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Shooting Tripod

Vanguard Quest T62U Shooting Stick. Tripod, Bi Pod, Gun Pod...
  • 3-n-1 shooting stick: Tripod, Bi-pod and Monopod
  • Removable U-shaped yoke
  • Quick flip lever leg locks
  • Soft rubber fins help secure your weapon

Buyer's Guide: Shooting Tripod

Picking the Best Shooting Tripod 

What are the characteristics that you should consider before buying a tripod? First, it must be reliable and durable. No matter how accurate you are or what kind of hunting you do, you will always need a tripod for support. The point is that you need a tripod that won't break or lose its stability and support over time. If you buy a cheap tripod, then it could be very easily damaged or lose its strength even after you've used it a dozen times on your hunting trip. You may not realize that the first time you use it, but this is exactly what will happen.

So to keep your money in your pocket and at least know that you'll be prepared whenever you need your tripod, you need to consider stability. This means that you need to go for the best shooting sticks available. Any other type of camera stand would also do, but you'll never find the stability and support that the tripod provides. Besides, not all shooting tripods are equal.

There are two types of the tripod - the fixed tripod and the rotating tripod. The former offers less stability and is easy to carry around because it's very light. However, if you need that extra stability, you'd be better off with a fixed model. For those who are more into action sports, then a rotating model is the way to go. It offers more stability, is easy to carry around, and comes with different models with various degrees of zoom.

For people who want to take action photos with many moving parts, an adjustable height tripod might be what you need. In this case, you can adjust the height and width of your camera lens. Since many modern cameras come with various lens options, you can purchase one that best suits your needs. A fixed, non-adjustable height is probably the best shooting tripod for these situations.

Next on the list is weight and balance. If you're used to carrying a heavy digital SLR and want to bring it along with you wherever you go, the best shooting tripod for you would have to be one with a removable weight. Most of these have a quick-release mechanism for easy carrying. Some may also include a belt strap or a backpack. The best ones would definitely have both quick-release and belt-strap mechanisms. Other pro-level pros would include internal rotation wheels (allowing easy positioning) and adjustable height and width.

A death grip is another important feature for your shooting tripod. Some cameras will only offer you the standard width or height, but you can upgrade to models that provide a full range of leg options. For instance, some cameras allow for up to 12 degrees of leg angle, which is very useful for those who like to photograph outdoor scenes with an extreme angle. Many of these models also come equipped with rear or side plates that are rotated in 360 degrees for easier positioning.

When buying your best shooting tripod sticks, you should know that there's more to choosing the perfect tripod than picking a good brand. Remember that your choice should be determined by how often you use the camera and its main functions. If you plan on taking family pictures that require a lower level of detail than you might usually prefer, then a simple tripod with a basic zoom and a relatively small footprint would be your best bet. On the other hand, if you're a professional photographer who needs a camera that allows for high speeds and long exposures, you should consider buying one that offers you plenty of versatility.

Another factor you should consider when buying a hunting photography tripod or any other type of digital camera is how well it mounts to your rig. Remember that even the best tripod for general photography won't hold up well if you're trying to use it in a hunting situation. The best shooting tripod sticks come with sturdy bases and armrests that will protect your camera from any rough handling. Look for padded bases as well as a locking mechanism so that you'll be confident that your camera will be securely mounted.