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Philem Withlead
Published Aug 25, 2021
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Our Top Picks for Small Gun Safes

Reviews of the Best Small Gun Safes from Our Research

RPNB California DOJ Certified Gun Safe

RPNB Gun Safe,California DOJ Certified Gun Safe, Smart Pistol Safe Handgun Security Safe with LED & RFID Quick Access,11" x 7" x 1.8"
  • Fast & Dependable 3 Methods of Entry : RFID activated by key fob that instantly opens the lid. Up to five RFID tags can be programmed. It is also accessible by 3-digit keypad or conventional key lock
  • Anti-Theft Protection & Tamper Proof : Featured on safes includes anti-impact latches and seamlessly welded pry-proof steel body for the ultimate prevention against break-ins and the unique hinge design holds the top lid open
  • Tough and Rugged : Heavy-duty 16-gauge carbon steel construction with a durable powdercoat finish prevents corrosion and ensures long lasting protection
  • Mobile Security : Included cable allows the safe to be secured in virtually any location. Meets TSA requirements for handgun safety in checked luggage
  • If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact us, we'll be glad to help you

The RPNB gun safe is a California DOJ certified strong box that can store up to 2-inch wide guns. It is a great option for people who want to have fast access to their weapons with the ability to store more items on the shelves.

This RPNB Safe has a small height of only 23 inches, with enough room inside for two handguns and a few long guns. It is quite budget-friendly for the value it offers, and it is one of the best gun safes in its price range.


  • The exterior has a powder-coated steel body and the interior includes an 11-gauge steel door, 14-gauge steel walls for durability and strength, and spare shelves to keep your items organized.
  • It features a four-way anchor system and pre-drilled anchoring holes for added security.
  • The keypad provides instant access to your firearms with a user-programmable digital entry code, and the manual override is useful in case of power loss.
  • This American-made gun safe comes with an interior light, a spring-assisted door, a carpeted floor, and a limited lifetime warranty.
  • The best feature of this gun safe is the interior light that automatically turns on when the door opens. This little detail makes it easy to see and retrieve your items without fumbling in the dark.


  • Solid steel construction with a powder-coated finish
  • Carpeted interior for optimal protection of your firearms and valuables
  • A five-dial combination lock for added security and privacy
  • It has an interior light.


  • Keys can be misplaced.
  • Low capacity
  • Hard to assemble; the shelves inside are not very sturdy when the box is new.
  • Foam padding on shelves has a tendency to fall off with prolonged use.

ONNAIS Gun Safe Biometric Gun For Pistols

ONNAIS gun safe has a sturdy steel construction. With an 11-gauge thick door and 3mm solid steel of the body, it is strong enough to protect your handguns against prying hands and opportunistic thieves.

This gun safe has all the features that you'd expect in a biometric weapon locker, all packed in a compact size. With its state-of-the-art design, it will be hard to tell that the ONNAIS gun safe is actually a biometric gun locker.

This safe from ONNAIS is small enough that it can be mounted on a wall or door and is elegant enough that you could use it as a jewelry box. This combination safe for guns is lightweight and portable unlike other heavy duty safes.


  • The ONNAIS gun safe can be customized from the inside so that you can keep your most treasured valuables under lock and key.
  • It has a high-strength steel construction with an anti-pry design to protect against burglars.
  • You can securely store your weapons and valuables inside and access your items easily with the biometric lock.
  • The scanner is easy to use, has a low false rejection rate (FRR) of 0.1%, and only takes one second to unlock the safe under optimal conditions.
  • A smart memory function that saves the fingerprints of up to 120 users. It can also memorize up to 30 emergency fingerprints aside from your own registered prints.


  • Easy to set up and use the fingerprint scanner for quick retrieval of firearms
  • Comes with a backup key so you can still access items if the battery dies or you've forgotten the combination
  • Automatically locks when closed and unlocks when opened


  • False alarms may occur due to a high FRR of 0.3%.
  • The safe does not have a conventional key override for emergencies.
  • The RFID card reader is only compatible with five users at most.

AweSafe Gun Safe

The AweSafe gun safe is a biometric weapon locker that comes with a fingerprint scanner for quick access to your firearms and other valuables. The strong steel door is just as tough as it is sleek: with four half-inch screws securing the hinges.

