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Sig P365 Shoulder Holster

(Improved) Premium Suede Leather Shoulder Holster with...
  • HIDIV Made from Heavy Premium Suede Leather ( NOT POLISHED)....
  • NOTE: if you are right-handed and you will draw your gun...

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What's So Good About A Sig P365 Shoulder holster?

The Sig P365 Shoulder Holster continues to grow in popularity. This gun holster is a lightweight alternative to traditional vests or backpacks. Holsters that are designed for the Sig P365 include an adjustable cant and a six position belt clip. You can now easily carry your handgun anywhere you go.

The Sig P365 Shoulder Holster can be your new best friend. In addition to being lightweight and easy to conceal, it provides superior protection for your handgun. The steel durability that is found in the steel links of the holster helps to keep the gun securely in place. When you want to get the most out of your handgun carrying experience, you will want to invest in the best shoulder holsters.

When you purchase the Sig P365 Shoulder Holster from C.G. Custom Guns, you are getting the highest quality that is available on the market. You are also getting custom made versions of the Sig P365 shoulder holster so that you can customize it to meet your own needs and desires.

One of the nice things about the Sig P365 Shoulder Holster custom made model is that it is so easy to customize it. If you want to add a little bit of bling, you can. For example, you can get a little ring and some tiny gemstones to put on the front of it. This is a great way to add some accent to your Sig P365 Shoulder Holster while still allowing you to have that quick and easy draw.

A good thing about the custom made Sig P365 Shoulder Holster gun holster is that it is able to adapt to any type of belt that you might have. This is perfect for people who often use their belt to carry other small items like keys, cell phones, pens or other items. It's also great for people who work in offices that have a very dressy feel to them. They won't have to worry about their gun being uncovered while they're wearing their business suit.

The great thing about the Sig P365 Shoulder Holster that is made with a leather belt is that the gun holster stays put and doesn't ride up. This is perfect for people who often find themselves at an odd angle while they're trying to get their guns out. If you sit down at a desk all day long, you'll also appreciate that these leather hand molded pouches won't move around and get in the way. The draw doesn't slip either.

The leather straps that are used on the Sig P365 Shoulder Holster are also designed to not be too long like some other shoulder holsters. This will allow for more comfort as you wear the holster on your shoulder. This can be a big plus for those that may be constantly on the go and want to take their gun with them wherever they may go. The draw doesn't get snagged either as it's made to be short enough to not cause any discomfort while drawing the gun.

In addition to the above benefits, the Sig P365 Shoulder Holster also has a solid construction. It's strong and won't bend or break while it is being worn. It also doesn't slide down and get stuck in your pants while you're walking. Leather is by far one of the sturdiest types of materials to use when making a gun holster. These are just a few of the benefits of the custom made Sig P365 Shoulder Holster.

One reason why people prefer a custom made holster over a model made from other materials is because it's made specifically for the individual who will be using it. No two guns are the same and what works well with one gun may not work well with another. The Sig P365 is made for the individual who wants to feel confident about bringing their gun out and taking it with them. They want to be able to quickly identify the gun's spot in case they need to use it.

The gun can also be attached to a key chain which makes it very easy to carry. People can attach their keys to the gun in order to make it more easily accessible while they are on the go. This is a great option if you travel often and you need to have your gun with you at all times.

All of the above benefits are great reasons why people prefer to choose a Sig P365 Shoulder Holster versus other models. You can find high quality, affordable gun holsters all over the internet. They vary in size and price, but you are sure to find something that meets your needs. If you are interested in making the purchase online, you should look into the Sp101 Shoulder Holster. It is one of the most popular gun holsters on the market today and has been made to specifically fit a Sig Sauer Sig P365.