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Shotgun Iron Sights

HIVIZ Fiber Optic Rifle/Shotgun Rear Sight
  • This is a rear rifle sight
  • Fully adjustable
  • Made in the USA
  • Rifle and shotgun rear sight

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All About Shotgun Iron Sights

The Shotgun Iron Sights are usable by both the shotgun and the LMG and both secondary weapons. It does have no hip accuracy penalties. However, it has no hip recoil either. Aiming down sights, the cross-hairs appear unusual compared to other guns where the cross-hairs point right down the barrel of the weapon. This is a minor gripe. However, they only account for less than two percent of the shotgun Iron Sight's accuracy.

Although not all shotgun models support the latter, the shotgun iron sights can be used with both automatic and semi-automatic shotguns. However, both types of these sights work on the same principle. They line up the reticle to the cross-hairs on sight, which shows up clearly on the target when lined up. In semi-automatic shotguns, the sights will line up automatically, but if you have an automatic shotgun, it will still work unless you manually move the sight to the right or left.

There are a couple of main features of shotgun iron sights that differentiate them from one another. First, the shotgun sight is equipped with a front sight instead of a rear sight. Many old model shotguns do have a front sight. However, they are not very common. Rifles and shotguns can have rear sights as well. However, they are much rarer.

Second, while both types of sights feature cross-hairs, the vertical line of shotgun iron sights is lined up vertically. This is a feature that makes them easier to use in close-quarter battle situations. Also, they do not rotate while in use, which can make them more accurate. This is because the shotgun iron sights do not rotate while the cross-hairs do rotate.

Onyx is one of the main characteristics of shotgun iron sights. Onyx is a viral material for this type of gunsight because of its unique properties. For one thing, onyx has been used for centuries as an abrasive material. Onyx is highly resistant to damage and does not break down as quickly as other materials. It also stands up to high temperatures well and will not suffer from extreme wear and tear. Because of these properties, onyx has been used for years in the construction of both shotgun barrels and other types of weapons.

The two main parts of shotgun iron sights are the reticle and the housing. The housing is what holds all of the components together and determines their distance. Onyx is usually finished with an external black reticle, but other colors are available as well. Some sights are finished in silver, gold, or bronze.

As far as the construction of the iron sights themselves, there are two basic categories: iron sights that are tube-based and fixed. Tube-based designs are often preferred for several reasons. First, they are simpler to use. They also tend to be more accurate, making them good choices for close-quarter shots. However, tube-based designs tend to be less durable than fixed shotgun iron sights and may require constant replacement if they are accidentally dropped or banged up.

Fixed shotgun iron sights are different from tube-based designs in that they are typically hand-built by gunsmiths instead of factory-made. These designs tend to be more durable, accurate, and simple to use. The most notable characteristic of a fixed front sight is that it rests inside the shotgun's frame, which means that it is securely held in place by the structure itself. This feature makes it easier to handle, especially when aiming the weapon in different directions. If you are interested in purchasing a new gun, it would probably be a good idea to look into some of the better shotgun sight models available.