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Scope Coat

Scopecoat XP-6 Neoprene Scope Cover 6mm Night Force 19.5 in...
  • Full 6MM Neoprene protection for scope body and lense
  • Saddle cut accommodates tall / tactical turrets
  • Ultimate protection against dings, dust, dirt and scratches
  • Safe for storage, transport or use in the field

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What Types of Scope Coat Are Available?

Scope coatings are a vital component of any scope. The cones and steel hubs of the scope add stability to the item and help reduce impact damage. Scopes are used by hunters, military, and law enforcement professionals for a variety of purposes. Some are made for hunting, while others are used to increase weapon effectiveness or for surveillance. The ultimate goal for these items is to provide the user with the best product that offers the most excellent accuracy and durability. A scope coat is essential to any scope, no matter what the function.

Scope coatings come in two primary forms. There are solid coatings and strip coatings. The difference between the two is the type of material used. With a concrete coating, the coating is directly held to the front end of the scope. This provides greater accuracy than the strip coating as it has a backing and can thus withstand being pressed against the target.

Slide coatings are made of melamine, which is also used to make window panes and windows. These coatings are semi-transparent and offer a little more flexibility than their solid counterparts. They are easy to install and apply but may rust over time. These are best suited for indoor use only and are often found on pistol scopes as well.

Steel coatings are most commonly used on sniper scopes and similar items that need to withstand long-range shots. The steel coating provides a strong barrier between the scope and the target and, as a result, is much more durable than the plastic and melamine alternatives. While these coatings are more expensive than the other types, the extra expense pays off with longer life. Also, steel may be easier to repair should it become damaged.

Scope coatings also vary depending on the purpose of the item. For example, they can be designed to resist the corrosive effects of saltwater and corrosion, so you won't have to worry about your expensive optics falling apart after sitting in the sun for a few days. If you need to clean the scope, you have to take it apart and wash it down with a hose. Typically, the scope will be acceptable enough to be cleaned without using any cleaning fluids.

Soft coatings are generally made from synthetic materials, such as rubber and plastic. They offer the same protection as hard coatings but are less noticeable and less intrusive. These are available for gas and electric models and can usually be bought in bulk to save money. They do have the benefit of being incredibly lightweight, even when compared to other types of coatings. This makes them perfect for use in high-profile firearms.

Hard coatings are typically made from materials such as aluminum and brass, which offer superior protection against scratches and corrosion. These can be highly effective for outdoor use, but because they are still metal, they tend to collect debris easily and are not great choices for indoor use where things might get a little dirty. They are also relatively expensive but often worth the extra expense for hunters who need high-end protection for their expensive rifles. Because these are harder to hide away in the rain, they tend to have a little more weight than softer varieties of coatings. Some hard coatings can even be customized to include grooves and patterns for added impact.

Scope coatings are an essential part of getting the most out of your scope. It's necessary to purchase the best possible type to protect your investment and extend the life of the scope mount itself. It's easy to find an array of different choices that will fit any type, style, or configuration of the rifle scope, and make sure that your investment is protected against the harsh elements. A professional can also install the coatings to ensure maximum effectiveness.