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The Best Rocky Tactical Boots

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Rank 2
Rocky Men's RY008 Military and Tactical Boot, Black, 9 M US
  • Dual Performance Material Upper With Polishable Toe Section
  • Water-Resistant and Fast Drying Materials
  • Ventilation Holes On Outer Sides Promote Breathability
  • Speed Lacing System With Nato Hooks
  • Sturdy 550 Grade Nylon Cord Laces
Rank 4
Rocky Men's RKC042 Military and Tactical Boot, Coyote Brown,...
  • Fully Compliant With: DA Pam 670-1 (Dated 31 Mar 2014)
  • Leather and Cordura Combination Upper
  • Removable Rocky Airport Comfort Insole
  • Aggressive Multi-Directional Rubber Outsole
  • Rubber Midsole
Rank 5
Rocky Men's RKC053 Military and Tactical Boot, Coyote Brown,...
  • Approved For Wear With All Applicable OCP Variations
  • Uniform Compliant (DA Pam 670-1 Date 1 JUL 15)
  • ASTM F2413 Protective Toe Classification
  • Flash- and Water-Resistant Leather
  • Wicking Dri-Lex Lining and Stretch Lycra Tongues Hug Feet...

Buyer's Guide

Rocky Tactical Boots

Rocky Tactical Boots was founded by a pair of United States Marine Corps officers. The two officers, who happened to be from the same town, came up with a unique idea: build quality work boots for active duty personnel. They started their business in response to high-quality and affordable Ugg Boots, so they thought nothing of turning their ideas into a business. In short, they built boots to last - plain and simple.

Today, Rocky Tactical Boots is known for its line of military-style ankle boots, which have helped many men, women, and children make it on the US Military. In fact, the company is so popular with US military personnel that it ships soldiers' needs to their home base. As such, the business now ships parts and accessories to all branches. Here's a quick peek at Rocky Tactical Boots' history and mission statement:

Built tough, get combat ready - that's what the original goals of Rocky Tactical Boots were, to ensure that soldiers had the best possible footwear for their feet. Originally, the company developed a series of quick-reaction military boots, designed with high-performance material and cutting-edge technology. Today, you'll find these boots everywhere, making them one of the most recognizable names in the world of sports apparel.

Rocky Boots has an astounding line of ankle boots, both light-weight and comfortable, designed with modern technology in mind. Their specialty designs include things like ghillie suits, desert boots, utility casual boots, and more. So whether you need boots for climbing or working out, you can find a pair that will work for you and your needs. And if you're a hunter looking for great selection in camouflage hunting, Rocky Tactical has some great choices as well.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for military boots. First, you want a boot with excellent lacing and sealing, so that the high-performance material stays as soft and comfortable as it does on the feet. Second, you need boots that have good traction. And third, you need boots that can withstand water resistance. Here's a closer look at each of these, with a quick look at Rocky Tactical Boots' lineup of waterproof, rugged, low-water military boots.

Rocky Tactical Boots' line of combat boots top 3 in waterproofing. They feature a patented, triple-stitched construction for durability, and an advanced elasticated seam design for a snug fit and ultimate dry, odor-free protection. For added dryness, they use a patented wet-wiping system that also damps down. They use a specially designed tongue, which is able to wick away moisture from the inside of your shoes, while still letting breath to circulate.

For dryness, Rocky Tactical Boots use a special midsole called the GORE-TEX+ sieve technology circulates air in and air out, keeping your feet dry and comfortable even in extreme conditions. The outer layer of the midsole is made from GORE-TEX, a material that is able to absorb large amounts of moisture. This prevents your feet from getting overheated while you're walking in severe weather. The inner lining, made of polypropylene, also works to wick away moisture. These boots are great for people who love hiking, because they don't collect sweat like many others do. When you are out in the elements, your feet stay dry and cool.

In addition to being super comfortable, the Rocky Tactical Boots line also has some unique features that other brands don't have. The inner drainage ports allow your foot to breathe, which keeps your feet from becoming too hot while you're walking in heavy rain or when you're going through heavy water. Because the boots allow you to go amphibious, you can walk through ponds and rivers, because both the GORE-TEX+ sieving technology and the removable midsole let wet conditions bog down your steps.