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Ruger Sp101 Holster

BIANCHI #6 Waistband Holster, Left Hand, SZ01, Charter Arms...
  • Inside waistband, hi-ride, strong side or cross draw
  • Double stitched for strength an durability
  • Heavy duty spring-steel belt clip for reliable security;...
  • Open Muzzle

Buyer's Guide: Ruger Sp101 Holster

Ruger Sp101 Holster

It can be fairly easy to locate a Ruger Sp101 holster, but not the easiest thing to discover a Ruger Sp101 double holster. Ruger has three different line of holsters: Old West, plains, and classic. If you're looking for a double pistol holster, you need to examine the SP 101 holsters as they have been designed to work in a completely different manner. Classic Ruger holster is created to fit the old style pistol handgrip.

To make a simple comparison, consider Ruger's other concealed carry products. The company has two other high end lines, namely the Spcomm Tactical and Spookies. Both are designed to work with Ruger firearms, which were manufactured by Ruger until a couple of years ago. However, if you're looking for a Ruger Sp101 holster you would need to examine the Spool Holster, which is designed to work with Ruger's double port model of pistol. It is created to function as a traditional belt holster, which will work with either an OBB or IBB model of handgun.

Spool holsters are available in both closed and open retention. This type of holster allows you to choose to open the retention, or keep your handgun safely inside the holster. In close retention the gun is held in place until you are ready to draw it, and is great for fast action movies, or for people who typically like to prepare a gun in their hands before an important presentation. Ruger calls this " Concealed Carry 1" model. The open model offers more room for paperwork, and will work well for everyday applications.

A Ruger Sp101 Double Port model will allow the user to choose between a traditional leather belt pouch, or a leather retention shell. When the gun is not being used, the retention shell can be removed and worn on the outside of the waist band. This provides easy access to the handgun. The leather pouch is also easily accessible for storage, while the shell is kept on the back of the waist band. If you choose to purchase the pouch separately from the holster it will be located by the side of the front sight.

The Ruger Sp101 also has a drop leg that attaches to the bottom of the paddle, and will hold the handgun in place when the paddle is not being used. The bottom should be lined with soft material, to avoid discomfort, while the paddle itself can be used to carry other items, such as newspapers, pens, or other personal belongings. The drop leg can be adjusted to any desired length. With its two positions, it is perfect for carrying the gun on the belt with both hands, or placed behind the shooting hand, for quick draw operation.

In addition to the standard leather holster models, there are also models available that feature the Ruger Rapid Loader. The Rapid Loader is a folding knife that features an easily loaded blade and a thumb break. When the blade is not in use, it folds back into the handle and fits behind the paddle easily. The thumb break on the knife allows the gun to be placed on the ground, or within reach of the fingertips for rapid, simultaneous action with the shooting hand, which also offers a tactical advantage.

The Galco Gunleather Speed Paddle Holster attaches to the user via a metal clip that attaches to the back of the waistband. The clip is designed to release easily, while the metal clip helps to hold it in place until you are ready to use it. A small metal clip helps to keep the holster from moving around when you are wearing it, and allows the user to get a firm grip on the holster. It is designed to accommodate a standard belt size, and includes the Ruger logo imprinted on the belt itself.

For more choices in a Ruger holster, check out the online selection at Cabela's. This website specializes in high-end gun holsters and other sporting supplies. You can find the Ruger Sp101 Holster, as well as other models, at discount prices when you buy them in bulk. With online shopping, you can also save money on shipping by shopping from specific web sites that sell specific items. No matter what model you choose, you can be sure that you have the right handgun holster for your needs, and at the price you want.