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Safariland Level 3 Holster

Safariland, 6365, SLS/ALS, Level 3 Retention Duty Holster...
  • 6365-832-131: Fits Glock 17, 22, 31
  • Level 3 retention, Low-Ride sits just at the belt
  • ALS (Automatic Locking System) secures weapon once holstered
  • SLS (Self Locking System) Rotating Hood for protection...

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Level 3 Holster by Surefire - An Overview

If you are looking for a safe and secure way to carry your handgun, then the Safariland Level 3 Holster is the right choice. It has many features that will keep it legal in all 50 states. It has been designed by a large company in California. This is one of the best holsters on the market today.

The main features of the safariland level 3 holster include a high quality design, a comfortable fit, and the ability to use different attachments. The ability to use a pistol safe makes this a great option for those who live in the country or in a neighborhood with a very strict gun control policy. Also, this is the ideal choice for someone who might not be able to qualify for a concealed carry permit because his or her location does not meet the required guidelines. This holster offers a means to legally carry a firearm without anyone else knowing that it is there. In other words, you are completely protected at all times.

For instance, this is an ideal solution for someone who wants to use his or her belt buckle for additional holsters. This allows the gun owner to simply pull out the belt buckle and use that as a holster. In addition, it can be converted from a standard gun to a glock. These types of conversions are legal in most jurisdictions. The Safariland Level 3 Holster also has a lip feeder which makes it easy to add pepper sprays, oils, or ammunition.

It also has a retractable flap which allows quick access to the gun. The bottom of the flap will also have enough space for a person to easily insert a cartridge. Some models will also have an illuminated front sight as well as an illuminated rear sight. While the safety features on this model of the safariline glock gun can be found in other models, the Level 3 Holster is among the more popular models.

The Safariland Level 3 Holster incorporates a drop leg that attaches it to a belt using metal pins. It is important to note that the Safariland Level 3 Holster has a metal pin rather than a drop leg. A drop leg will result in the firearm being too heavy when carried over the top of your waist and will cause it to be too difficult to carry. However, the weight of this model is beneficial because it will allow an individual to quickly draw the firearm when it is needed. It is also convenient because the drop leg will secure the firearm even when it is being held in a low position on your hips.

One other benefit of using the Safariland Level 3 Holster is the fact that the pistol can be simultaneously held in two hands. In previous versions of these holsters, one hand would be held the gun while the other was free. This meant that an individual could not take the pistol with them if they needed to work or had other tasks that required them to use both their hands. This problem was solved by the addition of an additional clip. The new holster includes a magazine storage compartment that will accommodate additional ammunition and keeps the gun securely within reach at all times.

For those who are interested in owning a safe gun holster, the Level 3 Holster by Surefire is the only choice. The holster features a heavy duty clip that features an integrated magazine tray. The Surefire X200 leg holster includes an additional adjustable cantilever that helps to ensure that the firearm is held in the proper position. It is important to note that the leg holster includes a heavy duty leg bracket that is guaranteed to support the handgun at 100 yards.

The majority of manufacturers make their own custom made safari holsters, however there are several high quality manufacturers that make a variety of different holsters. The selection includes Level 3, Black Wolf, Cabela's, Buck's, Aimatech, J.C. Penney, and holster maker Vedan Defense Systems. If you are interested in buying a high quality, durable holster that provides the ultimate level of retention, the Safariland Level 3 Holster by Surefire may be the perfect choice.