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Ruger 57 Holster

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Buyer's Guide: Ruger 57 Holster

Ruger IWB - Is It The Right Holster For You?

Rugerifles have come a long way in both appearance and function. There is such a wide variety of Ruger rifles that Ruger has decided to make a dedicated holsters for each one. Holsters are designed to fit your favorite Ruger-57 just right. Every inch of the handgun is transferred to computer numerical models and molded to your particular Ruger rifle. You will find a Ruger-57 holster that matches like a glove.

There are three types of Ruger IWB's currently available. Ruger has two styles; one is a front-carry model which mounts on your belt, the second is a vertical carry model that is clipped to your pants. To save more space in your drawstring pants, or for less worry about printing the date, I would suggest going with the vertical iwb. When you decide which one you want to purchase, you can easily go online to the Ruger website and download a few free carrying templates or download one of the free holster models that they provide.

If you would prefer to shop offline you can visit your local gun store or sporting goods outlet to look at the various models of Ruger firearms. The Ruger website also has several models, although they are not the most recent releases. For a full selection of Ruger's lineup of holsters click on the link below. When shopping for a Ruger IWB, don't forget to check for compatibility between different models. You may need to order an adapter if your handgun will not fit into the old style holster that you currently have.

If you are not familiar with Ruger's low ride handgun, you should be. A Ruger low ride holster allows a man with a medium build to wear a Ruger straight through the waistband with the belt tucked behind his back. Even though the low ride model is only six inches long, it creates a strong and impressive presence, letting you easily draw the Ruger in and out of most waistband positions. This extra concealment can be useful in many situations including work and self-defense training. So whether you plan to carry a Ruger ever day or to shoot it in a concealed carry position at night, you will still be able to benefit from a Ruger low ride holster.

Another option available when selecting a holster for your Ruger, IWB holsters are also available in both standard and metric measurements. If you are looking for a more universal holster, or one designed for use with a different brand of Ruger firearm, the standard measurements can generally be used for comparison. However, the metric measurements are more accurate and give you a better understanding of how your particular model measures up to other models.

Ruger's sub-assembly line of handguns include models made from both stainless steel and aluminum. Some of their older models utilize slide-type slides, while newer models employ masonry plugs or "block" slides to prevent interference with other handgun parts. Regardless of which type of slide is used, Ruger has created a solid design with an excellent track record. Many gun enthusiasts prefer to purchase a Ruger, as it provides an affordable yet reliable means to carry a pistol. A Ruger IWB holster allows a man with a medium build to also wear a Ruger straight through the waistband with the belt tucked behind his back.

The Ruger is one of the least expensive pistol models on the market today, making it a popular choice for most consumers. If you have never purchased a full-sized handgun before, or if you suffer from finger fatigue after shooting several pistol brands, the Ruger may be the right choice. Its lightweight and ergonomic design makes carrying a Ruger a comfortable and safe experience. For a pistol enthusiast who wants to own a high quality handgun but doesn't want to pay a premium price, the Ruger is the gun for them.