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Scope Cam Mounts

Flat Top Offset One Piece QD Scope Mount with Quick Release...
  • Install in seconds with finger adjustable quick release cam...
  • Offset design for better eye relief position
  • Works with both 30mm and 1inch main tube rifle scopes

Buyer's Guide: Scope Cam Mounts

Scope Camera Mounts - How to Choose the Right One

If you are interested in purchasing a scope camera mount, you should know that there are two types of mounts for this fantastic piece of equipment. The two different types are known as universal and non-universal. When it comes to the scope mount itself, these two will have differences. This article will provide information on what each type is, how it works and what types of free scope camera mounts are available to consumers.

Universal Scope Camera Mounts-The universal scope cam mount will work with any telescope or monocular that has an adapter ring on one end. It will use this adapter to attach itself to your telescope or monocular. This is the most common type of free scope cam mount. These are usually the easiest to adjust if you are looking for a tighter or looser fit. Most people do not like how it looks because it is more of a stamp than anything else.

Bushnell Spotting Scopes-The Bushnell spotting scope is one of the best scope camera mount options on the market today. The best thing about this particular scope mount is that it is one of the easiest to adjust to your telescope or monocular. This is because you do not have to use the special locking mechanisms on most other scope camera mounts.

Senior Member Mounts-The senior member scope camera mount system, was designed to be used by military members that worked out of areas that would be too dangerous to bring their equipment regularly. This type of scope is similar to the universal style, but it is specially designed for use with military equipment. It has a specially designed join date that easily accommodates the dates on the military orders that tell it when to adjust its mounting to avoid damage to the equipment. Each of these senior member mount systems will come with a sixteen-inch mounting ring. On each side of this ring, there will be grooves to help hold the tube in place, and there are also ports for attaching pads or rings to protect the camera from moisture.

Universal Scope Camera Mounts-The universal scope camera mounts are probably the most common among scope customers. They work with almost all types of scopes, although they tend to be a little more expensive. These will have a join date that will accommodate most of the larger areas on the market. It will also have a collar over the camera to protect it from dirt, dust, or debris. There are often portholes on each side that allow you to attach pads or rings.

Stocking Options-The stock scope camera mounts are available in numerous colors and materials. The most common material is a black polycarbonate tube designed to withstand a lot of abuse and still look good. The tube will come with an anti-static coating that gives it a nice shine, but you must keep it away from metal objects to prevent tarnishing. Some also come with black fiberglass pads to protect the camera from moisture and dust. You can choose from various mount lengths, and there are usually several options for the join date.

Window Mounts (also known as spotting mounts) are mostly used when your optics sit behind a window. To attach these, you need to make sure the mount extends behind the window, and you then place the cam to the mounting base and angle it up through the window. There are usually one-way vision systems so that you won't get interference from either side. Spotting scope cameras are not recommended for use with spotting guns. However, if you're sitting behind your computer, then window mounts are a great option.

Eyepiece Mounts- These come in two varieties, the removable and the fixed. The fixed is a rotating mechanism that allows you to adjust the eyepiece. The removable will enable you to move the eyepiece up and down and generally rotate it in any direction you'd like.