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Safariland Holsters

Safariland 6070UBL-2-2 Universal Belt Loop Holsters with 3...
  • Sets holster at Mid-Ride height
  • Does not pinch or add pressure to hip bone
  • Unique belt slide design locks on to duty belt with no...
  • Fits any Safariland holster with the 3-hole pattern, not...

Buyer's Guide: Safariland Holsters

Choosing an Ideal Tactical Holster for Duty

Safariland Holsters are designed for all different purposes, from the professional service of law-abiding citizens to the concealed carry of questionable individuals. The high quality and low cost of Safariland Holsters allow it to be an excellent value for money and the preferred choice of many professional gun owners. In addition, the range of selection means that you can be sure of getting a product which meets your needs exactly. A legitimate duty holster from Safariland will never let you down, no matter what you're looking for. Here we will examine some of the top characteristics of this unique product:

Duty Holsters have long been the choice of professional gun owners and security personnel, but they're just as appropriate for everyday use. The main benefit of concealed carry holsters is their ability to conceal a weapon in a manner that is suitable for the situation. While numerous options can be considered for any situation, Safariland designs have one clear advantage over the competition - they're manufactured explicitly for duty belts. As well as the security belt style available from other manufacturers, a duty belt Holster is also suitable for the concealment of a pistol. If you've ever casually carried a pistol without a belt, you'll understand the advantages of the ease with which it can be disassembled and stored. In addition, many shooters carry two separate duty belts for each handgun to ensure that if one breaks, the other can be used effectively.

One of the most significant benefits of any Safariland Holsters product is its customization. If you need a red dot sight for a personal protection system, you'll find an array of products with this capability. With a colored dye, the sights on these types of holsters can be easily distinguished from other types of duty gear. If you're interested in using your sidearm as a supplement for your work attire, the same dye laser correction is also available for the optics of your gun. No matter what function you require, Safariland products have it readily available. There's no need to invest in entirely different holsters for every need since you can easily change out the color of the dot and even customize the internal workings of the pistol to make it unique.

Another significant benefit of any of the Safariland Holsters products is their popularity among public safety officials. They are recognized as the leading supplier of high-quality tactical vests and other public safety apparel. This includes vests made by law enforcement agencies, including body armor. The company has even expanded into providing holster lines for concealed carry of nearly any type of firearm, including handguns, shotguns, and more.

By far, the most popular option available from Safariland Holsters is their belt-type duty belts. These are excellent solutions for both personal and professional use. Whether you need a belt for work, public safety, or holster, this line of products provides a unique solution with an existing, proven track record. You'll be happy to know that this manufacturer only uses the highest grade industrial Velcro straps, which prevent slippage and wear.

Safariland Duty Belts, also available in both belt-style and leather forms, have received many positive reviews. Most come standard with a mounting hole and a one-piece hook/eye design, which makes for easy attachment and quick removal, but may not offer adequate weapon retention. Many consumers find that this option isn't sufficient for their needs and may want to purchase additional retention holsters of a higher caliber. However, most of these products aren't too expensive and are well worth the extra investment.

Another popular type of Safariland Holsters is their Bodyguard series. Bodyguards are an exceptional choice for individuals who must transport firearms. These holsters employ various storage options, including hook & loop fasteners, attachment points for accessory attachment, and can even include a cantilever hitch. They're pretty effective and offer reliable installation and safe storage. Since they can be attached quickly and easily, they can be used for short-term projects such as an afternoon at the range and then quickly discarded when the gun is returned to the carrier.

Most people aren't interested in carrying around a large weapon like a pistol when it comes to defense and protection. The answer for these people is a high-quality tactical or duty holster. Many of these are manufactured in close cooperation with top security officials and are designed specifically for law enforcement or military personnel. In addition to being used by law enforcement and military personnel, these high quality, low profile, high-security holsters serve individuals and companies equally well. If you've never looked into these types of holsters before, you're sure to find one that's right for you!