocks

The speedloader holsters are great for when you're out and about in the woods, but what about when your at the range? Most people use loading blocks to maximize their range experience.

Loading Blocks are a great way to set up your next round when you're about to shoot a lot. Loading blocks, which are made of sturdy plastic and can hold your cartridges the same way as your revolver's barrel, are sturdy plastic trays. This means that your next five to ten shots will be prearranged so that speedloaders can snap into them all at once.

You can load multiple rows of ammunition from loading blocks before you go to the firing line, so you can focus on your shooting and not your reloading. A snap-shut bag can be purchased that has two trays to keep your cartridges in place when they get shaken. Your next 150 rounds of Magnum or.22LR could be waiting for you at the range. Many cases come with a compartment for the speedloader and ammo.

Chamber Gauges

Most cases are about how fast you can load with a speedloader. However, chamber gauges allow you to reload each cartridge once it's been fired.

Reloading is an excellent option for anyone who shoots a lot. Reloading is not only a cost-saving option and an environmentally friendly choice but can also be a therapeutic hobby. Reloading at home is not something that many people consider a necessity. Most people enjoy the experience of getting closer to the shooting experience.

Every round will not be loaded perfectly. Sometimes, it is human error. Other times, the brass was damaged so that it could not be reloaded. This chamber gauge allows you to inspect each round and ensure it is straightened. It would help if you didn't use any rounds that failed the test. It's better to be aware of this now than to find out later when you are ready to load your cylinder at range or in the field. This is safer and easier than checking the ammunition in your revolver when you're reloading. Reload the brass and then drop it into the gauge on the table. It will fill up with 15 to 19 rounds, so you can simply empty it and reload the next batch. Are there any stuck? It's no problem. No problem. Any round that doesn't load properly can be pulled out of the gauge by the other side.

Chamber gauges are made of high-quality aluminum and machined on a CNC turning lathe. Each pocket is precision drilled and hard-anodized to ensure it doesn't wear down like other gauges.

We know we make the fastest speedloaders available, and we will gladly compare them to any other speedloaders in terms of speed or quality.

We can't deny the importance of moon clips in our lives. Also sells a lot of. What circumstances would moon clips be used?

  • Using Rimless Ammo The only problem with speedloaders is their inability to work with rimless ammunition. A moon clip is required to shoot rimless shot in your revolver. Moon clips are used to hold your following cartridges, which can be between five and eight, in a circular that is the same size as your revolver's barrel. You need to insert it and then close it. The moon clip will stay in your revolver while you shoot. You can also keep track of the spent brass by having your cartridges held in there after firing. For an instant comparison, you can mix rimmed ammo with rimless ammo.
  • Price - Although our speedloaders are more expensive than others, their build quality is excellent, and they perform well. A moon clip is much cheaper than any speedloader. Moon clips cost between $2 and $3 per piece, making them an excellent option for speed loading. You can also have many of them in one row like a person would have with their speedloader.

Are there any cons to moon clips? These are just a few. First, they are more susceptible to damage than speedloaders, so it is often simpler to throw them away. A second advantage is that some brass can be squeezed into the new moon clips. The included de-mooning tool for a carabiner may help.

Speed Loaders: A Quick History

Humans have sought a quicker way to reload since the first firearm was shot off target. Since the beginning, the desire to fill quicker has been there, whether it was food or an army approaching.

Although having cartridges in an improved revolver speed over black powder cap or ball shooting, there was another question: How do you reload cartridges faster? Speedloaders are the answer.

Spare Cylinders

You might think that speedloaders were just spare cylinders at first. In some cases, however, this is correct. Early Remingtons such as the New Model Army could switch out cylinders in a matter of minutes, which was faster than manually reloading black powder caps and ball revolvers. It wasn't as easy with most revolvers because Colts made it more difficult to remove the cylinder. People who needed extra firepower wouldn't carry additional cylinders. They would instead have a second revolver. It was easier and quicker to have the following six shots ready by unholstering the second revolver.

The Beginning

In 1879, the first speedloader was invented. It was designed for top-break revolvers. Today's basic principle behind speedloaders is that the device held the cartridges until they were dropped in and then twisted it. A British inventor patented the "cartridge-packet holders" 15 years later. Later, he added a handle to make it more stable. The use of speedloaders began to decline with the advent of semi-automatic weapons in military conflicts.

Police Keep them Alive

Most militaries in the world preferred semi-automatic handguns. However, the United States police officers were staunch and kept their revolvers for decades. Many police officers began to buy their speedloaders as they needed to reload more quickly as cities became more significant and more dangerous. Police departments noticed officers were interested in speedloaders and made them standard issues. They also included them in their training. Dirty Harry was seen using one in a shooting competition in Magnum Force.

Police departments eventually switched to semi-automatic guns, which again led to a decrease in speedloader enthusiasm. However, revolver enthusiasts are not easy to keep down.

The Modern Era

Semi-automatics have many advantages, but revolvers are still in high demand. They are simple and easy to clean. Others like their history, while others prefer the appearance and feel of semi-autos. As a result, speedloaders are more popular today than ever.

Speedloaders can be used by anyone who likes to shoot with a revolver. Speedloaders are great for competition shooters looking to gain an edge when hunting for trophies. They are great for plinkers looking to carry an extra 10 shots in a speedloader pouch. They're great for keeping your focus and shooting as much as possible on the lane.



Additional Information

How does revolver speed loader work?

Modern revolver circular speedloader can hold a full cylinder of cartridges insecure fashion. The cartridges are spaced in a circular arrangement to drop into the cylinder simultaneously (although some non-circular types like half-moon clips are also prevalent).

Is a revolver speed loader a clip?

Speedloader/Speed Loader: These are an entirely different type of device and should not be confused with moon clips. These are entirely acceptable for characters loading revolvers. The speedloader is not inserted into the revolver.

Are speed loaders reusable?

A mechanism allows the speed loader to open the cartridges once the revolver has been loaded. This allows cartridges to be properly stored within the cylinder. Six cartridges can be held by a strip of plastic made from neoprene. It can be re-used.

Do revolvers need to be reloaded?

Two major components are required for practicing fire continuity and keeping the gun full. First, stages should be included in the training sessions. These stages should consist of a Reload, and an officer should learn how to reload the revolver with dummy rounds.

Do revolvers use clips or mags?

While revolvers cylinders cannot be considered magazines, they may use clip-in slightly different from rifles. Half-moon clips are usually chambered in 9mm or 9mm automatic pistol cartridges. 45 Auto.