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Sig P365 Holster Owb

OWB Holster - USA Stealth Black (Right-Hand, SIG P365)
  • FITS: SIG P365
  • OWB - Outside The Waistband
  • 1.5" Injection Molded Belt Loops

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What Is An Sig P365 Holster?

When it comes to choosing an American made holster, the Sig P365 holsters is a great choice. Made in the United States and manufactured by a company that is located in Oregon, this leather holster is an excellent choice for any kind of gun owner. There are many different gun owners in America who own guns for various purposes. Some of these people have multiple guns that need to be secured. This is where the Sig P365 comes into the picture.

This leather holster is perfect for those of us who carry our guns for protection as well as for convenience. It has a top of the line security design. It also comes with a magazine release buckle. This means that you can get your favorite type of iwb or custom iwb Magazine release when you need to. The magazine release buckle will allow you to change out your Sig P365 with different types of guns depending on what you need.

This holster has an open draw which allows the user to have full flexibility while wearing their Sig P365 holster. It can be worn either way or at a right angle allowing the holster to be worn both ways. This also adds to its versatility and makes it a very popular choice. This means that if you were to ever switch out your pistols, you can easily take out the Sig P365 and put your new iwb holster on.

This is great for concealed carry, but not so much for open carry. This holster is designed for those of us who need to wear their sidearms in a way that they are not readily seen by the public. If you are in this situation, the Sig P365 and its appendix carry holster will keep your pistol safe and secure. These two holsters are among the most popular. The gun can be placed in either of these holsters and both work equally well.

For more options when choosing a holster, consider the Sig P365 leather holster. This is a little more expensive than the other two choices, but it offers a better selection of designs. The leather holster comes in various sizes and colors. Some of the designs are the standard oval, but others include designs such as those with dragon heads or even snakes on them.

When looking at the differences between the three types of owb holsters, you have to consider exactly how you will be using your gun. In general the open end of the gun, the one that will be held in the fingers, is more comfortable to wear. For some this may be a deal breaker, while others will find it fine. After all, any type of gun holster will work for either situation. The open end or open site, a little tip of the toe, and of course the tip of the finger, are just a few of the situations that sigs p365 holsters can be used for.

There is also a special appendix carry holster designed for Sig P365. This is slightly different from the standard open end or open site design. There is a metal bar across the top of the holsters that runs from front to back. This bar fits securely into the gun and then is designed so that it can be tightened down and then released when needed. This can then be attached to the belt with the hook that is located on the back of the holster.

For those that prefer not to wear their clothing while they shoot, sigs p365 has designed an all cotton holster. It's the same material used in all of the other leather holsters. The advantage to this is that there is no need to wear any clothes, although if needed the person can change to a pair of shooting clothes. For those that prefer not to wear a shirt or jacket, the all cotton material can work just as well. In addition to all cotton, the company has also designed two other variations of the Sig P365. These are the half sleeve and full sleeve.