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The Best

Rifle Scope Covers

Butler Creek Tini-Bikini Pistol Scope Cover
  • TIGHT dustproof, moisture proof seal
  • Ideal for storage, Transport and field Use
  • Fits riflescopes with objective bells
  • Please watch related video for instruction on sizing

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What is the Best Rifle Scope Cover?

Rifle Scope Covers are a great way to protect your Rifles from being scratched or dented. When storing or transporting a rifle, the scope will often get damaged from handling, bumps, or falls. This can result in the scope getting slightly off-center, making it difficult to align when you look through the viewing angle or causing it to be slightly off target. All of these can lead to poor shooting and less accuracy than you might otherwise expect.

A popular type of Rifle Scope Covers is the multi-piece design which provides easy on-and-off use for the rifle scope with a simple snap on/off design. These are usually available in several different sizes and colors to allow the user to easily match the cover's color scheme to the rest of the rifle's cover. This easy on-and-off design makes it perfect for easy storage and transport.

Other common types of Rifle Scope Covers are made from heavy-duty polycarbonate and are designed to be rugged. These are ideal for use outdoors where there may be times when the scope could be exposed to the elements. The multi-piece design is an excellent solution because it provides a secure, lightweight application and yet provides the user with the quick snap-on/snap-off ability needed. Some models have a small lip on the bottom, which provides added protection as well. These can be available in different sizes but generally are available in an overall length of around three to four inches.

Rifle Scope Covers also provide the same easy on-and-off functionality but are explicitly designed to work with all calibers of riflescopes. These types of covers give the user quick and straightforward snap-on and snap-off capabilities of the larger models, but with the added protection of having a lip around the outside diameter. This allows the user to flip open the lip and remove the scope and instantly eliminate all the wind resistance and internal wear that may be occurring on the inside of the scope. Because of the added security of having the lip secured, these covers generally offer an additional two inches of outside diameter so that even with the larger caliber rifle being fired, the scope can be held securely in place and still maintain optimal performance. In the unlikely event that the scope becomes damaged due to an impact or other means, these models make for an excellent solution since the broken glass is out of the scope and will not impede the user in any way.

Another popular type of Rifle Scope Covers is those which are created to be more lightweight and less bulky in appearance and be more streamlined and allow for easier removal. While traditional Scope Covers do their job and do what a scope needs to do to protect the lens and optics from damage, the newer, more compact designs have been designed to allow users to utilize all the same ports and adjust capabilities that they would find on the larger models without adding additional bulk to the gun. This includes a removable rubber scope ring, which provides an easy changing tension and cleaning the gun. In addition, some Covers are made to protect the entire scope assembly, including the rubber rings and rubber scope ring gaskets, from dirt and dust while still allowing the user to control where the reticle lies on the target fully. The ability to quickly and easily transition between various reticles is important to most hunters, especially when moving between different shots, but having the ability to do this while still retaining the ability to adjust the scope is critical to the successful use of a rifle scope.

For users who prefer to use a sling mount instead of a dedicated scope mounted on the end of the rifle, Ballistic Collapsible Covers will provide a high level of protection at the lowest cost. This type of cover has a padded backing and comes with a rubberized sleeve that will prevent the scope from coming loose and adds a little bit of weight to the rifle to remain comfortable while being transported. Once the rifle is on the person, the cover will keep it protected until needed while providing a lightweight surface to align the crosshairs on the target.

Some users report that they find the elastic, Velcro-like backs of these Covers to be highly effective in securing the mount in place. They can be adjusted for just about any desired degree of movement but may restrict some users from using them while hunting as the elastic tension may be too strong to handle. The extra weight, however, may make it more difficult to carry. The adjustable elastic tension, but users report that the most effective models do not have this feature. Many users also say that the Covers can become utterly useless if not properly used, as they are often prone to becoming loose.

The best models will fit snugly against the scopes but will have a very slight amount of wiggle room to allow for the most comfortable setup. Some users find that the cover can become completely dislodged if the elastic is too loose, causing frustration during shooting. Even though the most expensive Rubber Rifle Scope Covers do not offer the best fit and design, those provide an extremely comfortable fit and design, allowing for a much more stable hold on the rifle.