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Shoulder Holster Bag

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Buyer's Guide: Shoulder Holster Bag

Shoulder Holster Bag - Tips For Buying A Quality Holster

The question of whether a Shoulder Holster Bag is a good fit for you, or not, is easily answered with a simple "yes." Why? Because of all the benefits it offers. The biggest benefit of a Shoulder Holster Bag is that it allows the use of a small knife or other sharp object for quick on-hand access to your firearm, while still keeping it out of reach of children and/or others outside your pistol holsters. In addition, it is extremely discreet, with no (or very little) visible hardware, making it an ideal choice for a personal gun holster, as well as a convenient way to store firearms while traveling.

A Shoulder Holster Bag also is the perfect solution for carrying your handgun (with the help of a special handgun compartment, of course), either in your vehicle, at work, or even at home, while on vacation. With a Shoulder Holster Bag for a pistol gun hidden carry, you can easily access your pistol while wearing your office or casual attire, because it is easily concealed beneath your clothing. The great news is that these bags come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, materials, etc. - so finding one that works for you will be easy.

Shoulder holsters offer several advantages over traditional canteen bags, including those that are often used for concealment (such as those that might be found in office buildings, airports, schools, churches, etc.). For one thing, canteen bags have extremely small openings - usually only a nosticle's width apart. This means that even a very small gun can be hidden within these bags, thus rendering them almost useless for any real purpose. Shoulder holsters, however, feature large openings, often up to 3 inches or so, allowing a pistol to be comfortably concealed beneath them. Additionally, with such large opening, a gun can be gripped with both hands for a more secure hold.

Another important advantage of a Shoulder Holster Bag is the ease by which you can wear and remove the bag. One reason this is so convenient is that it doesn't feature any type of fastening device, so the gun can be worn with just about anything you want. However, other options for a pistol gun hidden carry concealed underarm shoulder holster bag include rigid handles (for a gun that is fairly heavy), leather pouches (for lighter guns) and cloth flaps (for less heavy guns). Many also feature a zipper on the top - so you can quickly and easily remove the bag in times of need. In addition, many offer a strap, so you can secure the bag to your belt loops for an easy and stable carrying position.

A Shoulder Holster Bag also features a number of handy features. For example, many allow you to adjust the length of the straps, so you can get a very comfortable fit. In addition, many have water bottle pockets on each side of the straps for your water or soda bottles. Other features include Velcro straps, so you can easily attach them to your belt loops. And, some offer an adjustable closure, so you can easily make sure the bag is closed in all the right places.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a shoulder holster bag. Perhaps the most important factor is how secure the bag is. Are the zippers attached securely? If not, then how are they attached? Securely zipped bags can be opened fairly easily, but if the zipper does become lose, then the bag may be quite difficult to put back into place.

Another important feature is the size of the bag. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate everything that you want to bring with you. And, try to find a medium size bag that will not be too heavy or cumbersome. And, make sure the straps will stay out of your way. They should be comfortably padded and not hang down in places where they may be caught or tripped on something. Many holsters are retractable, so you don't have to worry about losing your gear when you take it out of your vehicle!

Once you've figured out what features are most important to you, then it's time to start looking around for a quality shoulder holster bag. If you've done your research correctly, then you should have a wide variety from which to choose. It is important to make sure the quality is high, however, because you do want the bag to last and be durable. With proper care, you should have few problems with your shoulder holster bags. And, best of all, your gear will look as nice as when you bought it!