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Rmr Sight

UTG Super Slim RMR Mount, for Glock Rear Sight Dovetail
  • Precision CNC Machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum with a...
  • Low profile 0.157 inch saddle height positions RMR as low as...
  • Utilizes locking Torn screws and dovetail insert for a...
  • Includes installation hardware and tools for a user friendly...

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RMR Sight 

The RMR Sight has taken the airwaves by storm. You see them on television frequently and in magazines and newspapers everywhere. But how did they get there? What's their secret? Why are they so popular?

First of all, let me tell you that they are not a rifle, and neither are they a mini red dot sight. They are two completely different products. However, the manufacturer has spent considerable time and research to develop a durable optic system that does both.

RMR Sight is a compact, lightweight, red optic that is perfect for just about any situation. The rateurs and the pros alike will find something useful for them. This is one product that delivers what it promises. The military might feel obliged to use something similar to the RMR Sight for those who know anything about optics. But, for the average Joe, it is easy to understand why this revolutionary product is such a hit with consumers.

First, it has been designed to make rapid target acquisition possible for the user. Even though it is a red dot sight, it is unlike any scope you've ever seen. It does not have a reticle. Instead, it has a very thick and sturdy forged aluminum housing with a spring-loaded push-button for target acquisition. It is this strength that contributes to its reliability.

This strength and reliability also allow the RMR Sight to be easily mounted on many firearm styles. You can mount it on a host of Rugged Rifle-style firearms such as the M1A and M16A4, the standard Cylinder, Remington, shotguns, and even the newer Bushmaster model line firearms. In fact, the forged aluminum housing is so robust that the RMR Sight can even be used on fully automatic weapons.

Second, the RMR Sight is equipped with a night reticle color that is exceptionally bright and vivid. It offers a red/green dual-color night vision setting highly recommended by military and police experts. The night vision is unrivaled for the fact that it can be activated even in total darkness. So, no matter if you are hunting, shooting, camping, or duck hunting, you will always be able to see your target.

Third, the RMR Sight has easy-to-use, self-cleaning, fully multi-coated, multi-Huttle, fully movable, user-friendly, fully adjustable remote controls. In addition to this, it has a built-in battery charger and charging system. The charging system is so powerful; it can charge an average cell phone for over one hundred hours. Also, the RMR Sight offers users a charging cable with a charging base that offers users forty minutes of battery life.

Finally, the RMR Sight has a Trijicon lithium battery that offers users thirty minutes of full charge time. With this, you do not need to worry about getting your weapon either when camping or hunting. The lithium battery power gives users a full three days of use, including evening use. And lastly, the RMR Sight has a total price of around ninety US dollars, including the rifle, holster, and belt.

RMR Sight consists of a moa dot reticle, a red dot reticle, and a dual-layered green eye pad. It is made from a rugged heavy-weight aluminum frame that is finished with a high-gloss black laminated finish. The RMR Sight is an easy-to-use, self-cleaning, fully multi-coated, fully movable, red dot, fully transferable, red dot, tripod mountable, and fully adjusted semi-automatic, manual, fully automatic, red dot, lithium battery, and tripod mountable. This is why it is commonly used for military, law enforcement, target shooting, and deer hunting applications.

The RMR Sight also has a three-position kill release, enabling the operator to choose between a traditional, non-lethal shooting mode and a lethal one. It comes with an eight-power LED with an optional forward grip model for easy aiming. It is equipped with a two-year warranty and comes in a black or green eye pad, making it compatible with most goggles and masks. Some models of the RMR Sight are two items: a fully multi-coated, Ruggedized Mini Reflex Sight with a spring-loaded kill release and a traditional reflex sight with an around Aiming System and a front blade shield. This is why it is commonly used for training purposes in the military and hunters in the outdoors.

The RMR Sight reticles are made with a high-gloss black matte rubberized finish for long-lasting durability, and they are available with optional red dot models. They also come with a removable protective shield for easy cleaning, a multi-bright LED with a two-year warranty, and a D.C. adjustable optic lens. The rear blade is also flexible. Models can be ordered online or at any firearm dealer.