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Sig Mosquito Holster

Federal Hip Holster for Sig Sauer Mosquito with Attached Mag...
  • Clip-on & Belt Loop Combination Holster
  • Includes Built-in Magazine Pouch
  • Reinforced Thumbreak Strap
  • Ambidextrous

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How To Choose Between The Two Forms Of Sig Mosquito Holster

A Sig Mosquito holster for your Sig Sauer can be found in one of several configurations. A front strap holster is a simple attachment that supports the gun with two shoulder straps. This type of holster does not screw on to the gun and is perfect for use with any Sig Sauer model. There is a back strap attachment that attaches to a belt or a waistband. This is the most comfortable type of holster and provides the greatest flexibility.

Compatible: Compatible with Sig sauer fbt pouch full sized 4.4" chamber, sg porsche subsonic 4.6" chamber, bbsa thunder 9 mod gun, and Sig mosquito holster. The bottom of the holsters is open for support of the long barrel protruding from the gun. You will need to purchase a back strap or a waistband to attach to your belt. This is the least expensive of the three variations of holsters available. You are able to fire the gun without the retention nut being completely visible.

Durability: The leather used in the design is thick and durable. This material should last you many years. The exterior of the leather is smooth and textured similar to a semi-soft laptop. The interior of the Sig Mosquito holster is textured and also textured similar to a soft cloth.

The Sig Mosquito is an ideal choice for a concealment holster for the Sig Sauer pistol because it provides a comfortable concealment. You can carry it easily and quickly when you need to engage the gun quickly. You won't have to worry about the gun sliding out while you are trying to take it out in a stressful situation. This is important for self defense and if you carry a small gun, the comfort of the compact Sig Mosquito is an absolute must.

Appearance: The outside top ten best Sig Mosquito Holster ratings list features a beautiful gun case. It is a nylon bag with a belt pouch attached. The front of the case has an attached keyholder so you do not have to take the gun out unless you want to use it. The front flap has an attachment for an iwb leather holster. The entire case is textured like a duffel bag with dividers that allow you to put the gun inside and out of the case easily.

The entire exterior of the gun is synthetic leather with large spots of rubber to provide a comfortable concealment. The butt of the gun is made of a durable metal clip, it can be used as an effective backup should you lose your primary one. The clips are designed to release when pulled out by hand instead of being forced open like a traditional clip. When shooting the gun, it releases instead of being held open like a regular clip.

The Sig Mosquito can be worn as a regular belt holster. If you like the look but would prefer the easy access that can be gained by pulling out the Sig, you can attach a p229 style belly band. The band attaches around the gun like a regular belly band. You can wear this on either your right or left waist depending on which side you prefer. If you need a little more concealment, there is a special sleeve that you can add to the front of the metal clip. It is completely invisible and extremely durable.

These are two options available for wearing your Sig Mosquito as either a traditional belt holster or an invisible carry holster. Both work great. The choice is yours. One thing you may want to consider, however, is purchasing the same model in both a belly band and sleeve. That way you can always have the added confidence that comes from carrying your weapon with both hands at the same time. You can get the extra magazine pouch, the comfortable concealment, and the enhanced stability that these three additions will provide by purchasing them all together.