This little cabinet holds all your valuables including 16 handguns without skimping on protection or space. The contents inside this safe are well protected.


  • The AweSafe gun safe has an 11-gauge thick steel door and a body made of solid 3mm steel for maximum protection against prying hands.
  • It comes with a 9mm locking point mounted inside the door, to which two adjustable shelves can be attached.
  • This biometric weapon locker is customizable from the inside so that you can keep your firearms and other valuables safe from theft.
  • It uses a biometric scanner that has a low FRR of 0.1% to unlock the cabinet within seconds for quick access.
  • The keypad is touch-sensitive and includes a ten-digit combination along with a backlit display providing you all the information needed to open it.
  • It has an electronic lock system that remembers its last state so every time you store your pistol inside, it will power up automatically; no need to fumble around with buttons in darkness or when hands are wet from the rain.


  • Quiet and smooth opening with the solid steel hinges
  • You can store up to 16 handguns inside this cabinet.
  • Easy to open by fingerprint scan


  • Does not have any mounting kit
  • The safe comes only with one biometric scanner.

RPNB Mounted Gun Safe

The RPNB Mounted Gun Safe has 11-gauge steel construction and weighs 53 pounds with dimensions of 22 x 13 x 10 inches. This makes it ideal for those who are looking for a gun cabinet that can be mounted to the wall. It is great for storing handguns, rifles, and other valuables like iPads and tablets.

This safe from RPNB is stylish enough for your décor; yet practical and functional. It strikes a balance between being stylish to go with any look or color scheme, but also performance strong with tough-nylon cloth fabric exterior and durable steel frame inside.

This safe grants you quick access after an emergency, and is also great for preventing small children from accessing deadly weapons by mistake.

If you are looking for a safe to store up to four guns, this compact biometric weapon storage cabinet is the perfect size for your home or office.


  • The RPNB mounted gun safe has a capacity of storing four guns on the inside, with adjustable shelving units.
  • It is completely biometric-operated and comes with two detachable RFID boards (maximum of 5 users).
  • The scanner interface has a quick response rate and an automatic system recovery function.
  • You can program a delay before the system shuts off, once this gun cabinet has been activated.
  • It has an emergency access key and a digital password to open it up quickly when needed.
  • It is easy to customize on the inside and is perfect for those looking for a wall-mountable gun cabinet that can be accessed by multiple users at once.


  • One 9mm locking point is mounted inside the door to secure two firearm storage compartments on either side.
  • The scanner interface has a quick response rate and an automatic system recovery function.
  • It comes with four half-inch screws securing the hinges, making it strong enough against break-ins.
  • Holds up to four guns of any size


  • It is not fireproof or waterproof.

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Pistol Safe

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Pistol Safe is BIG on Security. It is one of the best in its class making it easy to store and access your pistols with just a touch of a finger.

It has an ABS construction with a steel body and uses an app for biometric fingerprint recognition so it does not need any physical key or buttons to operate.

It's perfect for those who are looking for a compact biometric pistol safe they can bring along on the go, or store inside their office at work. This safe is made of high-quality materials and has a sleek ABS design that looks good with any décor.


  • The Vaultek VT20i Biometric Pistol Safe has an interface that scans fingerprints with multiple red LED indicators that show you the status of the system.
  • It is accessible through an Android or iOS app with Bluetooth connectivity, so it works as a standalone safe without any physical buttons or keys. This allows you to store your gun away from curious children, or store it discreetly without anyone knowing.
  • You can personalize the safe with up to 120 unique fingerprints and use it for quick access to your weapon.
  • The Vaultek VT20i Biometric Pistol Safe is a durable gun safe that has four mounting bolts to secure the safe firmly in place before using it for storage. It also has a steel construction with a high-quality ABS and an anti-scratch exterior.


  • Very easy to use
  • Provides quick access to your firearm
  • It is compact enough for you to store it in your car or keep it at your desk.


  • The Vaultek VT20i Biometric Pistol Safe lacks any fire protection or waterproof features.
  • It also takes a long time to recharge and is only compatible with Android and iPhone devices.

Buyer's Guide for Small Gun Safes

It is necessary to protect your firearms and valuables from theft, unauthorized access, or children, and one of the best ways to do this is by investing in good safes.

