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Ruger Vaquero Holster


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Ruger Vaquero Holster - Right Handed Vs Left Handed?

The Ruger Vaquero holster is a unique tool in the holster world. The concept behind this is that most holsters are designed so you can't just dump it in your pocket and carry it around with you. Most have some type of retention mechanism that "grabs" the gun out of your hand when you aren't carrying it. But the Ruger Vaquero, as the name suggests, has a "vajazzle" to it. When you want to have something attractive and eye-catching on your person at all times, then this is the one to go for.

One of the best things about Ruger's Vaquero holsters is that it doesn't have a traditional butt plate or a thumb break. Unlike most butt plates and thumb breaks on a handgun that I have seen, the Ruger vaquero holster has what is called an "extrasleeve." This is simply a piece of leather (or other material) that goes around the outside of the gun, preventing it from moving when you are in an upright position. In addition, the Ruger vaquero holster has a keypad located on its underside (which you will need to take particular note of) which allows you to select your special combination of six letters, numbers, or symbols that start off your sequence (for instance, if you are an ammunition collector, you could program your special combination of letters to start off your shooting series).

On the other hand, this isn't the only way in which this particular Ruger vaquero holster differs from typical holsters. While the Ruger vaquero holster does not have a thumb break, it has what is known as a "thumb slide." This means that instead of having six rows of metal guides that guide the fingers in order to hold onto the gun, there is only a single metal guide located on each side of the handgun. Instead of having two rows of metal guides to guide the fingers, there is only a single metal guide located on each side of the firearm. What this means is that the Ruger vaquero holster can be used with almost any type of handgun, with most variations being able to work with all handguns (including semi-automatics and automatics). This is why Ruger has become such a popular manufacturer (particularly in competitive markets) in the handgun market; they have designed their holsters (specifically the Ruger vaquero holster) so that it is very easy to use with nearly any type of handgun.

In addition to being extremely user friendly, one of the main differences between the Ruger vaquero holster and other similar designs is that it offers both positive and negative retention. Positive retention refers to how well the holster retains the handgun during an active shooting incident. Negative retention refers to how well the holster allows the firearm to fall out or get stuck during an active shooting situation. So, which is the best holster?

The answer is simple; it all depends on the user. Some people are right handed and some are left handed. A Ruger Vaquero holster will work for just about anybody as long as they are also a right handed person. However, if you are a left handed person and you pick a Ruger Vaquero holster that is designed with the pistol grip in the right hand (as opposed to the left hand), you run the risk of having the left hand "fall" out of the holster during the retention process. So, which is the best holster to buy?

To answer this question, we need to look at the different handgun retention methods. First, we have the traditional method of using the left hand to support the handgun; this includes placement of the gun in the front pocket of the dress shirt, right under the peep toe of the shoe, or even in the rear pocket, which is typically referred to as a "fanny pack." While this method of carrying a gun can be effective, it does have its downfalls, namely the accuracy factor and the possibility of accidentally shooting yourself in the foot or leg. Also, due to the size and shape of most Ruger Vaquero holsters, the likelihood of a fainting or falling is reduced significantly.

Next, there are the newer systems by Ruger including their Magniwear and Vaquero systems. These holsters are designed to work as outside wear in less than two inches of space. The attachment to the belt is accomplished using a nylon webbing belt that can be positioned through the entire waistband. Unlike the traditional holsters, these newer systems allow for the waistband to be positioned much closer to the body, thus eliminating the possibility of a "fainting" event, but increasing the possibility of proper retention.

In summary, while there may not be a large difference between the Ruger Vaquero holster models offered by the major manufacturers, it does boil down to one major factor: how you plan to use your Vaquero. If you plan on leaving it on your waistband all day (such as at a trucking job), the smaller models will work fine. If you plan on placing it on your belt all day (also in the car), the larger models such as the Magniwear will work better for you. For avid sportsmen, or those who enjoy left handedness, a Ruger Vaquero holster with a retention system such as the Magniwear is probably a good idea. To sum it up: While there may not be much difference between the basic models offered by Ruger, each individual model will offer you something a little different when it comes to retention and carrying methods.