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Safariland Paddle Holster

Safariland 4001179 568-53-411 Custom Fit Paddle & Belt Loop...
  • Made of highest quality material
  • Manufacturer: Safariland
  • Safariland 568-53-411 custom fit Paddle and belt loop Combo

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An Informative Review of Safariland Paddle Holster Models

If you're looking for a way to carry your gun in a discreet way while still keeping it legal, there's a new product that might be right for you - the Safariland Paddle Holster. This new gun holster is made out of high quality leather and comes with an elasticated flap in place of a handle, making it nearly impossible to steal. This innovative design also makes it comfortable to carry. The company has also done extensive testing to ensure that it will keep your gun securely in place without losing any of its features.

The company has received positive feedback from hundreds of consumers who have purchased several different models. In fact, many customers found that their previous paddle holster had lost one of its most important features - the trigger. But, the company has taken steps to remedy that problem by including an additional trigger safety. The new design also makes it easy for the gun to be reached using one hand while still maintaining full control. In addition, the latest model of Safariland Paddle Holster includes a leather paddle that makes it easy to clean.

While not everyone is a fan of the traditional paddle holsters, those that have tried fall in love with the ease and comfort that this newer design offers. The latest model of Safariland Paddle Holster includes an elasticated flap inside of the front flap, rather than a traditional handle, which makes it nearly impossible to pick up. If you worry about water retention, Safariland ensures that their products are specially made with a water resistant membrane in place of a traditional leather handle. Additionally, the holster is completely water resistant up to 500 feet with no concerns about fading or rotting.

For military and law enforcement personnel that constantly wear their weapon in a duty belt or under their tactical vest, the new flap design of the Safariland Paddle Holster is a welcome improvement. The previous models featured an elastic flap that folded over the metal clip, which often resulted in the holster becoming lose or even coming off entirely during a mission. Also, many law enforcement agencies require a canteen bag to be compatible with their belt, and the previous model lacked adequate room to accommodate these bags. However, most recent models of the Paddle Holster include an elasticated flap that is larger than the previous model, ensuring that it is securely held in place and will not slip around on your belt.

This new paddle model also has an improved canteen bag as well as improved belt loops. Unlike the previous models, the 6378 holster folds completely away when not in use, providing users with more space to carry their gear. The extra pouch can hold extra ammunition as well as other items needed during a mission. A small but efficient clip attaches behind the paddle, allowing it to easily connect to your belt.

Most of the time, the 6378 holster is available in an "odine" color, which some law enforcement personnel prefer for its concealment options. However, the newest model features a desert tan finish for those who prefer a bit more variety. For added durability, the company has developed a stainless steel lock mechanism that attaches the paddle to your belt through the use of a metal clip. This lock mechanism provides users with an extra layer of protection against unauthorized removal. The lock can be disabled and unlocked with a key provided by the manufacturer.

Some notable options included in the Paddle Holster models include the M3lt R black, which is equipped with a nickel finish, and the MRR Super Black, which has a polished silver finish. Both models include leather accents. For added versatility, each model includes a leather key chain. The patented Fast Draw Release system offers a rapid open and close on both paddle holsters, allowing quick access to your gun when you need it most. This innovative system also prevents accidental closing when the paddle is not completely released.

Despite the similarities between Safariland Paddle Holsters and other similar products, these unique leather pouches remain distinctly their own. The ease of use and superior craftsmanship associated with all Safariland Paddle Holsters makes them one of the best brands in the industry. Whether you're looking for a discreet, ankle visible holster or a traditional shoulder holster, Safariland Paddle Holsters has a model to meet your needs. Available in many local outlets, these trendy and convenient paddle holsters can be found for a reasonable price and are guaranteed to make any given day easier and more convenient.