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Slip On Recoil Pads

LimbSaver Slip-On Recoil Pad, Small (10546)
  • Slip-on recoil pad for most rifles, shotguns and...
  • Easily installs over existing firearm stocks without any...
  • Made from LimbSaver's proprietary vibration-dampening NAVCOM...
  • Helps increase accuracy of follow-up shots

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Slip-On Recoil Pads For Your Hunting Gun

Slip-on Recoil Pads are designed for many types of guns. They are an affordable option to replace your existing recoil pad. For general shooting, they will increase accuracy and decrease felt recoil. These types of pads work very well with pump guns, semi-automatics, and even the more powerful handgun. The recoil is usually felt in the butt of the gun as the pressure of the shot makes contact. With this contact, there is typically a loss of kinetic energy.

In order for a gun to be maintained, it must be properly maintained. The springs that help provide the power for the gun must always be properly adjusted to the proper tension. There should always be enough oil in the parts as well as a little oil or grease at the part itself.

When you take your gun out to hunt don't use the same powder loads as when you shoot. If you have used regular powder then you know how much these loadings dry out. They don't just go stale. Instead, the powder goes brittle and breaks off leaving a powder residue behind. It also can leave some of the small particles in the gun. When this happens your accuracy and consistency of shooting will suffer.

When hunting be sure to wear ear protection. It protects your hearing and it also will keep your hands free to catch the prey instead of shielding them from the gun. Having good hearing is also vital so you won't miss your target. When wearing your ear protection the noise reduction factor comes in handy. You won't have the piercing sound of the pellets going through the air as they travel down the barrel.

Also, be sure to clean your gun after every hunt. There is gun oil, cleaning fluids, and other stuff you can use to clean your gun. But if it is so dusty that nothing seems to come out you might need to have someone come out and get at the gun for you. You never know if it is dirty because you wouldn't want to shoot anything.

When you use your gun for any type of hunting you must take precautions. Slip-on recoil pads are very important for this. They can be extremely helpful in quieting down your gun. Because the pad makes the gun quieter when you aren't actively shooting it gives you more time to focus on what you are doing. The time you spend focusing on what you are doing will give you more time to find the prey.

Slip-on Recoil Pads come in many different sizes and shapes. They can fit into any type of gun whether it is a deer stand, hog call, or even a trap line. No matter where you decide to place these you will benefit from the traction the pad provides. The friction between the pad and the gun will make the gun move more realistically. It will make it safer to fire.

Because of the great features of slip-on recoilless gun safety pads, you will be happy that you own one. They are well worth the money you will pay to have them. If you have a hunting gun you should invest in the best gun for your needs. The gun must be safe so that you will have the greatest experience possible. When you purchase your gun you can rest assured that the gun will be safe with the slip-on recoil pads.

This pad will provide you with the traction needed to hunt safely. Your gun will have the ability to absorb impacts so that you will not injure yourself during your hunting trip. Many of these pads come with rubber or plastic recoils which will reduce the noise that is made when the gun is being fired. This helps keep your neighbors quiet when you are taking the rifle out for the evening. You will not disturb your neighbors when you are taking the gun out for the evening.

A gun safety pad will also help you stay more comfortable while shooting. You will be less likely to get a cramp in your leg from jumping down from your stand. The added padding will make it much easier for you to be able to take your shot. This can help you maintain your accuracy as you are shooting. You will be ready to take on that next big deer when you have the confidence that your gun will stay in one piece when you take the shot.

When shopping for slip-on pads you will find that there are many different models to choose from. Make sure that you take the time to shop around and compare the different brands and features offered by each manufacturer. You will find that most of these pads offer a warranty on their product. Look for products that offer lifetime warranties for all of the wear and tear. Slip-on recoil pads are made to withstand the wear and tear from being used in outdoor conditions. They are designed to hold up under the strain and weight of being used in this environment.