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Ruger Lcp Ankle Holsters

Galco Ankle Lite/Ankle Holster for Ruger LCP, KelTec P3AT,...
  • Package height :6.858 cm
  • Package length :32.004 cm
  • Package width :13.97 cm
  • Package weight :0.3 lbs

Buyer's Guide: Ruger Lcp Ankle Holsters

Ruger LCP Ankle Holsters - Tips on Purchasing the Best LCP Ankle Holsters

Ruger LCP Ankle Holsters have been designed with the concealed carry and the open carrier in mind. The LCP (lined carbon composite) material is designed to keep your handgun securely in place without the additional bulk of traditional leather gun holsters. The open weave, or twill, of the material allows for flexibility of the material allowing for a more comfortable fit, but still allowing for movement of your paddle or thumb break. These unique gun holsters offer users two options in which to hold their handguns. There are some models that are made of leather, but are available in a stretchy neoprene version for use when traveling in more cooler climates.

Ruger has made a unique product with the LCP (lined carbon composite). It is a tight fit full length ankle holster designed specifically for the Ruger LCP (lined carbon composite) series of guns. One of the unique features of the LCP (lined carbon composite) material is the ability to be dyed any color that you choose for your personal preference. In addition to being able to dye it any color you desire, you can also get it in camouflage. Ruger has developed a great gun that will blend in with any situation and compliment your everyday wardrobe. This makes the Ruger LCP Ankle Holster one of the most popular and sought after gun accessories on the market today.

Some of the best LCP Ankle Holsters that are available are the "Ruger Standard", "Ruger Defiant", and "Ruger Mallet". All three of these models are manufactured with the same materials as the standard model. The difference between the three variations is the material used in the elastic knitted lining that extends from the waistband to the base of the gun. The Ruger Standard Ankle Holster has an elastic knitted band stretching from the waistband to the base of the gun that is secured by Velcro. While this model offers the best overall flexibility, it does sacrifice the security of the gun's belt.

The "Ruger Defiant" model is another variation of the LCP Ankle Holster that differs in that it uses a snap closure instead of Velcro. This model uses a sheepskin lining which adds a little extra warmth to the product, but it does have a snap closure which can be a little more secure. This model also offers the same versatility that the Standard model offers. It offers the same sheepskin lining and snap closure but the product does not offer the same security of the Standard model. However, it does have the same comfort that is associated with the product.

The "Ruger Mallet" is a unique variation on the standard LCP Ankle Holster. This model has a neoprene wrist piece that goes over the end of the gun's buttstock. This neoprene wrist piece can be adjusted for either a medium or an ultra-light setup. Since it is neoprene, it offers a superior fit and it does not retain water well, so it may not be the best lcp ankle holsters for you if you enjoy taking showers with your guns at hand.

The "Ruger Defiant Plaid" is another product that can be found online and in your local stores that is similar to the "Mallet". The difference is that it has a sheepskin lining that is stretched around the entire length of the ankle holster. This gives it a little more versatility as there are more ways to wear it. The adjustable elastic band that goes over the end of the gun can be adjusted up or down for a comfortable fit. The product also offers the same versatility as the Mallet.

Ruger LCP Ankle Holsters are available for both Ruger Models 28 Ruger and 22 Ruger. The adjustable elastic bands go over either the butt or the mid-section of the leg. The best l cp ankle holsters go over the entire leg, but keep in mind that they may not work well for those who have extra long legs. Some people might opt to purchase Ruger LCP conversion kits that cover the butt, midsection, and ankle. These are also available online for a fair price.

The Ruger LCP conversion kit comes with an adjustable canteen which changes the angle on how the Holster rides, and how open it is. This makes it very comfortable to wear. You can order your Ruger LCP Ankle holster online through the company's website or by mail. I recommend ordering your Ruger LCP Ankle Holsters from the company's website because it is the best online source for your favorite ammunition and accessories!