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Ruger Lc9 Lasermax Holster

2000912 DeSantis RH black Mini Scabbard Holster-Ruger LC9...
  • Item Package Dimensions: 20.573 L X 20.828 W X 3.555 H (Cm)
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Weight: 0.3 Pounds
  • Country Of Origin: China

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Ruger Lc9 Lasermax Holster

Ruger has developed a new high quality Ruger Lc9 Lasermax Holster to compliment the current range of Rugerifles. The Ruger Lc9 Lasermax Holster was designed for easy access of your handgun, while still being able to be comfortably concealed within your waistband. This revolutionary holster keeps your handgun safely tucked away and out of sight, while keeping it secure. It has been designed with the Ruger "tennis shoe" design, which is designed to slip over the top of your pants, while remaining unobtrusively hidden.

The lasermax centerfire laser, located on the top of the Lc9 holsters, is the main feature of this new revolutionary holster. The lasermax centerfire will quickly and accurately shoot a rubber band at the base of your gun, which effectively breaks the connection between the laser sight and the trigger, allowing your handgun to be easily and quickly moved without interruption. This process is instantaneous and does not interrupt your shooting. The patented tension system on the Ruger Lc9 holsters is designed to keep the laser sight from getting "hot" during actual firing. A red laser sight reticle appears when the laser is at the appropriate angle, making it extremely easy to use.

The other revolutionary feature of the Ruger Lc9 Lasermax Holster is its advanced dual side-mounted grip which accommodates both, the red laser sight and the dual side-charging handle. This allows you to utilize both hands for controlling your handgun. The dual-sided grip has been developed with ergonomic, safety-conscious in mind, while still offering Ruger owners the ability to use both hands for controlling their rifles. The Ruger "tennis shoe" design is a key component in this important design.

The company is not finished with the lasermax centerfire laser sight. Currently, the Ruger Lasermax holsters also feature the Ruger Lc9 Stylus, which provides the same comfort and ease of use as the standard Ruger Lc9 holsters, while adding a comfortable 2" front strap and 5.25" belt clip or pouch. Additionally, the Ruger Lasermax line also features an optional Ruger pistol grip. For added comfort and convenience, many models include an accessory called the Ruger Pro Panel, which includes a protective sheet that installs on top of the grip and provides two rows of attachment holes for attachment of accessories including a laser pointer.

The laser, optic and fiber optic sights work together with the Ruger Lc9 holsters to provide a strong foundation for the pistol. The front sight is adjustable for windage. For fast and accurate shooting, the fiber optic sights will remain clear until they have an opportunity to focus on the target. The laser is also adjustable for elevation and has an eye relief to accommodate the highest grades of accuracy. To eliminate fatigue, Ruger has designed the Ruger Lc9 holsters with vented rubber padding on the inside of the holster.

The Ruger Lc9s are featured in Ruger's original video series, "You got Laser." The lasermax centerfire laser is featured on all Ruger Lc9s, except for the EC9s. This was a requirement by Ruger because of the difficulty in seeing at close range with the red laser, even at the distances utilized in training with a real gun. The Ruger lasermax centerfire laser is built on a solid platform of high-tech, precision engineering. When coupled with the patented Ruger Lc9 holsters, it is an unbeatable combination for shooting enthusiasts.

When viewed on television, it appears that the laser holster has an extremely futuristic appearance. In reality, the company based in Plano, Texas manufactures holsters with a modern appeal. Both leather and synthetic urethane are used in the production of Ruger's laser holster, making the holster itself a stylish piece of modern art. Leather and synthetic urethane covers offer many options in color and design and are often available in a myriad of colors, allowing the customer to personalize his or her personal laser holster.

For the ultimate in concealment, Ruger offers three models of the Ruger Lc9s lasermax centerfire laser Ruger Lc9, Ruger Lc9s, and Ruger Lc9s ec9s. The ec9s models offer an extremely compact design that utilizes the most advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest possible stability and performance. The Lc 9s model provides an extremely powerful output of laser, allowing for faster and more accurate target acquisition. It can fire hundreds of continuous hours of high-energy laser ranging, giving Ruger's laserharms a truly excellent level of durability. While many laserharms out on the market fail to meet the required performance levels, Ruger's lasers allow for continued service and a significant cost savings over the life of the gun.