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Scoped Rifle Case

GunMate 44 Inch Scoped Rifle Case, Medium, Black
  • Wrap-around web handles
  • Rugged, padded case
  • Lockable, full-length zipper opens case flat
  • Wrap around web handles

Buyer's Guide: Scoped Rifle Case

How to Choose a Scoped Rifle Case

If you own a scoped rifle, it is important for you to own a scoped rifle case as well. This is the perfect combination for ensuring long-lasting reliability and maximum protection of your prized weapon. A scoped rifle case will help you to keep the rifle safe from bumps and scratches while also allowing you to transport it easily and with a great deal of ease. But how do you know which scoped rifle case is best for you? To help you learn more about this, we have written this short guide on buying a scoped rifle case:

* Be Safe - When using a handgun, always put it in a secure location. If you choose to use a scoped weapon, be sure to avoid putting it under the cushions or pillows because these can easily hit the trigger. They can also be responsible for the accidental firing of the weapon. If at all possible, use a handgun case instead.

* Protect Your Weapon - Scopes are not cheap and they can be very costly at the same time. While there are plenty of options out there to protect your scopes, one of the most popular forms of protecting them is buying a scoped rifle case. These protective cases will prevent the weapon from getting scratched or dented. The materials used for protective foam are usually rubber or latex, but some cases will use heavy-duty plastic. Most of the time, rubber or latex latches will be used because they offer a good amount of friction to ensure that your rifle doesn't fly away from your hands.

* Try For Ventilation - One of the drawbacks to owning a long-range rifle is that they will typically be much more susceptible to overheating and even exploding. This happens because of the long-distance that they must travel, so you want to make sure that your rifle is stored in a safe environment. That means that if you plan on using your long gun in the open, then you will need to purchase a scoped rifle case that offers ventilation. There are two main types of ventilation available for these cases, which include full-length zipper and bulldog cases. Although these are generally considered the best cases, there are other models that offer vents at the bottom of the case, which may be just as effective.

* Try Different Sizes and Material - You should first consider the size of your scoped rifle case. Because it has such a unique design, each manufacturer will be using different material types to build their cases. For example, a lot of cases will be made out of heavy-duty nylon to prevent damage from occurring. However, other cases will be made out of soft, flexible, or even foam. Because of this, try checking out a few different manufacturers, and find the one that offers the best combination of materials that will keep your guns in good condition.

* Find a Case That Features a Full-Length Zipper - One of the most popular features of any good case is that it features a full-length zipper upfront. This allows you easy access to your guns when you are ready to shoot, and prevents you from having to put the rifle down to take care of any mishaps. A good example of a case with a zipper upfront includes the Remington Rand case. However, there are other manufacturers that have made changes to their zipper style, which allows for easier zipper opening.

* Make Sure the firearm Has Lots of Storage Space - Many scoped rifles are short because of their quick-firing rates, but you still want plenty of storage space. This is especially important because many of these firearms come with a plastic magazine that will not do much in terms of storing your ammo. Because of this, look into the options for how you can add some sort of storage to your rifle. You might be able to add a box or a wire magazine that attaches to your gun, or you might want to consider a hard-side magazine storage case. Either way, be sure that you can get your cartridges, your bullets, and your other accessories out quickly and easily.

Other Options to Consider: While these two features are great, they are far from the only ones that you should pay attention to. For one, look into whether or not the shell has shatterproof features, and what type of Velcro straps it uses. Scoped shotguns also come in a few different varieties, including pump-action, semi-automatic, and the classic single shot shotgun. Some brands that offer quality scopes include Aiming Holsters and Black Wolf Scope. While nylon and polyester aren't the most durable materials, they are long-lasting and will protect your shotguns from the worst.