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Sightron Scopes

SIGHTRON 25003 SIII 30mm Riflescope 10-50x60mm, Long Range...
  • Magnification: 10-50x
  • Object Diameter: 60
  • Eye Relief: 3.8-4.5
  • ZACT-7 Revcoat Multi-Coating

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Taking a Look at Some Sightron Scopes

Sightron Scopes have been a massive success since they were first released in 1997. Scopes have changed a lot since their inception. Today Scopes can be used by hunters of all skill levels for any given situation because there is a scope for just about every need.

Many manufacturers make reticles for the Sights of a rifle. Major manufacturers are Bell, Raytheon, Steiner, Focus, Maglite, Holosun, Pugsley, Hyper vision, Windomet, and Cabela. The parent company for most of these companies is Steiner, which has been around since the early 1900's making quality tools. A Steiner rifle scope reticle can easily cross the focus and hold the image to be seen.

Hunting with Sights can make a massive difference in the outcome of a hunt. These accessories can significantly improve a hunter's ability to see in low-light environments often altered by terrain. Hunters that depend on rifle scopes rely on them to help them eliminate their targets. Riflescopes have come a long way since their inception. With technology improving and changing the way people use optics, the possibilities for enhancement of current designs continue to grow.

The first type of rifle scope that was developed for hunters was the monocular. Monoculars are designed to be mounted in the eye, with little to no modification required to the rifle. Modern rifle scopes are digital and allow you to view from an automatic to a semi-automatic mode through magnification. Some have added features such as a focal locking mechanism or magnifying objects while keeping the reticles in the plane of focus. Finding a suitable model can become overwhelming with all the options these rifle scope models offer the hunter.

Another advancement in technology is the addition of parallax adjustments. Parallax adjustments let the user adjust the elevation of the scope to line up with the target. Because these scopes use a moving mirror, parallax makes the distance appear to be longer or shorter. The addition of parallax adjustment allows hunters to compensate for any changes in wind conditions, resulting in a more accurate shot. Many of the new series rifle scopes will feature this technology.

As technology improves, you must know what is included in the package. Most manufacturers offer a bore-sighted reticle. This is the most common type of scope and usually consists of a ring that allows the user to align the sight to the bore, focusing on the crosshairs. Many scopes now include the VX-III, which is designed for hunting. This type of scope has a crosshair reticle with adjustable points for a variety of different species of game.

The VX-IV features an eyepiece with a red dot for rapid target acquisition. The red dot enables a hunter to see through the scope quickly and effectively, especially when hunting black bears. These models also include a locking mechanism for the irons, making it difficult for the animal to shake off the shot. Other models include a side-focus parallax adjustment, which allows the hunter to adjust the lens for a more natural eye movement, minimizing the chance of moving his head to focus on the scope. In addition to concentrating properly, hunting sited utilizes an elevation-estimation knob that allows you to double-check your shot quickly.

The last model, the VX-VI, is considered the best of the bunch. This model features a more giant crosshair than the previous models and a side focus parallax adjustment. Because this particular model uses a larger crosshair reticle, it can offer a much clearer picture at all times. It also incorporates a locking mechanism for its irons, which gives it added protection from any animals coming into a shot without the need to move his head to aim at the scope. Because of these amazing capabilities, many hunters are switching over to the Sightron scopes instead of the old models that have been used for years.