Small gun safes are portable compared to their counterparts, but are usually able to store at least one rifle or shotgun with accessories (e.g., scopes) attached. Read on to find out the best small gun safe for you.

Gun owners are always looking for the best safe to store their guns. There are many to choose from, but not all of them offer what you need.

We have compiled a list of some of the most important features you should be on the lookout for when shopping for handgun safes.

Fireproof exterior and interior

Fireproofing your guns ensures that they will stay dry even if there is an accidental fire or power outage at home.

It also prevents any damage to the firearms themselves like scratches and dents caused by impact during a robbery attempt. For safety purposes, it is important to pay attention to the fire rating of the safe.


This is one feature that really differentiates a great small gun safe from the rest. Fingerprint scanning allows you to ensure that only authorized users have access.

Although fingerprint scanners are great, endeavor to get a handgun safe that grants easy access to its contents while ensuring safety.

Quick operation

Your safe should be able to open quickly after entering the security code or scanning your fingerprint. Safes with a digital keypad or an electronic keypad should also be easy to open.

Mounting Hardware

This feature ensures you can mount the safe in a stable position within your home. You might also want to look out for safes that have mounting hardware and some that come with pre-drilled mounting holes.

Door thickness

Most of the best small gun-safe models will feature very thick doors and walls so that they cannot be broken into.

A thicker door leads to a greater level of security for your firearms and valuables. Some small gun safes come with a strong, pry-resistant door. The best gun safes usually have a thick steel exterior.

Water resistance

This is a feature only included with the most high-quality small gun safes, but it is very important! You do not want your safe to be damaged by water no matter how careful you are when using and storing your guns.

An accidental spill can cause enough damage as it is set to ensure that the walls are around 10mm thick or more. Although most gun safes are fire resistant, not all are water-resistant.

Locking Mechanisms

A good small gun safe should have very secure locking mechanisms. Different handgun safes come with various locks. Some might have a biometric scanner while others have a traditional key lock.

The locks need to be easy to use and reset in case of theft or other emergencies, and to prevent tampering. Small gun safes with a biometric scanner should also have an instruction manual on how to use them.

A combination lock is another type of lock that is as common as biometric scanners

Mounting system

The best small gun safe can be mounted to ensure that it is secure in your home. If you plan on taking the handgun safe with you during road trips or vacations, then you may want one that does not need to be mounted or that has pre-drilled holes.

You might also want to consider mounting your safe where kids will not have access.


The price of a small gun safe should reflect its quality and performance. You should also buy a handgun safe that fits your budget.

Size/ Weight

The size of the safe should be concordant with the space you have available. Size and weight are two of the most important features to have in mind, especially as regards the installation of your safe.

Frequently Asked Questions for Small Gun Safes

Will my small gun safe fit in a car?

No, it is not recommended to keep any firearms in your vehicle because the heat during the summer months can cause damage.

How many guns can my small gun safe contain?

It depends on the size of the safe and is interior space.

What if I forget my passcode or fingerprint?

In case of emergencies, there is a backup key included with the safe.

Will my handgun safe fit in a backpack?

No, it is not recommended to carry any firearm in your luggage or car especially if you plan on flying.

How do I change the code of my small gun safe?

You will need to reset the safe by using the backup key. Press down on both buttons simultaneously and then release once it has been unlocked. You can enter any four-digit passcode that you choose.

What type of lock is included in small gun safes?

Small gun safes come fitted with combination locks or electronic locks.

Will my small gun safe fit in a drawer?

No, it is not recommended to store any firearm in a drawer.

Are small gun safes fireproof?

Again, the brand will determine the level of protection against heat damage.

Will I be able to use my handgun safe in the dark?

Some handgun safes have interior lighting while others do not have lights in their interior space.

What is the best small gun safe to buy?

You should always consider your budget and requirements. You can go through the reviews to determine which of the handgun safes best suits you.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right safes for your needs can be a daunting task. Our research has found that most people prefer to purchase an affordable and lightweight option with good customer reviews, but it is important to find one that fits best in your space.

You can go through our buyers guide section to know more about the factors to consider before going to buy a small gun safe for your handguns and valuables.