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Shoulder Holster Pattern

Federal Scope Shoulder Holster Thompson Contender 14" - 16"
  • Bandolier Style Allows Multi-Point Wear
  • Ambidextrous with Flap Cover
  • Includes 1" Belt to Secure Holster in Position
  • Will Not Fit Thompson Encore Pistols

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Shoulder Holster Pattern For Your Personal Style

Are you looking for a shoulder holster pattern? If so, I've got just the thing for you! We are in the middle of American nostalgia and there is no better way to show your inner vintage western than with old west holsters. Whether it's a classic ironclad saddle or a simple leather canteen, you can find it here at our site.

These classic pieces of equipment are very popular and serve many purposes. Of course we all recognize the classic white and black Western look. You will also find a variety of other colors here such as blue, rust, gold, and a host of others. However, the most popular form of this kind of saddle is a cross draw rig. Cross draw rigs have been around for years and they are one of the easiest and steadest ways to carry your gun.

If you would like some more history on this type of saddle, you will be pleased to know that it was developed during World War I as an alternative to the traditional shoulder holster. During the war, when men were needed to fight in the field they had no choice but to wear an uncomfortable and cumbersome uniform that had to go over their heads. In order to easily remove their weapon from it, they designed what is known as a shoulder holster which slipped underneath the coat or shirt. It was designed to be comfortable, secure and easy to use.

This same concept was later adopted by military and law enforcement personnel, especially when the need for personal safety was an issue, allowing them to quickly and easily access their firearm while on duty. Eventually the popularity of this type of holster spread to civilians, who now wanted to carry their own personal supply of concealed weaponry. The cross draw and shoulder holster became a favorite among people of all walks of life and has continued to remain popular today.

A cross draw is similar to a traditional shoulder holster; however, it is not really a holster. This type of strap has two separate straps instead of the typical three. The advantage of the double strap system is that it allows the user to easily change directions. This is important when working with live ammunition, especially if the hunt takes place in a variety of environments.

An expensive type of gun sling is the hard leather shoulder pattern. Made from high quality leather and finished using a powder wash, the hard leather shoulder pattern features a heavy stitching design and heavy gun metal fastening. This design is ideal for heavier action revolvers and for people looking for a rugged gun that can withstand the rough treatment of most outdoor environments.

The final type of gun holster is the soft leather lined holster. This design is made from a heavy grade polyethylene material and is a popular choice for an extended gun case. The leather lining is highly breathable and highly resistant to abrasion and water damage. This is the perfect choice for soft carrying action revolvers.

The holliday rig is a popular choice among hunters looking for a comfortable and lightweight solution to their belt. The holliday rig features a free standing cross draw which is easy to release without taking your gun out of its holster. It features two removable carry handles which make it easier to navigate through your gear while on the trail. It also offers a padded carrying handle and leather lined paddle which makes it perfect for long range engagements.

A popular style of holster is the free convertershow style. The free convertershow is one of the least expensive choices in a shoulder holster. The free converter shoulder holster uses a double rivet front together with a back plate for stability. It allows for the quick attachment of either an M1 or an A-frame style pistol. This is an all around excellent choice for shooters on the move.

A popular option in the hollidays are the western holsters. The western gun belt is available in many different sizes and styles. These authentic replicas consist of high quality leather that is dye subliminated to create a sturdy piece of Americana. The western holsters can be found in various colors and patterns including black, red, white, buffalo, and many more. They are the perfect accessory for any authentic rancher, cowboy, or lawman.

A popular choice for the holiday season are the doc holliday shoulder holster for men and women. The doc holliday is a unique and innovative style designed to help you stay more comfortable while you are out and about. The unique top strap offers superior flexibility for the convenience of your everyday life. There are many different colors and patterns available including red, black, and white.