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Ruger Wrangler Holster

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  • Fits S&W J Frame Revolvers 36 60 442 642 340PD
  • Fits Ruger LCR revolver
  • Leather Gun Holster_Crossdraw

Buyer's Guide: Ruger Wrangler Holster

Ruger Wrangler Holster - Offering Both Elegance and Function

Ruger Wrangler holsters have been a very popular choice of holsters for hunters in recent times. The Ruger Wrangler line of products is designed to work as a universal carrier for your handgun, including both semi-automatics and automatic pistols. With all the competition in Ruger's niche, it's no wonder that there are so many different types of holsters available for use. To make sure you're getting the most from your Ruger product, it's important to do some serious research before you part with any cash.

Ranging from leather to synthetic materials and even wood grain, the Ruger Wrangler has a little something for everyone. The original Ruger Holster, for example, was designed to accept an array of handgun accessories, including the pistol case and the cowboy paddle. You can even get a special edition Ruger Holster to customize your paddle if you want. It's made with a high quality leather, usually covered with a synthetic material.

If you need more features than just a holster for your handgun, there are also Ruger models with accessory pockets. Some of these pockets even have removable sections that can be used as additional storage areas for other items, like ammunition or tools. This type of holster has a pocket that attaches to your belt, and another that fits inside your thigh or waistband. It's designed to hold up to five handguns.

Another type of Ruger Holster is the western-style holster. Western-style holsters usually fit snugly against your pants leg, while also providing additional support for your torso. They are usually made of leather or rubberized material, and may have open or closed belt loops. This style of Ruger Holster can accept a number of different handgun accessories, including bullets or an assortment of accessories.

The Old West has always been a favorite hunting venue for many hunters. For this reason, you'll often see an Old West-themed Ruger Wrangler Holster available for sale. It's modeled after the original saddle blanket worn by pioneers in the west. With its low, slanted belt loop and two eyelets for attachment to your trousers leg, this Old West-themed holster is perfect for carrying a couple of 6-shooters. When you need to get out in the field, you can simply pull out your Ruger Wrangler Holster and take out your gun for a quick plink.

If you're in search of a high-riding model that allows for easy access to your pistol, then the Ruger Wrangler High-Ride model is the right fit for you. The open top design allows you to maintain a comfortable grip on your gun even while the top portion of the Holster slips down. This is particularly helpful if you have large hands and don't like having your hands cocked back at all during a self-defense situation. The open top is also designed to protect your gun from accidental firing. A heavy duty snap shut first aid pouch is included in the design to minimize the possibility of a cartridge belt snapping.

The Ruger Wrangler High-Ride model is constructed with both leather and high-density fiberglass. The high density fiberglass is used because of its abrasion and puncture resistance. Its leather counterpart is also a durable design. This particular style of holster is compatible with most Ruger firearms models.

If you're looking for a high-quality Ruger Holster, you might want to consider one of the premium steerhide options that are available. Premium steerhide will provide you with a comfortable, ergonomic fit while providing you with an affordable option that's also strong and functional. Available in western-style, cruiser, and tactical designs, this product is designed to be a versatile accessory. It's available in different colors to match your taste, so it's easy to find one that will work for you.