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Sig Sauer P238 Holster

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Sig Sauer P238 Holster - An Honest Review

A Sig Sauer P238 Holster changes the way you carry a gun. The P238 is designed with a canteen design, a front strap which attaches the holster to the belt with a hook & loop fastening device, and two large pockets inside the exterior of the gun'scase. The pockets can be used to store extra ammunition, or even a laser pointer. Your Sig Sauer P238 also includes an adjustable canteen, which allows for an appropriate fit to your belt. The P238 is one of the most advanced holsters available on the market for today's small pistol firearms.

YOUR Sig Sauer P238 holsters can be adjusted to the right height and angle by quickly adjusting the clip, putting it in to the desired position, and screwing it forward into place. Position your concealed carry waistband holsters up, down, or angled to get a proper tilt for a quick draw. Adjustable canteen means you can change the angles to accommodate yourself while on the job. You'll get more range and speed by turning up the canteen to get more leverage to draw the gun. This will allow you to take a shot when the target is close, which increases your chances of making a positive hit.

Kydex holsters are made from a strong, durable layer of kydex fabric which is resistant to tear or wear. Unlike some other types of concealable carry holsters which use traditional leather or fabric, the Kydex P 238 is constructed using only high quality kydex material. It's designed to be extremely lightweight, yet provide excellent retention of the gun's shape and secure hold. The kydex material accounts for the excellent grip, because it is both thin and strong and allows your fingers to lie alongside the pistol.

You will appreciate the extreme heat resistant properties of this handgun case. It's made of ballistic nylon for maximum water resistance and ultra-violet protection. For added convenience, it's also an integrated laser sight holster, which means you get a laser pointer attachment that's extremely easy to use. You can use it for practice, on the job, or on any situation where your safety and accuracy are an issue. With an integrated laser, you can quickly target an individual target with the laser pointer, eliminating the need to waste time aiming at an uncomfortable gun without using it.

This is one of several great duty holsters from Sig Sauer. The pistol case is rigidly built to withstand long periods of time between draw calls. When not in use, the rigid shell casing will keep your gun safe and prevent slippage. Many Duty holsters come equipped with a cable lock attachment, which locks the case into place when you aren't using the firearm.

The p 238 holster includes a specially designed grip. It is comfortable, even for long periods of time, thanks to its contoured grip. The soft foam contour allows for a firm grip, but still allows for the natural movement of your hand. The high strength of the material also helps to ensure the gun remains stable during a drawn shot. For added comfort, the entire unit is covered with an oversized sweat guard.

There are many different styles from which to choose, including a bi-fold and an adjustable model. In addition to being available in many different colors, the bi-fold is the best for those who frequently carry their gun while working. The adjustable model is slightly more versatile, allowing you to choose the appropriate fit for your particular firearm. These are great for hunters who often carry their gun beyond the hunting season. They make a great addition to a work holster as well.

In addition to being comfortable and functional, the Sauer P 238 holster comes with an adjustable cant and a snap closure. The snap closure is an excellent feature that provides quick and easy access to the gun when it is needed. If you are looking for the most secure method of carrying a handgun, the Sauer Pinge is the ideal choice. When choosing a retention force, be sure to check that the cant screws are made to accept the retention pressure of the handgun.