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Scope Caps

Butler Creek Flip-Open Eyepiece Scope Cover, Size 09A...
  • Truly ambidextrous, silent spring hinges won't spook game
  • Instant action lids pop open at the touch of a thumb
  • Performs from- 40 to 120 Degrees F, weighs less than an...
  • Please watch related video for instruction on sizing

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What Are Scope Caps?

Scope Caps are important accessories for scopes. They do not only protect from the elements but also add beauty to the scope. Each pair comes with four color hoops and two adjustable caps. They are made of rigid, corrosion-resistant material and are designed to withstand constant exposure to outdoor elements. Black only comes on Scope Caps.

The color selection of the scope caps is the product's selling point. Black, white, and clear are the four primary colors that come on the market. You can buy combination color rings or get them in other colors like green or pink to add variety to color combinations. Scope Caps with Combination Colors & Rings is available for the Remington rifles scope and the Bushnell scopes.

Another feature of Scope Caps is that they will keep the rifle scope cover secure. When it comes to cleaning the rifle scope, you always have the question of where to put that cleaning tool. And cleaning tools often don't leave any room for movement, much less the trigger. So, if you use the same type of rifle scope cover and remove the scope when you need to clean the scope, you run the risk of the scope springing back out and hitting you in the face. This isn't a good thing when you are shooting.

All of the Bushnell scopes come with special black mid-range scope caps. This is a great addition for those hunters who hunt in the heavy cover during the nighttime. They can be used to secure the scope when shooting at night and still see through it to get a clear shot. These Bushnell scopes are available in the standard mid-range and the more specific ultra-compact or GMT line of scopes.

The biggest seller is, of course, the night force btrs. This is an airtight modular housing design that offers the hunter precision accuracy and durability. This is perfect for hunters who travel for their work and use a scope at night and the daytime. There is a lot of different models of nightforce btrs. Some of them have features like one-hand operation, fully anti-reflective finish and the ability to use the btr in a fully anti-reflective light environment. There is also a btr g2 56mm model that has a larger range and is suitable for heavier cartridges.

The GMT or the gray mass fiber material used to make these reticles are used on some of the better nightforce btrs. The materials used to manufacture these scopes are very tough and can resist extreme conditions in outdoor areas. The GMT material's main benefit is the high resistance to impact, weathering, and vibration. Some of the other benefits of using the GMT material are that it is lighter weight, making it easier to carry and easier to maintain.

Many benefits make using btrs a top consideration for hunters. For one, they provide exceptional clarity and crisp image transmission, and clear vision even at a distance. The fact that they are compact makes them easier to use when a hunter moves and does not want to take his eye off the scope.

Scopes with scope caps will not only increase the life of your btrs, but will protect them from moisture, dirt, abrasion, and rust. If you are new to airsoft, it is important to utilize quality scopes that professionals have tested. When shopping online, make sure to select a company that offers a warranty on their products. This will ensure that you get good service and products that are of the highest quality. When purchasing airsoft guns, you should buy from a company that has been in business for many years. This will ensure that you are buying from a company that has a solid reputation.