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Ruger Lcp Iwb Holsters

Holster for Ruger LCP & LCP II Pistol with Underbarrel Laser...
  • Holster for LCP & LCP II with Laser Mounted on Gun
  • Redesigned for Lasers Fits Most Lasers That Do Not Extend...
  • This Holster is Designed for Underbarrel Lasers, Not Lights...
  • Offers Both Belt and Inside the Pants Wear

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Ruger LCP Iwb - Concealed Carry Holsters

Ruger LCP Iwb holsters are some of the most popular and comfortable to carry a handgun with. Many people carry their Ruger handgun in a traditional belt holster which can be uncomfortable and restrictive. For many years, the Ruger LCP holsters have been used by law enforcement personnel and other individuals who enjoy carrying a concealed handgun. This style of handgun holster was designed with the needs of the outside-the-garment hunter in mind.

Ruger has retained the fundamentals of the old style Ruger pistol and added an option in its newer LCP Iwb holsters. They include the patented Ruger Oven, a one-handed opening drawer that accepts either an extra shoulder strap or a standard belt clip. This enables one to draw and fire the gun without having to remove the holster and belt, an option not available on Ruger traditional belt holsters.

There are several differences between this newer model and the older RHC line. The Iwb includes a much wider pistol grip than the RHC lines, accommodating both the heavier handguns as well as a larger selection of ammunition. For an even greater carrying comfort, the Iwb also includes a padded draw handle. One of the greatest advantages of having a handgun holster is that it can help prevent accidental discharges. However, Ruger has addressed this concern by making the OWB a one-hand opening affair.

The pistol grip on the Iwb is made of textured rubber and is compatible with most accessory kits including sights, lasers, and tactical clips. The comfortable leather overholstery is designed specifically for long hours of shooting comfort while still providing a sufficient amount of lateral support. Also available in all black, the Iwb comes standard with a front sight only, but can be ordered with a laser and tactical clip assembly for a slightly higher cost. The leather on the accessory kit includes an olefin back strap and a snap tension lock mechanism. The overall comfort level is high and well worth the price, especially when considering that most gun owners won't even use all the features available on the Iwb.

Ruger has also developed a quality clip that attaches to the top of the firearm. The Ruger LCP Iwb with its trigger guard attachment includes four separate positions, giving the shooter several different positions for their finger to reach the gun. This feature allows for an easy, effortless, and comfortable access to the gun when wearing any of the optional IWB accessory kits that include a comfortable carrying handle and an olefin front strap. In addition, all Ruger firearms will accept most any aftermarket accessory kit including universal studs, universal triggers, and accessory mounts.

Ruger has produced a variety of single holsters designed to be worn either as a pistol or as a long gun. The Ruger LCP Iwb with its one-holstery design is designed to be worn either in an open position, or with the pistol rested in an open position. A one-holstery design allows for a fast draw and easy reholstering of the handgun. The holster slips on quickly and easily, regardless of which position the gun is held in. This simple and effective addition makes the LCP Iwb a great addition to any personal security system.

Ruger has not overlooked the smallest weapon in its selection of lightweight pistol models. The Ruger LCP Iwb offers a low profile design that provides quick access to the pistol's storage compartment. This model is the perfect companion to the Ruger LCP pistol as both are available in an ultra-comfortable leather paddlelock design. With an overall length of eleven inches, the overall size of the LCP Iwb is very similar to most other ultra-lightweight pistols. The overall size of the LCP Iwb is what makes it such a popular choice among those who prefer concealed carry over open carry; it fits snuggly within the belt yet provides a measure of protection and leverage when required.

All Ruger models include a one-piece strap assembly including a tension strap and magnetic latch to hold the holster securely in place. This one-piece assembly is designed to be extremely comfortable for an extended period of time. Many of the models include a variable fit belt hanger that includes an anti-static charge to help alleviate any potential electro-magnetic interferences. The adjustable canteen belt provides an ultra-wide fit with either front or rear canteen openings that can accommodate a wide variety of handguns. The canteen is designed to be opened at the front or rear of the belt to accommodate a wide range of pistol styles. Ruger LCP Iwb holsters are designed to provide an extremely durable and reliable transport system, and can even be worn on their own if desired.