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Safariland Glock 17 Holster

Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Leg Holster, Black, Right Hand,...
  • ALS (Automatic Locking System) secures weapon once...
  • Low-Ride level
  • Simple Straight up Draw after deactivating the release
  • Standard double strap leg shroud with mounting holes for...

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A Comparison of a New Safariland Glocks and Other firearms Rental Companies

As a brand-new member of the Glock Group, Safariland carried its mission in the most unique way by introducing the new "17 Holster" for the ladies. This innovation was a response to the high cost and excessive size of most female holsters on the market. The result? A lighter, sleeker and more compact option that will definitely maximize your comfort while still adding value to your gun.

The innovative design comes in four pieces for ease of use and transportability. These four parts include the magazine, the paddle, the lanyard and the cap. This makes the process quick and simple when considering the shear amount of choice that is available to any woman looking to purchase a firearm. The entire product is designed to be put into a nylon or leather pouch which is then attached to the waistline using a small key chain. The unique shape of the pouch means that it can also be used as a carry bag.

For convenience and ease of assembly there are also instructions provided. If you feel you may need additional help, there is also an instructional video provided. The design is comfortable and snug around the waist. There is no need to remove the magazine because of the way the magazine fits inside. The unique positioning means that one does not have to worry about placing the gun upright for storage or transportation. The gun cannot be reached when in this position and is always kept securely within its location.

In terms of durability, there is no comparison to the Safariland Pouch. Every piece is made of superior grade 5 ballistic nylon which has been specifically developed to resist different handgun pressures. To ensure the durability of the pouches, they are treated with CCA certified stain resistant epoxy polymers. When the product arrives at my door, it comes complete with two D rings. This is standard with all my orders and is done in compliance with all Federal, State and Local laws. These rings provide added strength to the product as well as make it far easier to place your junior member in the holster.

As a further accommodation to those individuals that may have busy schedules, I have designed a number of different options that are available to accommodate varying needs. For those customers that prefer to use their firearm until they get a sufficient amount of time to travel to the range, my company provides the option to upgrade to my pistol holster that comes with a spring insert. The reason the spring insert is included is because it increases comfort and reliability for the junior member while they are waiting to receive their firearm.

In addition to this upgrade, my company also accommodates requests for color changes. For example, if a customer chooses to add a red dot sight to their firearm, it can be done very easily during the ordering process. During the joining process, the customer will provide me with a color swatch and a grip style that they prefer. Once the order is placed, my company will send out the red dot sight and any other customization instructions that need to be followed. Due to the fact that we receive many requests for these upgrades, we are always ready to assist our customers.

If you are interested in adding a custom touch to your firearm purchase, my company can assist you as well. During the joining process, my employees will also provide you with an opportunity to upgrade your firearm. In this case, you will receive a discount on the sm-g975u using tapatalk and your personal information will be kept secure. You will also receive the same warranty that you would receive if you were purchasing it directly from the manufacturer.

In conclusion, we believe that the new Safariland Glock 17 holsters provided by the firearms manufacturer are superior to those offered by other manufacturers. With the addition of a buffer front sight and a suppressor, the new product lines from Safariland Holsters are the next best thing in sporting accessory creation. If you are looking for a top of the line product that will last, this is the line for you. If you are still unsure, simply fire up your favorite hunting website and review the ratings for all our products. We are sure that you will find that our products are deserving of your patronage.